Have you listened to the AI-generated song that imitated Drake, which made waves in social media platforms? Do you want to get AI song voice changer to make AI cover songs featuring the voice of artist or anyone you like?

In this article, we will explore the world of AI song covers and how you can use a voice changer and AI song voice generator to unlock your musical potential.

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Part 1: What is an AI Song Voice Changer?

If you've been staying updated with our recent news coverage, you might have observed a rising trend: fans leveraging the capabilities of AI to transform their own voices or those of well-known artists into impressive imitations of renowned personalities such as Drake, The Weeknd, or even fictional characters like Plankton, SpongeBob and more.

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So how they accomplish that? Because of the advent of AI song voice changer,fans or enthusiasts can change their song voice with single click, courtesy of the powerful AI replicating a distinct style or featuring vocals from a different artist. All the users need to do is to upload the audio file of the song they want to change singing voice. And some AI music voice changers even enable to change singing voice in real time.

Part 2: Best AI Song Voice Changer to One-Click Change Voice in Song

1. MagicMic - AI Music Voice Changer

If you are looking for an AI song voice changer that not only enables to change the singing voice in audio file uploaded but to change voice in real-time, MagicMic should be your first choice. This software is able to replicate the iconic vocal styles of renowned singers, artists, celebrities, fictional characters, etc., in that it offers 300+ AI voice filters.

In addition, it can also level up your streaming or online chatting experience with its 600+ sound effects and 200+ voice memes, perfectly integrating with various platforms, like Discord, Twitch, Fortnite, Skype, etc.

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How to Change Song Voice AI in MagicMic

Step 1: Install MagicMic software, and log in to your account.

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Step 2: Select your microphone and headphone to make sure you can hear your own voice clearly.

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Step 3: Select MagicMic Virtual Audio Device as input for seamless voice modification.

Step 4: Click "VoiceBox" - "Celebrity" to change your song voice into any of the singers or characters voice filters MagicMic provides.

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Note: If you are opting to change the voice of a song you already recorded or downloaded, click "Tool box" - "File Voice Change" to import your file and conduct the voice change for your songs with AI.

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Key Features of MagicMic AI song voice changer:

  • Change your song voice with 300+ voice filters in real time, including free singers ai voice filters, like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, Kanye West, etc., and other popular characters voices.

  • It works with various voice chat, games, and live streaming platforms. Like Discord, Valorant, GTA-V, Twitch and so on.

  • It also supports changing voice in your song files with one click.

  • It allows you to customize the voices to make them personalized.

  • Keybinds control for voice filters and sound effects to decrease interruption.

  • More than just a real time voice changer with its 600+ sound effects and 200+ voice memes, serving as a great tool for streaming.

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Part 3: Top 5 AI Song Voice Generator for AI Song Covers

1) VoxBox

With VoxBox, you can generate your own AI rap or change the voices of songs with various voices it provides. What's different from MagicMic is that it only supports music file voice change, which means you can generate your own AI songs by uploading your original song file.

Moreover, it offers other amazing features like text to speech, speech to text, voice cloning, noise reduction, audio record/conversion/editing, etc., so it is an all-in-one tool for you to fulfill all your requirements.

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  • 3200+ voice likes, YouTubers, rappers, celebrities, cartoons, etc.

  • 46+ languages like British, Hindi, etc.

  • Make your own AI rap from scratch within seconds.

  • Generate your own cover songs with one click after uploading audio file.

2) Voicemod Text to Song

Voicemod's text to song feature offers a fun and easy way to turn text into musical memes. With a diverse selection of singers and instrumentals and a simple creation process, Whether it's for personal enjoyment or public distribution, you can listen to your AI-generated cover songs and effortlessly share them with others.

It is also a good tool that can help you change the voice in a song using AI. With its fantastic celebrity voices, you can change the song's voice to anyone.

voicemod text to song


  • Diverse Selection of Singers and Instrumentals.

  • The song creation process is straightforward.

  • Cross-platform compatibility.

