Discord is a trendy chatting platform where millions of people communicate with each other after spending long hours in the office.

Surprisingly, the influence of a voice changer is increasing daily on Discord, as you'd have anticipated pranking your friends on Discord by changing your voice or playing the funny soundboard in real-time.

Unfortunately, various voice changers or soundboard funny websites aren't worth your attention due to mediocre services.You shouldn't feel bad about it, as we'll reveal the most exciting Soundboard websites and brilliant voice changers.

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10 Popular Funny Soundboards for Discord

Here's the list of the top 10 funny soundboards for Discord that boosts the environment and will spread laughter throughout the room.

1. Air Horn

It might have seemed like a casual and unadorned sound, but it can surprise anyone. When you play the Air Horn in the middle of your class, everyone thinks as if something is happening around you. In this situation, everyone looks around to figure out what has happened.

2. Meow Sound

It's the cat's voice, and sounds beautiful and soothing. However, when you play this sound continuously on Discord while chatting, it can annoy your friends. If you want to annoy your girl so she talks to you, playing the Meow funny soundboard will be a good thing to do.

Once your girlfriend gets annoyed by this sound, she will become angry at you, and you'll get the opportunity to discuss it with her.

3. ROFLCopter

Why wouldn't you be playing the ROFLCopter on Discord to annoy your friends? It sounds creepy, and playing it 50 to 100 becomes a headache for listeners.

So, if your friend isn't listening to what you've been saying to him, you can use the ROFLcopter to make him extremely uncomfortable.

4. Playing with a kid

If you are attending a business meeting and want to have some fun after talking for a couple of hours, you can use the Playing with a Kid sound.

Using this funny soundboard, you can spread laughter in the tedious meeting room, and everyone will feel like you're playing with your kid.

5. Dreaming

Dreaming is considered one of the most fun soundboards, as when a moment of joy comes into your life and you want to share it with your friends, you can play the dreaming soundboard in real-time.

It will make your friends look excited, and you all can laugh after telling the whole story.

6. Dun Dun Dun Sound

You have heard about the Dun dun dunnn sound in Tom and Jerry's famous comedy show. Thus, if you're pranking your friend at his birthday party and after asking him the question, you can play the Dun Dunnn sound to show that you pranked him.

7. Correct sound

Correct soundboard sounds like a notification that appears when someone sends you a message. Thus, if your friend is waiting for his girlfriend's text message, you play the correct sound to make him feel like the girlfriend has texted him. Later, you can laugh with him after saying you played a funny soundboard.

8. Investigating sound

Suppose you're a law student, and your teacher is talking about how the investigation of a particular case works. When your teacher is screaming to make his point, you can play the Investigating sound to make all the participants of the class laugh hilariously. This sound seems as if someone is doing an investigation about a particular matter.

9. Huge Slap

Suppose you're playing a game with your cousins, and the cousin you've been playing the game with are making fun of you.

You can make the scenes more funny and dramatic by playing the Huge slap soundboard. It is a funny soundboard that shows as if someone is slapping you with full power. In this way, you can give a befitting reply to your cousins without being nasty and unethical.

10. Angles Singing

Angle Singing doesn't seem like a funny soundboard, but it works like a hilarious sound effect. In this soundboard, you can hear that someone is sleeping and angles are singing in his dream. So, when your friend is sleeping, you want to prank him.

You can opt for playing the Angle Singing soundboard on his ears and making him feel like Angles is singing a song in his ears.

When he comes to know about your prank, he will laugh at you and will ask why you spoil his sleep.

3 Sound Effect Libraries for Funny Soundboard Download

Finding a reliable funny soundboard is difficult courtesy of the prevalence of cheap websites. Luckily, we'll reveal the most reliable funny soundboard websites.

3.1. Soundboardguy

Soundboard guy is another brilliant, funny soundboard that has taken to the world because of its monumental sound effects. With offering 100+ sounds and 150,000 Soundbuttons, this funny soundboard website has come a long way.

On top of that, this soundboard website blesses you with memes, funny instant sounds, sound effects, and music soundboard buttons. Surprisingly, you're also allowed to generate your soundboard and upload the soundboards to the Soundboard guy website.

Thus, if you're aspiring to download funny sounds soundboard, SoundBoardGuy helps you to serve your purpose for free

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2. Voicy

Voicy is a pretty accessible funny soundboard that offers a smooth user interface, meaning visiting the website and downloading the funny soundboards isn't difficult at all.

It has various talking points, but this website offers you multiple soundboard categories. Apart from downloading the preferred soundboards, this website also provides you with the luxury of logging in with the website and uploading the custom soundboards.

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3. Memesoundboard.com

If you're looking for a funny soundboard, you can't ignore Memesoundboard.com. It is one of the best meme soundboards that offers hilarious sound voices for you. Luckily, you don't need to worry about this website's interface; it only asks you to visit the official website to get your work done.

Whether you intend to rock or roll someone, you can play the fascinating memes sound after visiting this website. Besides helping you with funny soundboards, Memesoundboard.com allows various other soundboards, making it an excellent website.

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How to Play Funny Soundboard Sounds On Discord Chatting

MagicMic Voice Changer with Huge Funny Soundboards

Having fun with friends on Discord isn't new, as thousands of people want to prank others on Discord. However, finding a modern voice changer to help you play funny soundboards in real time is necessary.

Luckily, you don't need to roam to find a voice changer, as MagicMic offers top-notch features followed by outstanding voice filters and soundboards. Everything you touch on using MagicMic will give you immense joy as MagicMic is a multi-talented and ever-evolving voice changer.

Earlier, MagicMic only allowed you to change your voice in real time, but as we discussed above, MagicMic has evolved immensely. Now, you can record or import the voice and then apply voice filters and funny soundboards.


  • Use 100+ voice filters in real time

  • 150+ voice memes and 300+ voice effects can surely make your night special

  • It offers a voice recorder that empowers you to record your voice

  • Select the trendy soundboard or voice filter courtesy of the Random Dice feature

  • Customize the voice through Voice Studio

User Rate: 4.8 Stars

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How to use MagicMic on Discord:

On Windows devices:

Step 1: Install the iMyFone MagicMic on your PC and then launch the software afterward. Set Microphone as the input device and headphones as your output device.

Step 2: Tap on VoiceBox to choose the voice filter and if you intend to use funny soundboards on Discord, click on the "soundboard" icon.

Step 3: Launch the Discord and navigate to the Settings icon. Select the input device after visiting the Voice tab. You can select the microphone as your input device and Uncheck the Automatically determined input sensitivity.

Now, you can speak in the microphone, and your friends will hear the voice filter you selected instead of your voice.

On Mac devices:

Using the MagicMic on Mac isn't different from using it on Windows. You'll only need to change specific settings to play the funny soundboard on Discord.

Here's how to do it.

Step 1: Download the MagicMic and launch it on the Mac PC.

Step 2: After opening "Discord", navigate to the Voice Settings. Next, select BlackHole 2ch as your input device after visiting the Voice tab. Other steps are the same as you do in Windows.


So, what is the best way to play a funny soundboard on Discord in real-time? This guide reveals the fascinating funny soundboards for Discord, and you also get to learn about the soundboard websites that allow you to download the funny soundboards.

The best voice changer allowing you to play the funny soundboards on Discord is none other than the iMyFone MagicMic. It is the most recommended software, and you shouldn't take a back step taking its services.

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