Slater Kodish, the acclaimed TikTok Star and gamer, has taken his content creation to a whole new level with his ingenious voice changer. This innovative tool allows Slater to transform his voice into a wide array of captivating tones, adding a unique twist to his videos. Whether he's showcasing his gaming prowess or delivering hilarious comedic sketches, the Slater Kodish voice changer brings an extra layer of entertainment to his audience.

In this article, we'll explorer what voice changer does slater use and how to get Slaterkodish voice changer.

slaterkodish voice changer

Part 1: Who is Slaterkodish?

Slater Kodish, a renowned TikTok and Twitch personality, hails from the United States and was born on March 10, 1994, making him currently 30 years old.


As a gamer, Slater gained recognition for his captivating livestreams of popular video games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite. On his TikTok and Twitch account, slaterkodish, he shares engaging clips from his livestreams, along with gaming tips, hacks, and tricks. Additionally, Slater showcases his talent for comedy through sketches and memes inspired by gaming culture. Thanks to his exceptional content, he has amassed an impressive following of 2 million fans.

Part 2: What Voice Changer Does Slater Use?

Currently, there isn't any definitive information or news regarding the voice changer Slater utilizes. If you're curious, you could try leaving a comment on his video or sending him a direct message to inquire about this question. However, we can suggest a few voice changers that can help you modify your voice to resemble Slater's or achieve a similar effect.

Part 3: How to Get Slaterkodish Voice Changer?

1) MagicMic Slater AI Voice Changer

iMyFone MagicMic is a popular voice changer software that allows users to modify their voices in real-time during voice chats, streaming, or recording sessions. MagicMic provides a wide range of voice effects and filters that can help users achieve unique and entertaining voices similar to Slater's.

With MagicMic, you can transform your voice into various characters, alter pitch and tone, add background effects, and much more. It's a versatile tool that can enhance your creative expression and add a touch of fun to your content, just like Slater Kodish does with his own voice changer.

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How to use MagicMic Slater Voice Changer?

Step 1. Download and Launch

To begin, you'll need to download and install the MagicMic software onto your device. Once the installation is complete, open the application and proceed to log in using your email credentials.

Step 2. Configure Input and Program Settings

Next, it's time to configure the program settings. Start by selecting your primary microphone as the input device. Additionally, ensure that you enable the "Apply Voice Changer" and "Hear myself" options located at the bottom of the interface. These settings will allow you to utilize the voice changer feature and hear your own modified voice in real-time.

magicmic settings

Step 3. Select the MagicMic Virtual Audio Device

In the desired application where you want to modify your voice, select the Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device as the input device. This selection guarantees that your transformed voice is precisely captured and transmitted, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate your modified voice into the application.

Step 4. Choose Voice and Sound Effects

Take a moment to explore the vast collection of voice effects provided by MagicMic. You'll find a wide range of options, such as the Slater voice effect and many others that align with your preferences. Feel free to experiment and choose the effects that suit your desired sound. For added convenience and quick access, you can even assign these effects to keybinds, allowing you to effortlessly switch between them with a simple press of a button.

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Key features of MagicMic Slaterkodish voice changer

  • With over 600+sound effects, 200+ voice memes, and 300+ voice filters

  • Replicate Slater Kodish's signature sounds with diverse voice effects: alter pitch, transform into characters, and add unique tones.

  • Enjoy the ability to modify your voice in real-time during voice chats, streaming sessions, or recordings.

  • Create your own personalized soundboard with sound bites, catchphrases, and memorable moments inspired by Slater Kodish's content. 

  • Seamlessly integrate the voice changer with popular streaming platforms to elevate your live streaming sessions. 

Video Guide Below About MagicMic Voice Changer:

magicmic youtube video

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Part 4: FAQs about Slater AI Voice

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What applications can benefit from Slater AI Voice?

Slater AI Voice can be integrated into various applications and services. It can enhance voice assistants, audiobook narration, e-learning platforms, video game characters, podcasting, and more, providing a natural and engaging auditory experience.

How accurate and realistic is Slater AI Voice?

Slater AI Voice strives to produce highly accurate and realistic speech. However, the quality and realism may vary depending on factors such as the training data, system capabilities, and specific use cases.

Final words

In conclusion, Slater AI Voice, powered by artificial intelligence, offers an innovative solution for generating natural-sounding voices. Whether it's integrating the technology into voice assistants, gaming characters, or educational platforms, the possibilities are vast

Combined with the versatility and user-friendly features of MagicMic software, the synergy between Slater AI Voice and MagicMic Slaterkodish voice changer opens up exciting opportunities for creating immersive and captivating auditory experiences.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.