Play HT is an online platform for AI voice generation. In this article, we will do a comprehensive and objective Play.HT review, including play ht pricing, features like voice cloning, free alternatives, etc. Here's everything you need before you decide to use this tool.

play ht reviews

Part 1. What Is Play.HT?

1. Play HT Overview

Play HT is an AI voice generator that provides a library with 800+ voices in 142 languages. The diversity of voices makes it suitable for many types of users and use cases, such as video voice over, e-learning, audio book narration, etc. Play. HT also supports customized voice.

2. Play.HT Price

There are many different pricing plans for Play.HT. If you look at the prices on the official website, it can be a bit complicated. Let's take you through the different Play.HT plans quickly.

1) PlayHT Studio Pricing

Monthly Annually
Free Plan $0/month
12500 characters
Attribution to PlayHT required
12500 characters
Attribution to PlayHT required
Creator $39.00/month
Up to 250,000 characters per month
10 voice clones
$31.20/month = $374.40/year
Up to 3 million character
10 voice clones
Unlimited $99.00/month
Unlimited* characters per month
1 High Fidelity clone
$99.00/month = $1188.00/year
Unlimited* characters per year
1 High Fidelity clone
Enterprise Custom pricing Custom pricing

2) Play HT API Pricing (Suitable for Enterprise)

API Pricing
Hacker $5/month
Up to 25,000 characters per month
10 instant voice clones
Startup $299/month
Up to 1.5 million characters per month
750 instant clones
Growth $999/month
Up to 10 million characters per month
Unlimited Instant Clones

Part 2. Play HT VS ElevenLabs

As two AI voice generation platforms of the same type, there is a lot of curiosity about the comparison between Play HT and ElevenLabs. This chapter will analyze Play HT VS ElevenLabs from 3 aspects: pricing, voices & languages, features.

play ht vs elevenlabs

1) Play.HT Price VS ElevenLabs Price

In the fierce competition of AI voice platforms, play ht and ElevenLabs both have unique pricing plans, and their price has different appeal to different types of users.

ElevenLabs's Starter Plan, Creator Plan, Pro Plan and Scale Plan are priced at $5, $22, $99 and $330, respectively. The $5 is a big draw for starter, which offers 30,000 characters, suitable for individual creators or small projects.

For Play.HT, as we described in part 1.2 above, it offers an annual subscription plan of $374.40 per year, which is more suitable for experienced users, professional studios, and enterprises with large-scale usage needs.

2) Voices and Languages Comparison

The diversity of voice and language options plays a decisive role in the AI voice generation platform. The more variety, the wider the applicable scenarios, the more to meet the needs of global users.

ElevenLabs provides 120 voices in 29 languages while Play HT offers more, with a voice library of 142 languages and 800+ voices.

3) Play.HT Voice Cloning VS ElevenLabs Voice Cloning

If the text-to-speech is the basis of AI voice tools, then the voice cloning determines the upper limit of them. It can be said that voice cloning is the future of AI voice. Play.HT and ElevenLabs both offer voice cloning feature, giving users the opportunity to imitate or customize specific voices, adding more possibilities to the generated speech.

Play HT VS ElevenLabs: Other Features Comparison

Play HT ElevenLabs
yesVoice Cloning
yesPer-word Timestamps
yesSpeed Control
noPitch Control
noPer-word Timestamps
noSpeed Control
noPitch Control

Part 3. Top 5 Play.HT Alternatives

Looking for better alternatives to Play HT? Here are the 5 most popular Play.HT alternatives. And the first one offers the most voice options and best quality with the lowest cost. Let's start!

1) iMyFone VoxBox - The Best Play HT Alternative free alternatives

Key Features:

  • Most Voice Choices - Provide a large voice library with 3200+ voices in 77+ languages . Access to 100+ accents, such as British and Hindi, adding further versatility.

  • Strong Practicality - Powerful TTS and voice cloning allow you to efficiently do voice overs for vlog and explainer videos.

  • Time-Saving - Supports uploading video links for voice extraction and cloning

  • AI Generated Rap - The most coolest thing is that VoxBox can even generate freestyle rap according the text you type in.

  • Details Adjustment - Pause, Pitch, Speed and Emphasis to perfect the voice overs. You can even add emotions.

  • Multiple Output Formats - Like MP3, WAV, and AAC.

Understanding the importance of trial before commitment, VoxBox extends a free plan feature that offers 2,000 characters and hundreds of voices for trial. This allows users to experience VoxBox's capabilities without any financial commitments.

Pricing Plan:

  • 2000 characters & hundreds of voices for free trial.

  • Essential subscription:

  • Monthly Plan = $15.95/Mo. < $0. 54/day

  • Yearly Plan = $44.95/Year < $0.13/day

  • LifeTime Plan = $89.95 < $0.01/day

  • Premium subscription:

  • Basic Plan = $16.95/Mo. < $0.57/day

  • Pro Plan = $25.95/Mo. < $1.04/day

2) Listnr alternatives 1

Key Features:

  • 1000+ voices in over 142 languages.

  • AI text to video with voiceovers.

  • Supports transcribe video to text.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free= $0 (1000 words only)

  • Student Plan= $5/Mo. (4000 words only)

  • Individual Plan= $19/Mo.

  • Solo Plan= $39/Mo.

  • Agency Plan= $99/Mo.

3) Murf.AI alternatives 2

Key Features:

  • Text to speech feature provides 120 AI voices and 20+ languages.

  • Users can record their voices, upload it and swap it for the same script with a AI voice.

  • Support voices API.

Pricing Plan:

  • Creator Plan: $23/Mo. to $39/Mo.

  • Business Plan: $79/Mo. to $159/Mo.

  • Enterprise Plan: Contact sales to learn


For further info of Murf.AI, you might be interesterd in:

2024 Murf AI Review - Murf.AI Pricing, Features & Alternatives

4) Speechify alternatives 3

Key Features:

  • Support for 40+ languages.

  • Support video transcription.

  • Realistic voices for book narration, allowing users read and listen at the same time.

Pricing Plan:

  • Limited Plan= $0 (Text to speech feature and 10 voices only)

  • Premium Plan= $139/year

5) FakeYou alternative 4

Key Features:

  • 2,400+ voice to choose from.

  • With premade setups, you can tweak to your preference, giving a great control over what you output.

Pricing Plan:

  • Plus: $7/month (up to 30s audio for text-to-speech)

  • Pro: $15/month (up to 1mins audio)

  • Elite: $25/month (up to 2mins audio)

Part 4. Play HT FAQs

1) Is Play HT safe?

The platform has received positive reviews from users on Trustpilot and other websites. So we can be sure that Play.HT is a secure voice platform that can meet the AI voice generation needs of most people.

2) Is Play.HT free?

Play-HT has a free version, but it has many limitations. Without making a purchase, users can only use a few features. For the paid version, please click here to go to part 1.2 to learn more.

3) Which is the best Play HT alternative?

VoxBox is the perfect Play.HT alternative. Compared to Play.HT and other similar products, VoxBox has the best price/performance ratio, the most voice selection and the most comprehensive voice generation capabilities.


In this article, we have given a detailed introduction to play ht reviews and recommended 5 best Play.HT alternatives. One of our most recommended is iMyFone VoxBox, which not only offers a free trial version, but also has the most voice options and rich features, as well as the most affordable subscription plans. Try it now!