Text-to-speech devices are tools that convert written text into spoken words. Typically, these devices feature a camera at the front to scan text. So, how do you choose the right text-to-speech device? This article will provide you with the answers.

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Part 1: What are Text to Speech Devices

Text-to-speech devices are tools that can scan text from books and convert it into speech. Typically resembling a bulky pen, these devices often have a camera at the tip to scan text. Additionally, they usually come with translation functionality, which can be convenient for travelers abroad.

text to speech devices

Part 2: Who Use Text to Speech Devices

Generally, these devices are widely used by student groups. They can scan text from books and read along using these devices. Some devices also come with dictionary features to help users understand the meaning of words. Additionally, people with reading disabilities also use these devices to assist them in reading.

Part 3: Best Portable Text to Speech Device Alternative

Before we delve into introducing text-to-speech devices, we'd like to introduce a text-to-speech software called iMyFone VoxBox. It's available for download on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

In daily life, we often carry our phones or computers rather than specific text-to-speech devices. Thus, downloading such software would be more convenient. Moreover, there's a free version available, and if you wish to upgrade VoxBox, the price is much cheaper than purchasing a physical device.

portable text to speech device alternative

Key Features:

  • Has over 3200 voice types and supports over 150 languages.

  • Can be used offline.

  • Can upload documents to import text directly.

  • Supports uploading images to recognize text within them.

  • Can adjust pitch, speed, pauses, and more.

  • Not only capable of text-to-speech but also speech-to-text, voice cloning, rap generation, noise reduction, and more.


  • $15.95/month, less than $0.54 per day

  • $44.95/year, less than $0.13 per day

  • $89.95/lifetime, less than $0.01 per day

Compare VoxBox and Text to Speech Device

System Price Aftermarket Voice Language
VoxBox Windows, Mac, iOS, Android Minimum of $15.95 Customer service is always available to solve problems 3200+ 150+
Text to Speech Device Device Usually in the range of 100-300 dollars Usually only one year warranty There's usually just one sound. Depending on the device, 20-120 types may be supported

Don't rush into making a decision because VoxBox offers a free trial. You have enough time to experience its features. However, purchasing a device may not always support returns, and even if it does, the process might be cumbersome. That's why we recommend you use VoxBox. Download and give it a try now.

Part 4: Top 6 Text-to-Speech Devices


The SVANTTO text-to-speech device reads back the scanned text to you after scanning and also allows you to browse word definitions. It's a scanning pen that connects to headphones/earbuds via Bluetooth and can assist people with reading disabilities in exams.

text to speech device svantto

Key Features:

  • It offers multilingual OCR text recognition, supporting 22 different languages.

  • The SVANTTO reading pen supports recording in 8 languages, with a maximum recording time of 4 hours.

  • The SVANTTO pen scanner can convert speech to text.


  • $109.99

2. PenPower

PenPower's text-to-speech device allows for scanning multiple sentences at once, aiding in contextual understanding. Users can choose between British and American accents.

text to speech device penpower

Key Features:

  • Supports text-to-speech

  • Supports speech-to-text

  • Scan translation supports 55 languages


  • $149.00

3. C-pen Text to Speech Reader Pen 2

The C-pen Text to Speech Reader Pen 2 can scan complete sentences or individual words of printed text. It can be used without wireless internet. Reader 2 can also store the scanned text and upload it to your device via USB transfer.

text to speech device c-pen

Key Features:

  • The built-in dictionary provides word meanings.

  • It can be used without internet access.

  • It features audio enhancement settings to improve listening.

  • It can recognize and speak English, French, and Spanish.


  • $295.00

4. NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 4

NEWYES Scan Reader Pen 4 features a unique 3.99-inch touchscreen, making it easy to read and operate. It has a built-in 500-megapixel camera, allowing users to take photos and accurately translate text from images quickly. It also includes a Collins EN-EN dictionary to recognize words.

portable text to speech device newyes

Key Features:

  • The pen scanner comes with built-in EN-CN, EN-JP, and EN-Arabic dictionaries.

  • Photos are stored in the album for translation at any time.

  • Speed and pause time are adjustable.

  • It supports voice recognition and translation.

  • It also supports online OCR scanning translation for 55 languages, offline translation for 19 languages, and phonetic translation for 112 languages online.


  • $165.00

5. Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner

The Scanmarker Air Pen Scanner can scan 3000 characters per minute, allowing for faster creation of summaries. Simply slide the handheld scanner over a line of printed text, and it will instantly appear on the screen. It's an extremely accurate and fast multilingual OCR text scanner, perfect for students and professionals.

portable text to speech device scanmaker air

Key Features:

  • Supports over 40 languages.

  • Compatible with both Mac and Windows computers, as well as iOS and Android devices.

  • Includes translation functionality.


  • $149.00

6. Vormor Scanner Reader Pen

The Ormor Scanner Reader Pen can scan 3000 characters per minute. It offers online translation of text and audio in over 112 languages, allowing you to communicate easily with others. It also features a built-in camera for translating signs, labels, photos, and more.

portable text to speech device vormor

Key Features:

  • Translation available in over 112 languages.

  • Real human pronunciation (American and British accents) helps improve listening and speaking skills.

  • Built-in LCD screen for convenient usage.


  • $129.99


Text-to-speech devices not only provide convenience to users but also assist individuals with reading disabilities in accessing and understanding text. These devices typically range from $100 to $300, which may be considered expensive for some.

However, installing VoxBox directly on your existing devices such as Windows, Mac, iOS, or Android can be more convenient and cost-effective. VoxBox is a professional text-to-speech software solution.