ElevenLabs is a voice-generating platform that offers various voice-generating tools online. If you are a content creator, this article is a perfect guide as we will uncover ElevenLabs and the top 5 ElevenLabs alternatives. We will also comprehensively compare the prices, versatility, and features of all ElevenLabs alternatives.

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Part 1. What Is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a voice-generating platform that offers all speech-synthesis methods like Text-To-Speech, voice cloning, dubbing, and voice-changing by using Artificial Intelligence and deep learning technologies.

It professionally mimics the natural patterns of the input data to generate a voice with high-quality intonations and realistic vocal emotions. Due to deep machine learning, ElevenLabs claims to analyze the context of input data to precisely adjust the pace of delivery and sensations like sadness, happiness, anger, excitement, dullness, and many more.

Besides all these realistic factors, ElevenLabs has also broken the language barrier by allowing voice generation in 29 languages. Now, anyone can connect with his/her audience’s sentiments all around the globe just through ElevenLabs—no human assistance is required further.

Part 2. How To Use ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs provides professional but simple online tools for voice generation. Its categorized and self-explanatory user interface is easy for beginners and professionals to digest quickly, as no steep learning curve is required to use ElevenLabs.

Here is a short guide on how to use ElevenLabs to create realistic voices in multiple languages.

Steps To Use ElevenLabs

STEP 1: Go to the ElevenLabs official website and sign up for registration. Once signed in, you will be on the main Speech Synthesis page.

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STEP 2: Scroll down the screen and select the language model under Settings. After the language model, select the voice artist and accent by clicking the drop-down arrow. You can also use the Add Voice button to add and use more voices from the voice library.

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STEP 3: Under the Voice Artist option, click the Voice Settings option and manage the settings according to your demand. You can also use the Default setting option there.

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STEP 4: A text box will be on the same page after this. Type or paste your input data as text, which will be converted into the desired speech. Hit the Generate button.

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STEP 5: Click the Download arrow icon in front of the generated audio file to save the file on your device. That's it!

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Part 3. Top 5 ElevenLabs Alternatives

ElevenLabs is one of the top-notch and best voice-generating platforms but it does not mean it is the only one. Many other platforms offer the same services with some changes in their features and pricing plans. If you are interested in finding the best ElevenLabs alternative then dive with us in this part to uncover them.

All these voice generators offer user-friendly interfaces and easy-to-use approaches.

Moreover, they offer a free version to let the users experience the tools before buying the subscriptions. These 5 ElevenLabs alternatives can ensure high-quality results for multiple platforms and content types.

Comparison Table

Comparison of Top 5 ElevenLabs Alternatives

ElevenLabs Alternatives Price Features Versatility
VoxBox Click to see details Voice generating, voice cloning, and voice conversions 3200+ voices & 77+ languages
LOVO Click to see details Emotional expression, AI writer, Voice cloning and AI art generator 500 voice library & 100 languages
Listnr Click to see details Voice generation and voice cloning 900 voices & 142 languages
Play.HT Click to see details Voice Cloning, Custom Phonetics, Text-to-speech editor 800 voices & 142 languages
Speechify Click to see details Multi-language approach, Realistic and lifelike voices Huge voice library (200+ Voices)

1. iMyFone VoxBox - The Best Elevenlabs Alternative

iMyFone VoxBox is the ultimate tool for generating different voices through AI technology. The software offers a simple and effective experience because of its user interface.

VoxBox offers Text-To-Speech conversion, Speech-To-Text conversion, Voice Cloning, Voice Changer, Noise Reducer, and AI Generated Rap through one-click AI input assistants. Besides typing the input text, you can also use the import options for PDF, DOC, JPG, PNG, BMP, and TIFF files.

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The self-explanatory feature of VoxBox is very efficient and precise to give updates about your data on every single change. All aspects like voice settings, recording, conversion, editing, and voice library display on a single page to assist users in getting a better experience.


  • Easy-to-use with instructions that easy to understand.

  • Free plan & The most cost-effective

  • 99% accuracy and security.

  • Voice generating, voice cloning, and voice conversions.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • 3200 voices in 77+ languages.

  • Multiple input and output formats.

Pricing Plans:

    Three payment plans are available under the Essential subscription

  • 2000 characters & hundreds of voices for free trial

  • Monthly Plan= $0. 54/day

  • Yearly Plan= $0.13/day

  • LifeTime Plan= $0.01/day

  • Three payment plans are available under the Premium subscription

  • Basic Monthly Clone Plan= $0.57/day

  • Pro Monthly Clone Plan= $1.04/day


LOVO AI voice generator is one of the top-quality online tools that claim 90% saving time and budget for generating human-like voices.

LOVO's algorithm supports it by mimicking the written text and expressing emotional sensations, such as hesitation, tone types, shouting, and more.

Moreover, it allows you to polish your content further through manual editing options—audio's pronunciation and intonations can be managed. With 100 languages supporting 500 different voices, this platform can create great voice-over content for education, marketing, games, entertainment, and more.

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After generating voice, LOVO also offers another service named Genny that can edit and fix your audio file with uncomplicated and effortless video content. Genny offers the features to add scripts, translations, voice-over, and images to the videos to produce compelling art.


  • Emotional expression .

  • 100 languages.

