Have you stumbled across Murf.AI while looking for a suitable AI text-to-speech voice generator, but don't know if you should choose it? Don't worry, this article will give you a comprehensive Murf AI review of Murf AI pricing, features and the best alternative to Murf AI before you decide!

murf ai review

Part 1. What Is Murf AI?

Murf AI is an AI-driven text-to-speech tool & AI voice generator. Just like most other AI voice generators, input text into Murf.AI and select the voice you want, and it will convert your text into a highly realistic voice over.

You can also customize your voice by adjusting speed, pitch, emphasis. So it's a software for podcasters, video creators, educators who make e-learning videos, etc.

It's worth noting that Murf AI also has a built-in library for you to choose the right images and audio to add to your video content

Part 2. Murf AI Pricing

There are 6 Murf AI prices plans in total. These six Murf ai pricing are further divided into individual plan and team plan.

Individual Plan Feature Price
Free Plan 2 Projects Only
10 mins of Voice Generation
1 Editor
No Downloads & No Commercilal Rights
Creator Plan Lite 5 Projects
24 hrs/year of Voice Generation
1 Editor
Creator Plan Plus 30 Projects
48 hrs/year of Voice Generation
1 Editor
Team Plan Feature Price
Business Plan Lite 50 Projects
96 hrs/year of Voice Generation
3 Editor, 5 Viewers
Business Plan Plus 200 Projects
240 hrs/year of Voice Generation
3 Editors, 5 Viewers
Enterprise Plan Custom Projects
Unlimited Voice Generation
5+ Editors, Unlimited Viewers
Contact Sales to Learn

You can click here to learn more about Murf AI pricing details

Part 3. Murf.AI Features

1) Murf Voice Changer

Murf Voice Changer feature allows users to record their voices, upload it to Murf and swap it for the same script with a professional sounding AI voice.

2) Murf AI Text to Speech

Murf AI text to speech features 120 AI voices and 20+ languages for users to choose from. This feature is suitable for users with a large number of text-to-speech needs, such as audio book narrators, video voice over producers, etc. It will save you time.

murf ai text to speech

3) Murf Voice Over

If you need to create voice over for video, then Murf Voice Over is a good choice, because Murf AI has a built-in image and audio library. So if you don't want to make the right images and audio yourself, you can choose ready-made ones, which can also save time.

4) Murf AI Voice Cloning

The Murf AI Voice Cloning feature is not included in the Murf AI Pricing Plan shown above and must be purchased separately. And individuals need to submit a work email with company information and fill in the company name in order to contact Murf AI to purchase.

The idea behind this feature is to record your voice and upload it to the Murf team so they can build an AI custom voice of your own. Because the cloned voice is personal and can be used in a variety of projects, it is suitable for large enterprises that need to streamline the voice over process.

murf ai voice

5) Murf AI API

If your website needs AI voice integration, then you can ask Murf.AI to develop a custom solution. This feature includes 40+ languages to choose from, but like the previous feature Murf AI Voice Cloning, it is not part of a subscription plan and needs to be purchased separately. The cost is around $3000/ year. Therefore, it is more suitable for medium and large enterprises, after all, the cost is too high for individual studios or small businesses.

Part 4. Top 5 Murf AI Alternative

From the previous Murf.AI reviews, you may find that it is a bit expensive for the average individual user, and seems to be more suitable for enterprise use.

Don't worry, I'm going to introduce you to the 5 best value Murf.AI alternatives.

1) VoxBox - The Best Alternative to Murf AI

murf ai alternative free

Key Features:

  • Support for 77+ languages with 3200+ voices. Access to 100+ accents, such as British and Hindi, adding further versatility to the voice options.

  • Money-Saving & Time-Saving. Powerful text-to-speech and instant voice cloning features allow you to efficiently do voice overs at home.

  • Easily reduce the background noise and even the background music at a professional studio level.

  • Fine-tuning options such as Pause, Pitch, Speed and Emphasis to perfect the voice overs. You can even add emotions.

  • Multiple output formats like MP3, WAV, and AAC.

Pricing Plan:

  • 2000 characters & hundreds of voices for free trial.

