All of us enjoy watching videos on our smartphones, tablets, notebooks, and desktop computers in this Digital World. There are different video platforms including YouTube and IGTV. These platforms have millions of users and the numbers are continuously rising.

But which one of them is better for sharing video content? In this guide, we have discussed the difference between YouTube and IGTV that will help you to find the better platform for your brand. Keep scrolling to know more.

Part 1. Difference between IGTV and YouTube

Interface Differences

The interface of a platform has a direct impact on the user experience. The interfaces of YouTube and IGTV are different from one another as IGTV is a platform designed for mobile users.

It is also available from a web browser but most of its users like to access it from a smartphone. YouTube on other hand, is a platform for both mobile and desktop users. The user interface of both these platforms is simple and easy to use.


The Search Engine Optimization of video content helps you to increase its reach. YouTube allows its users to optimize the video content by using the targeted keywords and focusing on other ranking factors. IGTV doesn't include the SEO feature and the video content on this platform has limited visibility.

If you are looking for a platform that helps you to improve the overall SEO of your company, YouTube is a better platform for you.


Your content plays a huge role in improving your reach and brand awareness. It also helps you to spread the message in a better way. The length of your video content is an element that should be your priority.

IGTV has imposed some restrictions and allows you to upload the video content of 15 seconds to 10 minutes only. The users with verified accounts can upload videos of up to 1 hour. YouTube has no such restrictions and it allows you to upload a video of up to 11 hours.

The video creators who are interested in creating smaller videos or short tutorials can go for the IGTV but if you have to upload long videos, you should try YouTube.


Monetization of your account helps you start earning revenue from YouTube through Google AdSense. Many YouTubers are earning thousands of dollars per month from YouTube by uploading engaging content. IGTV doesn't include a monetization feature and this is why you see a lot of influencers going towards brand promotions in their videos.

Although YouTube includes the monetization feature, there are some restrictions and you will need to have at least 4,000 hours of viewing time with more than 10,000 subscribers.

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Part 2. IGTV vs. YouTube, which one is better?

1. Which one is easier to share videos?

When it comes to sharing the video content, YouTube wins the race. YouTube allows the content creators to share the content on different platforms with a few clicks. You can include these videos in blog posts and articles or share the content on different social media platforms.

IGTV doesn't allow sharing the content on different platforms due to some restrictions. If you need a platform to share your video content, YouTube will be a better choice. The main reason is the go-to-app of YouTube for clips and videos.

2. Which one is more friendly for Google searching?

The algorithm of a platform helps you increase the reach of your content and attract a wide audience. YouTube is owned by Google and the ranking factors of both these platforms are the same.

YouTube is more google friendly due to its SEO element and promotes content that is keyword enriched, engaging, and good in quality.

3. Which one is better for longer videos?

As we have already discussed, IGTV only allows videos between 15 seconds to 1 hour. This is an ideal platform for uploading short video content. YouTube is a perfect medium for users who have to upload long videos. There are no such limitations and you can add videos of up to 11 hours.

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Part 3. Tips for choosing the right platform for you

Some of the users may be still confused about selecting the right platform. The following are some of the factors that help you in choosing a perfect platform for your brand based on your audience.

Dimensions & Layout

The dimensions and layout of both these platforms are significantly different. IGTV is a social media platform with comparatively narrow dimensions. Vertical videos are recommended for this platform as most of the users will access your content on mobiles. The video dimensions on IGTV should be 1080 x 1920 pixels. This size is smaller than Instagram stories.

YouTube is a platform for the users accessing it on mobile and web browsers so it has a horizontal aspect. The aspect ratio of video content on this platform is 1920 x 1080. It has wider dimensions due to comparatively long-form video content.

Engagement, ads, and social shopping

IGTV is a winner when it comes to engagement and social shopping. This is a social media platform that has a wider customer reach with more engagement numbers including likes, comments, and shares.

The content creators on YouTube can monetize their accounts and start earning through advertisement. The content on this platform is in long-form due to which it has more views, watch time, and likes.

SEO & Discover

YouTube is clearly taking a lead when it comes to SEO of video content. This factor makes SEO videos get more reach and visibility. It helps you to target the focused audience by using the right keywords. The videos with more engagement are selected to show in the 'Trending' section.

YouTube allows the creators to use up to 30 keywords in the videos. These keywords play a huge role in the ranking factor. All of this increases your chances of increasing the reach.

IGTV is only limited to the official app of Instagram and it doesn't offer any SEO elements to increase the reach of your content.

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Part 4. Best video editor to make and edit video for IGTV and YouTube - iMyFone Filme

After finding out the best platform for your videos, it's time to find the best video editing app for IGTV and YouTube videos. iMyFone Filme is one of the best apps for creating awesome video content for these platforms. It has a wide range of exciting features with a ton of tools to make your content look stunning.

Is Filme good enough for editing video for IGTV and YouTube

iMyFone Filme is an application that enables content creation without any technical knowledge of video processing and editing. It has a simple to use GUI that makes it perfect for both the newbies and experts.

It also offers simple drag and drop of elements to create videos and slideshow for IGTV and YouTube. The simple to use toolset, wide range of beautiful effects, and compatibility of this program make it a perfect choice for everyone.

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Tips on how to edit in Filme

  • The background music also plays a key role in engaging the audience. It should be sync with the video so users can enjoy the music and video at the same time. The volume of background music shouldn't be too loud as it can also distract the audience.
  • Keep the content simple if you are not experienced in using the effects and tools of iMyFone Filme. Playing around with the effects will take a lot of time and you may also not be satisfied with the results. So keep it simple
  • Do not use any fancy in your titles that can distract the audience. Try to keep them short and simple.

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Understand their analytics and insights

iMyFone Filme offers several exciting features and tools for editing your videos. You can edit, trim, cut, divide and split the video content or add transition, effects, text, and audio in the background of videos. It also allows you to configure the atmosphere of videos, change the video speed or merge images.

Learn to use these tools to make your content more entertaining and engaging. It will also help you to know more about its features. You can also take a look at this video:

YouTube Video

Final Words

Based on the above reasons, we can conclude that IGTV is a perfect platform for entertaining and short video content. It can be used for getting more social media engagement on your pages. It is recommended for DIY, fast tricks and techniques, TikTok, and similar video content. YouTube is a huge platform with millions of users. It can be used for long-form content including web series, movies, documentaries, instructional videos, or similar content.

Finding the best video editor for this platform to create awesome content is also crucial. iMyFone Filme helps you edit your videos and create stunning content to keep your audience engaged on YouTube and IGTV.

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