Suppose you're looking to prank your best friend in real-time; what kind of thing you'd like to do to make the prank fascinating?For this, you can tell him the story about something and then reveal that you were pranking him. Unfortunately, this way of pranking your friend has become pretty old.

The modern way to prank your friends is by using a voice changer. Using a voice changer, you can transform your voice into another person's voice with ease.However, selecting between so many useful and useless voice changers is pretty difficult as no one knows which voice changer is good or which isn't.To reduce your tensions, we're going to explore the 7 best gender voice changers for you.

Part 1: Don't Miss the Trend to Use A Gender Voice Changer

The male's voice is completely different from the female's as there is an immense pitch difference between the girl's and the boy's voice. However, there is a hot trend my voice gender is going on currently that urged many male and female game lovers to use the trend during an online game.


Using the trend, a boy tends to alter his voice's pitch and make it sound like a girl. This trend aims to prank your friends in real-time.For this, you'll need to look for a reliable voice changer, and you'll get to find the appropriate options later in this article.

Part 2: Top 7 Gender Voice Changers For Choice

1. MagicMic Voice Changer [Editor's Choice]

Before heading towards any voice changer, the first option you should consider is iMyFone MagicMic. We can assure you won't find any better voice changer than MagicMic. Whether it's user interface or feature, you'll find everything flawless in this voice changer.Using this terrific voice changer, you can sound like female, male, ghost, or anime on different platforms with ease.

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Unlike many other voices changers who don't bother to upgrade from time to time, iMyFone MagicMic tends to update its features every week.On top of that, MagicMic also comes with a free package, meaning you can alter your voice or add sound effects in real for free, and you won't have any difficulty using the free version of this incredible voice changer.

OS: Windows & Mac


  • MagicMic only takes about 1 minutes to get installed on your PC.

  • Using MagicMic, you've held the possibility to use voice changer and sound effects feature simultaneously.

  • It allows the users to access 100+ voice filters and 500+ sound effects.

  • MagicMic offers an interface that is nothing less than spectacular.

  • MagicMic's voice meme feature allows you to import fascinating sound effects.

  • You can also speak on a microphone and customize your voice courtesy of the'' Voice Studio'' feature.

User Rate: 4.9



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2.Girls Voice Changer

Girls Voice Changer is a unique gender voice changer that lets you explore funny and interesting girl sounds.The best thing about this voice changer is its interface, as it allows you to record your voice in a microphone easily and then apply your preferred girl voices.

Many people opt to use this voice changer; they tend to prank their friends as they want to sound like a girl and surprise them big time.Some of the girl voices that this voice changer offers are nothing less than hilarious, as these voices can easily make the scenes entertaining and fascinating.


OS: Android


  • Apart from offering crazy girl sound effects, this voice changer allows you to edit your recorded sound.

  • Girls Voice Changer is pretty versatile as it allows you to export the recorded files to several social media platforms.

  • It also enables you to modify the pitch of your sound.

User Rate: 2.2


Besides being an outstanding gender voice changer, VoiceFX is an outstanding voice recorder. Using this flawless tool, you can easily record your voice and then apply the sound effects.

The voice changer adds sound effects to recorded audio in a way that doesn't disturb the overall quality of your audio, meaning, unlike many voice changers, VoiceFX doesn't bother to decrease the sound quality.Moreover, VoiceFX supports multiple platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and many others.


OS: Android


  • VoiceFX allows you to record your voice and add fascinating sound effects.

  • It enables you to save the audio files in MP3 format.

  • Due to the easy user interface, applying sound effects is effortless.

  • On top of everything, VoiceFx allows you to alter your voice live on streaming platforms.

  • MagicMic's voice meme feature allows you to import fascinating sound effects.

User Rate: 4.2

4.Voice Changer

The unique interface and easy access to all the features people wish to see in a voice-changing tool. Luckily, Voice Changer has all those ingredients that people would like to find in an Android voice changer.

You can simply record your voice by hitting the ''microphone'' option from there in this voice changer. Later, you can apply fascinating sound effects to that recorder's voice. Surprisingly, Voice Changer also allows you to apply sound effects to audio multiple times.


OS: Android


  • It comes with fascinating, funny effects.

  • Using "Voice Changer", you can easily prank your friends.

  • The interface is designed to help the newbies understand a voice changer's working.

  • Voice Changer allows you to share recorded audio files via media platforms or Bluetooth.

User Rate: 4.1

5.Voice Candy

Not many people rate Voice Candy as highly they would have rated other voice changers, but it is still an appropriate voice changer for personal use. With its right superb voice filters, Voice Candy can make your prank successful. However, the sound quality isn't as good as you'd have liked, but you can surely have fun using this tool.

Moreover, you can't add sound effects to recorded audio more than once. Instead, you'll have to record the voice every time you'd want to add sound effects to it.On top of that, Voice Candy also allows exploring fascinating girl voice filters to prank your friends in real-time.


OS: Mac


  • Voice Candy offers you 8 entertaining sound effects.

  • It enables the users to record the voices and then change them.

  • You can also modify the pitch of your sound.

  • It allows you to download recorded audio files in MP3 and WAV format.

  • The software is designed for Mac users, and you can also explore its free version.

User Rate: 2.7

6.Voice changer with effects

It is safe to say that Voice Changer with Effects is one of the most popular voice-changing tools for Android devices. The way it offers voice filters, and sound effects makes this tool remarkable. On top of that, the voice changer allows you to change your recorded audio as you'll only need to import the audio clip to change its voice.

Moreover, you've also opportunity to record your voice speaking in the microphone and then make changes to it.Surprisingly, Voice Changer with Effects allows you to export the recorded audio directly to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.


OS: Android 4.1 and above


  • Voice Changer with Effects allows you to edit recorded audio files.

  • You can also turn your text into speech using this fascinating voice changer.

  • You can use the recorded audio files as your notification sounds and ringtones.

  • It also allows you to alter the pitch of your voice.

  • The interface is pretty simple as you'll only need to launch the application and play your sound effects from there.

User Rate: 4.4

7.Voice changer plus

Another gender voice changer that can completely change the dimension of your voice is Voice Changer Plus. It is a flawless voice changer designed especially for iPad and iPhone users. Using this wonderful application, you can record your voice in a microphone and play it in different voices with minimal effort. Luckily, you can prank your friends by selecting a girl's voice effect and then speaking into the microphone.

Voice Changer Plus has fascinating sound effects and voice filers that can surely make your time even more exciting. On top of that, this application is up and grab for free, but you can make some in-app purchases to enjoy the application without any ad.


OS: iPhone and iPad


  • Voice Changer with Plus allows you to explore 55+ fascinating background sounds to change your voice.

  • You can add more than one effect in single recorded audio.

  • It supports saving, sharing, and trimming recording through iCloud.

  • Voice Changer with Plus enables you to establish your ringtones with minimal effort.

  • MagicMic's voice meme feature allows you to import fascinating sound effects.

User Rate: 4.6


If you're looking for an appropriate gender voice changer, this guide has a lot for you. Considering the difficulty you might face in finding an appropriate voice changer, we've introduced 7 outstanding gender voice changers for you.

Every voice changer we've explored in this article is surely worthy of a try. However, of all the tools you'll find here, iMyFone MagicMic is the best one.MagicMic blesses you with remarkable voice filters and sound effects that can surely make your prank memorable.

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