There are a lot of reliable resources to download sound effects to play on voice chat, including Sound Bible, Voice, and MagicMic. So, if that’s something you are interested in, make sure to read this article till the very end.


Part 1: Best Voice Chat Voice Changer with Huge Sound Effects

If you are looking for a reliable resource to send sound effects via voice chat, we would highly recommend you to go for iMyFone MagicMic. The thing with sites is that you have to wait for the download, and then you don’t even know what the quality of sound is going to be.

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But, with MagicMic, you can know it all and add the sound effect to your voice chat in real time. The best feature of MagicMic is that it is highly compatible and can work with all kinds of apps, including Discord and WhatsApp.

Amazing Functions:

  • It offers you 100+ voice filters and 500+ sound effects and voice memes for real time voice change on Games,chat,and live platforms,like Discord.

  • Has a fully-fledged voice studio for soundboard customization.


  • Voice effects come with background sounds, you can pretend you are in a different place.


  • You to assign your preferred sound effects to keybinds as it allows you to access the sound effects with minimal effort.

  • You can import any local audio files as your sound effects to play on voice chat.


  • It supports various platforms, like discord, Skype, Zoom, and so on.


Popular sound effects on Magicmic:

  • Siri memes

  • Fart effects

  • E-girl memes

  • Gunshot effects

User Reviews:

Thousands of users have used MagicMic, and all of them are quite impressed by its performance so far. The reviews are mainly for how unique it is and how no other software is providing everything in one place like MagicMic. It has more than 4.5 stars out of 5, and people are welcoming it with open arms so far.



Part 2: Top 5 Great Sound Effects Download Resources for Voice Chat

Sending funny voice effects does not always mean that you are pulling a prank, but it can also lighten the mood, especially when you send it at the right time.

You can also prank your friends by sending different voice effects or at least use these voices to make your friends laugh on either Zoom, Discord, or in different games. So, let’s find out what are the best resources that offer the download of sound effects for voice chat.

1. Sound Bible

Sound Bible is a very reliable platform that people really adore mainly because it offers thousands of effects. All the voices provided on this platform are suitable to play on voice chat. You can browse the sounds quite easily, and the cherry on top is that all its sound effects are totally free.


Sound Bible is a very reliable platform that people really adore mainly because it offers thousands of effects. All the voices provided on this platform are suitable to play on voice chat. You can browse the sounds quite easily, and the cherry on top is that all its sound effects are totally free.

2. 101 Soundboards

101 Soundboards is yet another site that has a collection of over a million sound effects. You can download your desired sound from this site without any hassle and add it to your voice chat quite easily.

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The interface of this site is very straightforward, and people who do not have a lot of experience can use it too. This site offers sound effects free and has a list of popular sounds if you are confused about which of the sounds you should send in voice chat.

3. OrangeFreeSounds

It is a site that offers free sound effects, and all the sounds offered are royalty-free too. You can totally count on this site for providing you with high-quality sounds as it is pretty reliable and has a basic interface.


The site features all kinds of sound effects for your ease, and you can even download them on your PC. The best and most unique thing about OrangeFreeSounds is that sound effects are added to it on a regular basis, and it is quite up-to-date.

4. Voicy

Voicy is different from the other sites mainly because it is slightly more advanced and it has different categories for sounds like memes and comic sounds. You can either download these voices or share them directly via voice chat on different apps.


You can not only scroll through all the voices but also create your voice effect if you want. It also has a section trending where the current most popular sound effects are listed. The navigation is also quite sleek with this site as it has a navigation tab right there on the front page.

5. FreeSFX

FreeSFX is here to give you all kinds of vintage vibes because its outlook is quite similar to that of 2007-2010 sites. But, it does not mean that this site does not offer the finest and updated sounds because, as a matter of fact, it actually does.


It has over 5 hundred thousand sounds in the sound effects library, and all of them are of different kinds so that you can find out your desired sound effect for voice chat without any hassle. Also, all of these sounds are free to download too.

Part 3: Faqs About Sound Effects

1.Can these sounds be used for commercial purposes?

The royalty-free sounds may get used commercially. The free sounds may only get used if licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution or Public Domain.

2.Why are these sounds available for free?

Teachers, students, instructors, and struggling artists benefit from our endeavor. They couldn’t afford to purchase them, so we had to give them free.

Can I use different sounds while live streaming?

Yes, you can add sound effects to your game in real-time, as this feature is offered by some leading software like MagicMic and MorphVox.


So, having a reliable resource for downloading sound effects is important for not just streamers but for people who love to have some. It is the very reason why we have listed the finest of sites you can find out there for a sound effects library that you can use for voice chat.

We would highly recommend you to try MagicMic, which is the best sound effects app and software. It offers you the highest quality of sound, and it is very compatible with other apps, too, so go for it.

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