  • Can add sound effects.

  • AI writer.

  • Auto subtitles generator.

  • Voice cloning and AI art generator.

Pricing Plans:

    Four payment plans are available under the monthly subscription method (per user/month).

  • Starter Plan= $4/month

  • Basic Plan= $29/month

  • Pro Plan= $48/month

  • Three payment plans are available under the annually subscribe method (per user/month)

  • Free Plan= $0 (Time limited, just for the first 14 days)

  • Basic Plan= $288/year

  • Pro Plan= $288/year

3. Listnr

As the name describes, Listnr is also in the race for the best AI voice-generation tool to engage listeners with a perfect blend of AI and deep learning technologies.

Listnr ensures seamless integration with every platform and device due to its versatile compatibility and wide array of applications on desktop and mobile. With a huge gallery of 1000+ voices in 142 languages, this platform offers a categorized, managed, and self-explanatory user experience. With a fast, secure, simple, and effective user experience, engaging various audiences in a few minutes has become easy.

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  • 900 voices in 142 languages.

  • Supports voice generation and voice cloning.

  • Simple and straightforward interface.

  • Quick and accurate result.

  • Multiple Subscription plans.

Pricing Plans:

    Five payment plans are available under the Monthly Billing System.

  • Free Plan= $0 (No audio embeds)

  • Student Plan= $5/month

  • Individual Plan= $19/month

  • Solo Plan= $39/month

  • Agency Plan= $99/month

  • Five payment plans are available under the Yearly Billing System.

  • Free Plan= $0 (No audio embeds)

  • Student Plan= $50/year

  • Individual Plan= $190/year

  • Solo Plan= $390/year

  • Agency Plan= $990/year

4. Play.HT

Play.HT is a well-known and reliable voice synthesizing tool that seamlessly blends innovation to generate human-like voices while considering the emotional factors precisely. It offers a huge, versatile voice library for 142 languages with different accents.

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The powerful machine learning and Amazon’s Polly technology make this tool perfect for voice-over, children’s animations, informational content, education narrations, emotional tones, and many more. Its voice editing option can provide more desired results through manually set intonations to get the professional resonant output in seconds.


  • Error-free and reliable TTS conversion.

  • Voice Cloning .

  • 99% accuracy and security.

  • Library with 800 voices.

  • Support 142 languages.

  • Text-to-speech editor.

Pricing Plans:

    Three payment plans are available under the Monthly Billing System.

  • Free Plan= $0/month (Attribution to PlayHT required)

  • Creator Plan= $30.00/month

  • Unlimited Plan= $99.00/month

  • Three payment plans are available under the Annually Billing System.

  • Free Plan= $0/year (Attribution to PlayHT required)

  • Creator Plan= $374.40/year

  • Unlimited Plan= 348.00/year

5. Speechify

Speechify is an voice-generating studio that offers to create voice with an AI-based algorithm. With 20 million users and above 4-star ratings, this software also claims to offer an excellent experience for professional or usual tasks.

Speechify generates and allows users to customize their voice settings by editing the pronunciations, tone, tune, pauses, and inflection for perfection. Besides Text-To-Speech conversion, Speechify enables users to enjoy the changed voices through the Voice Cloning feature.

Speechify supports text and text files, including PDFs, Docs, Email, and articles, for being read by its algorithm. Speechify can be the best ElevenLabs alternative for smooth, efficient, and error-free output results.


  • Multi-language approach.

  • Huge voice library (200+ Voices).

  • Advanced granular editing.

  • Realistic and lifelike voices.

Pricing Plans:

    Speechify offers only two pricing plans, one for limited access and the other for premium access.

  • Speechify Limited Plan= $0 (Text to speech features only)

  • Speechify Premium Plan= $139/year

Part 4. FAQs About ElevenLabs

4.1. How Much Does ElevenLabs Cost?

Like all software, ElevenLabs also offers subscription plans in the form of categories. It offers 6 paid subscription plans as follows.

1. Free Plan= $0 (10 mins audio only)

2. Starter Plan= $3/month

3. Creator Plan= $11/month

4. Independent Publisher Plan= $99/month

5. Growing Business Plan= $330/month

6. Enterprise Plan= unknown (contact company)

4.2. How To Cancel ElevenLabs Subscription?

Step 1. Log into your ElevenLabs account.

Step 2. Go to your profile and click on Subscriptions.

Step 3. scroll down the screen to see your subscribed plan.

Step 4. Click the Cancel Subscription > Confirm options to terminate the subscription plans.

4.3. Which Tool Is Best ElevenLabs Alternative?

There are many ElevenLabs alternatives available in the market. Some of the best alternatives are The most cost-effective ElevenLabs alternative, Speechify, Play.HT, Listnr, and LOVO. We have discussed all these software in detail with a comparison of their features, functions, pricing details, and versatility. Check our article to explore them further.


Voice-over for video content isn't difficult anymore because of AI assistance. AI tools allow users to get voice generation done in minutes, and ElevenLabs is a well-known name for this service. Other than this, Various ElevenLabs alternatives like iMyFone VoxBox and Speechify are also in the market to fulfill users' demands. We have shared all these software with their reality, pricing plans, features, and functions. This article will help you to find the best ElevenLabs alternatives.