  • "Best Match" singer suggestions.

  • Musical Meme Creation.

3) Voicify AI Cover Songs Generator

Voicify.ai serves as an AI song voice generator, offering users iconic voices that can change song voice into those of AI artists like BTS, Blackpink, and The Weeknd, as well as rap legends such as Kanye West, and many more characters. With an easy drag-and-drop interface, you can transform YouTube links or audio files into mesmerizing cover audios within minutes. This innovative tool is designed primarily for entertainment purposes, adding a new layer of creative fun to your musical experience.

voicify ai cover song generator


  • You can request a custom AI cover song featuring your choice of voice from AI Kanye, Drake, or Ariana.

  • Simply provide the details of the song and the preferred artist's voice, and the AI Cover Song Generator will create a customized cover version for you.

  • The generated cover song can be delivered in popular audio formats such as MP3 or WAV.

  • Ensuring compatibility with various devices and platforms.

Steps to Create AI Covers with Famous People Voices::

Step 1: Log in to your account on the website.

Step 2: Choose AI artist models.

Step 3: Input YouTube URL, generate AI covers, and save tracks.

4) Covers.ai

Covers.ai is another choice when it comes to generating AI song voice, since it features pro-level voice filters to change the original song voice in the audio file uploaded. It is rather free and easy to use, only requiring an audio file.

covers ai


  • Effortlessly create top-tier AI cover songs.

  • Select from an extensive array of celebrity voices.

  • Enjoy a user-friendly interface for seamless navigation.

Creating an AI Song Cover :

Step 1: Visit the website and click "Try the Beta" for interface entry.

Step 2: Upload your chosen song, then pick your preferred voice model.

Step 3: Share your email to initiate the generation process.

5) Aiva Free AI Song Cover Generator

Aiva, as an AI song generator, is a good choice for users having certain professional knowledge, since it offers diverse music creation features and allows to compose original music from scratch through the generation profile, customize time, key, tempo, emotion, and more. Alternatively, it can gain access to the public profiles library for song inspiration.

It blessess with preset styles like jazz and pop with specified emotions, durations, and compositions. AIVA also allows uploading external influences from Musescore.

Subscriptions range from free (credit needed) to premium plans for extended durations and monetization rights.

aiva ai song cover generator free


  • Create from scratch with customizable parameters.

  • Access public profiles library for inspiration.

  • Choose preset styles like jazz and pop, or upload external influences.

Part 4: Comparison of AI Music Voice Changer

Here are comparison of best AI voice changer for songs:

AI Song Voice Changer Price (Monthly) Free Voices Clone Voices Recommend level
MagicMic $9.99
VoxBox $15.95
Voicify AI $89.99
Covers.ai $9.99
Aiva $35.56

Part 5: Hot FAQs about AI Song Voice Changer

1. How do I change the voice of a song in AI?

MagicMic AI song voice changer is the tool you can use to change the voice of a song in one click. You only need to upload the song and choose an AI voice you want to change into.

2. How do you make AI voices sing songs?

That can be easily achieved through an AI music voice changer, where only the music file is needed to upload, and then choose a voice and click "convert" to get the AI cover song with new voices.

3. What is the AI that imitates singer voice?

MagicMic and VoxBox are both ok for imitating singer voice, since they boast voice clone feature, with which you can clone to replicate singer voices.

4. Is there a free AI that can sing?

Yeah, MagicMic allows to let AI voices sing along with you in real time; while VoxBox enables to generate AI rap songs from text.


AI song voice changer & generator empowers musicians and music enthusiasts to tap into their creativity with ease. Whether they are opting to change song voice for the purpose of entertainment or work, MagicMic can satisfy all their needs with 300+ AI voice options and voice customization choices.

According to this article's detailed tutorial on how to change voice in song using AI. If you're eager to delve into your musical talents, experiment with fresh sounds, and push the boundaries of creativity, MagicMic is a must-try. Download MagicMic now and see where it can take you!

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Voice Effects and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.