AI song cover generators are revolutionizing how we create and enjoy music on TikTok and Youtube. These advanced tools allow users to transform their favorite songs with new voices, styles, and arrangements, offering endless creative possibilities.

Whether you're a budding musician, a content creator, or simply a music enthusiast, these top 10 free AI cover song generators are worth exploring. learn it now!

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Part 1: What is AI Song Cover?

AI song cover means covering songs with AI, and there's a dedicated AI tool for that- the AI song cover generator employs deep learning to mimic the melody and rhythm while preserving the original song's lyrics. It then utilizes a trained voice model with AI to cover the song.

ai song cover generators

Part 2: Top 10 AI Cover Generators Free for AI Covers

1) MusicAI Cover Generator

MusicAI is a song generator preferred by music fans cause it offers a simple way to get cover songs with AI, just upload the music audio from your favourite singers or musicians, then choose the AI-trained cover model of the singers you want to generate, and click the "cover" button to wait for a few minutes. But this software does not support any commercial channels at present, please use it legally.

musicai ai song generator interface


  • 3000+ popular famous artist AI models for an AI song cover.

  • Not only AI cover but also K-pop. hip-hop, anime AI cover.

  • Intuitive controls and clear instructions for users.

  • Versatile input and output formats are supported.

2) VoxBox Song Generator

VoxBox stands for AI singing voice generator which makes songs via text-to-rap and singing text-to-speech voices. For those who want to make AI cover songs go virus for playful exposure or attention on platforms like TikTok, which is the effective method. Simply input or paste the lyrics, select the preferred singer or rapper's voice, and a new song is generated within minutes.

voxbox ai singing voice generator


  • Text to song and rap with various AI voice models.
  • Comes with rap lyrics generator, you can make your own song effortlessly.

  • Perform voice generation in over 200 languages using TTS capabilities.

  • User-Friendly Interface.

  • Ensured security and faster processing times for efficient AI voice generation.

3) Voicemod Text to Song

Voicemod's text to song voice AI offers a free and easy way to turn text into musical memes. also provide a vast choice of singers and instrumentals with a simple creation process, Whether it's for personal enjoyment public distribution, or sharing them with others.

voicemod ai generated song


  • Diverse Selection of Singers and Instrumentals.
  • The song creation process is straightforward.
  • Cross-platform compatibility.
  • "Best Match" singer suggestions.
  • Musical Meme Creation.

4) Covers is a new online AI cover singing artefact. It includes the voices of many popular AI artists for cover singing, such as K-pop player BTS, Blackpink, and American Rapper: The Weeknd, Kanye West, etc. Voice cover options of famous people Just drag and drop the YouTube URL link or audio, wait a few minutes, and you can get the cover audio, it mainly exists as an entertainment option.

voicify ai covers


  • You can request a custom AI cover song featuring your choice of voice from AI Kanye, Drake, or Ariana.

  • Simply provide the details of the song and the preferred artist's voice, and the AI Cover Song Generator will create a customized cover version for you.

  • The generated cover song can be delivered in popular audio formats such as MP3 or WAV.

  • Ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

5) Mubert

Mubert stands as an online AI music generation for those who prefer to push beyond conventional music production norms. It provides inventive ways to craft distinctive sonic landscapes, with API, it supports people to get tailor-made musical and soundtrack encounters for games, and various platforms, and the AI-generated compositions are also marketable via Mubert Studio—an arena dedicated to showcasing users' premier AI-generated songs.

mubert ai song generator


  • A generative music streaming app that creates new original music based on user preferences.
  • You can input a cue and specify the desired track duration or bypass the prompt and choose particular genres, moods, or activities.
  • Easily generate music using natural language text prompts.
  • Provide a studio platform for artists.
  • Use their API to generate royalty-free music for your business.

