How would you like to double your fun while playing PUBG by simply masking your voice? The question is how to apply effects and alter the pitch of your voice?

Well, a voice changer for gaming is a definite solution for trolling your friends when playing games. Using voice changer software, you can recreate your voice, and record it in real-time while live-streaming on Discord, Skype, CS:GO, PUBG, Minecraft, Rust, Valheim, Fortnite, Rocket League, Valorant, Among Us, TeamSpeak, and so on.

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The content below will walk you through some of the best voice-changing software you can use to have more fun while playing online games.

Part1: Before You Start- Tips To Choose The Right Voice Changer For Gaming

Since you have countless options to choose from, you might get a bit overwhelmed as to what could be the perfect software that will enhance your gaming experience.

While searching for a PC voice changer for games, make sure to look out for these factors in the software:

tips to choose a voice changer

Tips to Choose a Game Voice Changer

  • The software offers both basic and advanced voice recording and voice-changing features.

  • It should be compatible with your operating device.

  • It has a wide range of voice effects to choose from.

  • It works with various platforms so that you can use it if you change games.

  • Offers you keybinds to control voice-changing effects and sound effects.

  • It must offer a free trial version.

Part2: Comparison of Top 8 Voice Changers For Gaming

If you still don’t know which one to choose, here is a comparison table of these 8 voice changers for gaming. You can pick the one that you need according to it!

Voice Changers
Voice Effects
Free Trail
Supported system
Voice recording
Keybinds Control
iMyFone Magicmic
Windows & Mac
Windows& Mac
NCH Voxal
Audio-editNot in-build
Windows & Mac
All-in-One Voice Changer

Part3: 8 Best Voice Changers For Gaming

To make your search easier, we have compiled a list of some super easy yet powerful voice-changing software that will help you prank your friends during the next gaming session!

1. Magicmic Real-time Game Voice Changer

iMyFone MagicMic is the best real-time voice changer that supports Windows and Mac. You can easily change your voice into anyone else, including Devil, Monster, Girl or Iran Man, etc.

As a voice changer for games, except offers huge voice and sound effects, it also supports keybinds control of voice changing and sound effects playback, so that we can't be interrupted while gaming.

Supported System: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android

magicmic voice changer for gaming interface

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Features of MagicMic

  • The voice changer of MagicMic can change your voice while gaming in one click. You only need to select the voice, and it will be transformed in no time.
  • There are 300+ Voice Filters available. You can choose any of them when playing games like PUBG, Second Life, Fortnite, GTA-V, Valorant, Overwatch and more.
  • You can add 800+ sound effects and voice memes during gaming, chatting, or live streaming.
  • MagicMic voice changer is very easy to set up and use on both Mac and Windows.
  • You can set keybinds for sound and voice effects so that you can play them instantly.
  • You can import any audio files as your sound effects.
hao Pros
  • It offers the most voices than other voice changers
  • It offers complete function as a voice changer, like changing voice real time, voice recording and audio editing, voice custom, and sound effect playback
  • It supports hotkey control to voice change and sound playback
  • Comes with noise reduction technology
buhao Cons
  • It is a new released software
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2. Voicemod Voice Changer

Voicemod free voice changer for games is the best online software allowing you to transform your voice into something new. The software is a famous game chat voice changer and supports a lot of streaming and chatting software, including Skype, VR CHAT, Twitch, Valorant and Discord.

The voice changer also allows you to modulate your voice in various online games such as Fortnite, Minecraft, and PUBG. You can change the tone, and pitch and even add distortion to your voice using Voicemod.

Supported System: Windows, Mac

voicemod game voice changer

Features Of Voicemod

  • It is free to use with limited functions.
  • The software is designed to integrate, and you can easily grasp its controls of it.
  • It is compatible with all modern online games.
  • Upon installation, the software set up the microphone on its own.
hao Pros
  • It does good on social media with many ads
  • It comes with voice, sound effects, and voice memes
  • It's interface is nice
buhao Cons
  • Many voice are similar
  • Easily not working. No stable server network.

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3. MorphVOX Voice Changer

MorphVox has two options: MorphVox junior and Morph Pro, a paid version of the software. The software allows you to add a plethora of voice effects in real time. The free version has three voice-changing options, but the paid version is one of the best in-game voice changers with tons of voice editing features at the price of 39.99$. It uses the power of AI technology for modulating voices and produce high-quality sound effects during online gaming and chatting.

The Pro version comes with two operating modes, including the skinned mode and the Studio mode. Where skinned mode allows you to choose any of the pre-existing voice effects, the Studio mode lets you change the timbre, and pitch and add other effects to your voice.

Supported System: Windows

morph vox voice changer

Features Of MorphVox

  • The software offers MP3 reading.
  • It makes your online gaming more fun by allowing you to add background music to your game.
  • Allows you to dispatch sound effects with quick keys.
  • This fantastic voice changer consumes less storage space on the CPU.
hao Pros
  • High quality voices.
  • It works on both mac and windows.
buhao Cons
  • Limited voice, and high price.
  • Not for beginner.

4. NCH Voxal Voice Changer

Whether you have Windows or Mac OS, Voxal can help you modify and change your voice in real time. The software supports all your favorite games along with all other applications using a microphone. From chatting to gaming, the software can transform your voice from male to female and be anonymous while chatting or gaming online. The tool is also used for masking voice on radio and podcasts.

