What's the latest AI trend? It must be text-to-speech with AI voice. How is the famous Eleven Labs AI Voice Generator? In this article, we'll delve into real user reviews, key features, pros and cons, and explore its free alternatives. Let's get started!

Part 1: How Does Eleven Labs Voice Cloning and Text to Speech Work?

eleven labs ai

At the core of Eleven Labs' functionality lies its text-to-speech (TTS) feature. Leveraging artificial intelligence, ElevenLabs transforms written text in over 29 languages and more than 70 different voices into lifelike human-like speech! Once generated, your voice can be downloaded as an MP3 file for use anywhere.

Additionally, ElevenLabs offers voice cloning and voice to voice, unlike traditional text-to-speech technology, allowing you to transform your own voice into another character and customize its emotions and expressions.

How Does Eleven Labs AI Works?

To understand how it works, you need to first know what features it has, and then how to use these features.

Eleven Labs AI Key Features:

  • 1. Text-to-Speech

  • 2. Speech-to-Speech

  • 3. Projects for Generating Audiobooks

  • 4. Free AI Dubbing & Video Translator

  • 5. AI Voice & Text Speech API

  • 6. Voice Cloning

Text to Speech

At the heart of ElevenLabs lies its powerful text-to-speech(TTS) feature, seamlessly converting written text from 29 languages and over 70 voices into lifelike human speech using AI. With high-quality output at 128 kbps and the ability to generate up to 2,000,000 characters per month, it's ideal for audiobooks and podcasts.

The dynamic voices offer various emotions and accents, and the voice tuner allows customization of stability, clarity, and style, ensuring a versatile and immersive experience. Here is the steps to do text to speech on Eleven Labs.

Step 1: Visit elevenlabs.io.

Step 2: Choose your favorite voices for text to speech.

Step 3: Enter the text you want to convert to speech.

Step 4: Generate spoken audio and instantly lisen to the result.

Speech to Speech

ElevenLabs speech-to-speech converter allows you to change your voice into another AI characters and customize its emotion and delivery.

Step 1: Record your audio directly on the platform or drag and drop an MP3 file

Step 2: Select your voice and use the voice settings to fine-tune the stability, clarity, and style.

Step 3: Download it as an MP3 file

How to Speech to Speech on Elevenlabs.io

how to speech to speech on elevenlabs.io

Eleven Labs Voice Cloning

You can instantly use your voice to generate speech in 29 languages and over 50 accents with the ElevenLabs voice cloning tool. It enables users to create their own AI voice by uploading a short recording of their voice or a voice they have permission rights to. The voice recording sample must include one speaker with no background noise and be over one minute long.

Step 1: Choose between Instant or Professional voice cloning. You can also design new randomly generated voices or add a voice from the Voice Library.

Step 2: Upload voice samples and wait for voice clone process.

Step 3: Generate audio instantly with Instant voice cloning and get results after around four weeks with Professional voice cloning.

How to Speech to Speech on Elevenlabs.io

how to clone ai voice on eleven labs

Free AI Dubbing & Video Translator

ElevenLabs' AI dubbing and video translation tool, available for free, empowers users to instantly translate content into 29 diverse languages. This tool retains the unique qualities of the original voice while converting the audio into a different language.

Step 1: Select the source and choose from 29 target languages.

Step 2: Upload the MP3, MP4, or other file format onto the platform. You can also upload your own audio or video file up to 25MB or insert any URL from YouTube, TikTok, X (Twitter), or Vimeo.

Step 3: After the audio is dubbed and then download it to share with the world!

Part 2: Real Reviews of Elevenlabs AI

Pros of Elevenlabs:

yesHumanlike AI voice generator

yesClean and user-friendly interface

yesMultiple functions for various use case

yesEthical priorities include user privacy and user data protection for peace of mind

Cons of Elevenlabs:

noSome useful text-to-speech features are missing, such as controlling the timing of pauses between words, pitch control, etc.

noThe number of voices and languages is limited compared to other alternatives like VoxBox.

Eleven Labs Pricing and Availability

Eleven Labs Pricing: How mush does it cost?

eleven labs pricing


1. For free plan, you can only export audio less than 10min; 2. For free and starter plan, you can't add additional characters. so if you need to use over 30,000 characters/month, you can choose creator plan. (0.3$/1000 additional characters)

Eleven Labs Use Cases

Videos Creation

Use AI voice to design captivating audio with text to speech.

Audio Books

Create audiobooks with natral voice and tone.


Create in-game audio with lifelike NPC dialogues.

AI Chatbots

Change the voice for AI chatbots with the voice you like.

Best Eleven Labs Alternative

VoxBox AI Voice Generator and Cloner

VoxBox AI voice generator offers over 3200 AI voices across 100+ languages. Its standout features include advanced cloning capabilities for precise voice clonig, intuitive controls and user-friendly interface, seamless API integration, and robust data privacy measures, making it the ultimate alternative to ElevenLabs.

eleven labs free alternative voxbox

Listen to Indian accent demo by VoxBox


Key Features:

  • 3200+ voices including pre-made celebrity, cartoon, anime, movie, rapper and singer AI voice.

  • 100+ languages support you reach out global audience.

  • Text to speech, text to song and rap.

  • Voice to voice.

  • Voice cloning.


yes1. More funny voices to make trendy video and audio creations.

yes2. VoxBox includes noise reduction functionality ,while ElevenLabs voice cloning lacks this feature.

yes3. The software program ensures higher stability and security, with minimized risk of audio loss.

yes4. You can use 2000+ AI voices for free.


noIt lacks the high level of popularity associated with ElevenLabs.

noUsers need to download and install the software for their usage.

eleven labs alternative voxbox

Faqs About Eleven Labs AI

1. Is ElevenLabs AI Free?

Yes, but you can only use ElevenLabs with 3 custom voices for 10,000 characters per month. And its price we've mentioned in Part 3.

2. Is there a free AI voice generator?

Yes, almost all AI voice generator offer free version, you can try VoxBox.

3. How long does eleven labs voice cloning take?

Instant Voice Cloning only requires a few minutes of audio and is available immediately. Professional Voice Cloning requires a minimum of 30 minutes of audio and is available after monthly fine-tuning.


The article reviews Eleven Labs AI Voice Generator, discussing its features, pricing, alternatives, and how it works. It mentions Eleven Labs' voice cloning and text-to-speech capabilities, its pricing and availability, and suggests VoxBox as the top alternative.

What's the best voice generator in your opinion? Or, what other AI tools' reports would you like to know about? Feel free to leave a message, and let's discuss together.