6) Soundful

Soundful is an AI cover generator that aims to create royalty-free background music for videos, streams, podcasts, and more. it does not support cover songs with AI, which is also simple to use, first, select a genre, then customize the input and create a track. Repeat this until you generate the track that you want.

soundful ai song generator


  • Generate unique music using an artificial intelligence algorithm trained by industry-leading producers and sound engineers.

  • Provides over 50 templates in different genres to kick-start your music creation

  • Allows customization of beats per minute (BPM) and key (C, D, E, F, G, A, B) in major or minor keys

7) Aiva

Aiva is also an online AI song generator not support cover songs with AI, and only allows you to create tracks for media like commercials, video games and movies. people usually use it to create music from scratch or make variations on existing songs without the music licensing. which offers a range of presets and formats and also supports editing audio tracks.

avia ai song generator


  • Extensive presets and specified music formats.
  • Features Free version with limited features.
  • Ability to edit audio tracks and modify existing tracks.

8) Beatbot

Beatbot is an AI song cover generator free based on text prompts, mainly creating short songs, not for AI covers. It utilises Splash sound loops to create music and vocals, and ChatGPT to write lyrics. but Beatbot only is in Beta. Pricing may be introduced in the future.

beatbot free ai song generator


  • Craft brief loops and melodies influenced by user-provided textual cues.
  • Streamlined interface tailored for enthusiasts seeking swift loop creation.
  • Proficiency in generating lyrics and seamlessly layering them over AI-generated loops.

9) Boomy

Boomy, is the final song generator I want to recommend but also not for cover songs with AI. if you want to broaden the horizons of music generation avenues while simplifying the process of music generation. which is the primary choice for swiftly crafting original compositions.

boomy ai song generator

Only set a few parameters and click on the "Create Song" button, then it produces a comprehensive song within moments.


  • Both Free and Subscription Variants Available.
  • Potential Earnings through Music Submission on Platforms such as YouTube and TikTok.
  • Comprehensive Array of Features and Capabilities Accessible Individualized User Profile Creation.

10) Singify

FineShare Singify- online AI cover song generator for music fans/parodists which claims it is free to use. but in fact, you need to invite friends to get free 1000 credits to use an AI model to cover a song, only with simple steps to achieve AI Covers using Singify, first, Select your preferred AI voice model. Search using a song title, upload an audio file, or record your singing voice directly.

singify free ai song cover


  • 100+ AI voices model
  • Free online and easy to use.
  • Cross-platform support.

Part 3: FAQs about AI Song Cover Generators

1. How does an AI covers song generator work?

AI covers song generators' work by training on vast song data from the target artist or musician. then it will replicate the singer or rapper's voice, and style, and create the following AI singing voice model for covering songs.

2. Can I make AI song cover with any singer's voice?

Yes, which allows users to create cover songs using the voices of popular artists such as Kanye West, Drake, Ariana Grande, and more. But there might be right risk if you use it for commercial use.

3. How to make AI cover songs for free?

As highlighted in my article, you have the option to use free AI generators like MusicAI, Singify, and Voicify to cover songs. Simply choose your preferred artist's voice model, upload clean song audio, and generate an AI covers to your liking.

4. Why are AI song covers going viral?

AI song cover generators are gaining popularity due to their fun and easy-to-use nature, allowing users to create high-quality covers without extensive musical expertise. Content creators on platforms like TikTok and YouTube use these tools to produce trending content quickly.

Additionally, music platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud have seen a rise in AI-generated covers of songs by popular artists like Taylor Swift and Drake. These generators provide a convenient way for creators to experiment with musical arrangements, showcase their talents, and engage with a wide audience.


Whatever, AI song cover generator provides more convenience and creativity for musicians and music fans.

This article guides the top 10 AI song generators (for cover songs or for music generation), you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs, but if you are confused about that, I'd recommend VoxBox AI singing generator the most because it is not only a music generation of text-to-rap but also supports AI singing text to speech for cover songs, more in line with the needs of content creators.