  • 3 payment plans are available under the Essential subscription

  • Monthly Plan < $0. 54/day

  • Yearly Plan < $0.13/day

  • LifeTime Plan < $0.01/day

  • Ease of Use: 5/5

  • Compatibility: PC & Mobile

  • Best for Whom to Use: Users who want to save time and money by quickly generating ai voiceovers or converting text to speech, such as video creators, e-learning educators, audiobook narrators, customer support and animators, etc.


murf.ai alternatives

Key Features:

  • With 500+ voices in 100 languages

  • Can add sound effects.

  • Auto subtitles generator.

  • Generate voices that can express emotions.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free Plan: $0 (Time limited, just for the first 14 days, no downloads)

  • 3 payment plans are available under the monthly subscription.

  • Basic Plan: $29/month

  • Pro Plan: $48/month

  • Pro+ Plan: $149/month

  • 3 payment plans are available under the annually subscribe.

  • Basic Plan: $288/year

  • Pro Plan: $576/year (1st year 50% off)

  • Pro+ Plan: $1788/year (1st year 50% off)

  • Ease of Use: 4/5

  • Compatibility: Online

  • Best for Whom to Use: Video creator with sufficient budget.

3) Speechify

murf.ai alternatives speechify

Key Features:

  • A voice library with 200+ Voices.

  • Automatically translate and dub videos in over 100's of languages with Al video dubbing.

  • Realistic voices for book narration, allowing users read and listen at the same time.

Pricing Plan:

  • Speechify Limited Plan: $0 (Text to speech feature and 10 voices only)

  • Speechify Premium Plan: $139/year

  • Ease of Use: 4/5

  • Compatibility: Online

  • Best for Whom to Use: Audiobook narrators, educators, podcasters.

4) FakeYou

murf.ai alternatives

Key Features:

  • Over 2,400 voice to choose from.

  • With a lot of premade setups, you can tweak to your preference, giving you great control over what you output.

  • Listen to and change everything about your selected voiceover and download it on your device.

Pricing Plan:

  • Plus: $7/month (up to 30 seconds audio for text-to-speech)

  • Pro: $15/month (up to 1 mins audio for tts)

  • Elite: $25/month (up to 2 mins audio for tts)

  • Ease of Use: 5/5

  • Compatibility: Online

  • Best for Whom to Use: Suitable for text-to-speech users who only need a very short audio duration.

5) PlayHT

murf ai alternative

Key Features:

  • Error-free and reliable text to speech conversion.

  • Library with 800 voices.

  • Support 142 languages.

Pricing Plan:

  • Free Plan: $0/month (Attribution to PlayHT required, 1 voice cloned only)

  • 3 payment plans are available under the Monthly Billing System.

  • Creator Plan: $39.00/month

  • Unlimited Plan: $99.00/month

  • 2 payment plans are available under the Annually Billing System.

  • Creator Plan: $374.40/year

  • Unlimited Plan: 348.00/year

  • Ease of Use: 4/5

  • Compatibility: Online

  • Best for Whom to Use: Audiobook narrators, educators, game designers, etc.

Part 5. Murf.ai FAQs

1. How to get Murf AI promo code?

You can get the Murf AI promo code through crowdsourcing platforms for deal sharing such as Dealspotr, Knoji, etc

2. Is Murf AI free?

Murf ai pricing plans vary according to different needs, including the free Murf AI version. With the Murf AI free plan, Users can generate voice for 2 items with a total duration of up to 10 minutes.. But no downloads and no commercilal rights.

3. How much is Murf AI?

Murf AI prices range from $23/ month to $159/ month. There is also an Enterprise Plan that requires you to contact the Murf AI team for pricing. Click here for details.

4. What is the best alternative to Murf AI?

The best Murf AI alternative is Imyfone VoxBox. VoxBox not only has a large number of free voices to try, but also gives users the best experience at a very low price. Whether you're an educator, marketer, podcaster, or narrator, VoxBox meets all your voice needs.


In this article we cover the price, features and the best 5 Murf.AI alternatives of the ai voice generator Murf. One of the most recommended is VoxBox, which deserves special attention for its unique features and a wide range of voice changing options. Try this best alternative to Murf AI now!