Supported System: Windows

voxal voice changer

Features Of Voxal

  • Voxal is absolutely free to use.
  • Users can apply voice effects to the recorded audio.
  • It has a very user-friendly interface.
  • The software is lightweight and does not affect the performance of other applications.
  • Universal setting and configuration for all applications.
  • You can also create custom voice effects to double the fun.
  • It is highly flexible and has a wide range of voice effects to choose from.
hao Pros
  • Clownfish Voice Changer is a free fart noises soundboard.
  • It supports multiple audio formats, including Ogg, MP3, and WAV.
buhao Cons
  • Old interface and limited voices.

5. Clownfish Voice Changer

Are you a Star Wars fan? If yes, you must be looking for voice-changing software that can help you sound like Darth Vader as you attack your enemy during your online game. Clownfish voice changer is a reliable way of being Darth Vader without any effort!

Clownfish voice changer is a simple and effective application for changing voice while playing games on Discord or having an online chat on Skype or Steam. The software is compatible with Windows and integrates with all applications using a microphone.

Supported System: Windows

clownfish voice changer

Features Of Clownfish Voice Changer

  • The voice changer while playing games supports VST plug-ins enabling you to generate new sounds and audio effects.
  • The voice assistant feature converts text into speech.
  • The in-built sound and music player allows you to listen to files and audio while playing online games.
  • The installation process is pretty straightforward.
  • It can control and manage background microphone music.
hao Pros
  • It is a free voice changer.
  • It supports real time voice change.
buhao Cons
  • With only 14 voices and several sound effects.
  • Simple function.

6. VoiceMeeter Voice Changer

If you love to play with music, VoiceMeeter is just the tool you need. Being a high-end Logitech gaming software voice changer, the software is ideal for professional audio mixers. It is the most intuitive and advanced tool in our list of the best voice changers. Users can create customized audio effects with this software.

It is a virtual audio mixer that can help you control and edit audio on Windows PC. It allows you to adjust audio from all microphone-supporting devices.

Supported System: Windows

voiceMeeter voice changer

Features Of VoiceMeeter

  • Wide use of applications such as mixing voice with music on Skype, Google Voice, Radio programs, etc.
  • VoiceMeeter is free to use.
  • It supports MME, DX, XS, WDM, and ASIO interfaces.
hao Pros
  • Professional for audio edit.
  • It has many audio edit softwares.
buhao Cons
  • Not a real time voice changer for online games.

7. Accusonus Voice Changer

Accusonus is another fantastic tool that can help you disguise your voice while chatting or gaming online. It has a vocal effect library from which you can access some amazing voice changers to use while gaming or chatting online. The software is a go-to choice for any application that uses a microphone.

Whether you want to mask your voice for online games, avatar podcasts, or want to remain anonymous while going live on the Radio or the Internet, this tool is the perfect tool for you to pick.

Supported System: Windows, Mac

accusonus voice changer

Features Of Accusonus Voice changer

  • You can apply voice effects to existing files with just simple clicks.
  • It allows you to combine multiple sounds in video.
  • It allows users to output the changed audio to speakers.
  • This tool is easy to get started.
hao Pros
  • It is free for audio edit.
buhao Cons
  • Not suitable for online games voice chat.

8. All-in-One Voice Changer

If you use Skype heavily and need a voice changer for that purpose, we would recommend you the All-in-one voice changer. The software works efficiently on Skype and can also link with other IM tools such as Yahoo Messenger and QQ International. Along with supporting all platforms, the software gives you multiple voice-changing options to choose from.

Supported System: Windows

all in one voice changer

Features Of All-In-One Voice Changer

  • It is free to use.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Edit voice on imported audio files.
  • You can add the pitch and tone of your voice.
  • Has video modification features.
hao Pros
  • It is a simple audio editor for beginner.
buhao Cons
  • Don't has any in-build voice effects.

Part 4: How to Use a Voice Changer for Gaming Voice Chat

Steps To Change Voice When Gaming Using real-time voice changer like MagicMic

To change voice in real-time using MagicMic, go through the following steps:

Step 1: Launch MagicMic on your computer.

Step 2: In the communication app that you use for your online games, select Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device (WDM) as audio input.

Step 3: Select the voices you want(like gamer gril, deep voice) to use in the game.

magicmic new youtube video

Final Verdict of MagicMic

You can easily change your voice in real time with 300+ voice effects. The voice-changing process can be done with simple clicks. You can try it out for free and change your voice while you're playing Minecraft, Roblox, Xbox, Tiko, or Fortnite and so on games!

You can listen to the voice-changing demo below!

magicmic voice changer demo


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Part 5: FAQs about Voice Changer For Games

What voice changer do gamers use?

Gamers often use various voice changers to alter their voices during gaming sessions. Some popular voice changers among gamers include:MagicMic, Voicemod, MorphVOX, NCH Voxal, Clownfish and more. These voice changers allow gamers to add a fun or immersive element to their gaming experience by altering their voices in real-time during multiplayer games or live streams.

Are voice changers illegal?

Using voice changers for harmless and recreational purposes, like online gaming or entertainment, is typically legal. However, impersonation with intent to deceive, violating privacy, harassment, or copyright infringement using voice changers can be illegal and unethical. Always be aware of the laws in your jurisdiction and use voice changers responsibly.


So, now you know how to change your voice in online games. With the list of the voice changers for gaming above, you will have multiple options for changing your voice while playing online games or pranking your friends on Skype calls.

Among all these, we prefer iMyFone MagicMic. The software is both a voice changer and a voice editor, allowing you to have more fun in your online game.

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