If you're looking for Uncle Ruckus AI voice from animated series "The Boondocks", then you are in the right place! As the sarcastic villain in "The Boondocks", he is rude and cantankerous, and you can feel it in his voice His characteristics. In this article, we will introduce you to the best Uncle Ruckus AI voice generator for text-to-speech and voice changing, scroll down and read the full article!

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Part 1: Info of Uncle Ruckus

Uncle Ruckus is a fictional character from the animated television series "The Boondocks." The show was created by Aaron McGruder and is based on his comic strip of the same name. "The Boondocks" originally aired from 2005 to 2014.

Uncle Ruckus is known for his controversial and racially charged views. He is depicted as a self-hating African American who harbors deep-seated prejudices against his own race. His character often serves as a satirical commentary on internalized racism and self-hatred within the African American community.

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Part 2: Get Uncle Ruckus AI Voice For Text to Speech

Uncle Rukus' voice is characterized by a low and husky tone, reflecting his extreme personality. In this section, the top voice generator will help you get your favorite Uncle Rukus voice.


Using VoxBox voice generator, you can easily make AI Uncle Ruckus voice with just a few clicks with its voice cloning tech. After getting his natural voice, you can take advantage of it for your programs via text-to-speech with 2000 characters giving you for free.

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Steps To Generate Uncle Ruckus AI Voice:

Step 1: Firstly download and install VoxBox.

Step 2: Then head to "Voice Cloning", enter the page and upload your file (video & audio), start the process and wait for about 20 mins.

voxbox ai voice cloning step

Step 3: Next use the voice you have cloned in "My cloned voice" and go to "Text to Speech" section.

voxbox my cloned voice

Step 4: Tap the text or import your document into the interface, convert it finally.

voxbox voice clone step

Key Features:

  • Numerous fictional character voices of animation series.

  • Over 3200 voices and 77+ languages to get speech.

  • Allows to custom AI voices from The Boondocks.

  • Accessible Wins, Mac, iOs, Andriod platforms.

  • Export in various audio formats like MP3, WAV, OGG, etc.

  • Applying to audiobooks, podcast, cartoon projects, and more.


Fakeyou is an online text to speech voice generator enabling you to make AI voice of Uncle Ruckus and other character voices on the website. It is also simple and easy to operate, just choose the voice you want and convert the text.

uncle ruckus ai voice fakeyou

Key Features:

  • 3000+ voices to choose from.

  • Without download and installation.

  • High-quality and clear audio output.

  • Adjust options for lifelike Uncle Ruckus sound.

  • Powerful API technology.


Voicify provides a great number of AI models including natural Uncle Ruckus voice, you can convert text to voice needing a simple step - input a YouTube link into the bar. In addition, it also supports to create Uncle Ruckus AI cover.

uncle ruckus ai voice voicify

Key Features:

  • Features bothe TTS and AI cover generation.

  • Allows you to upload voice models on the community.

  • Create shareable videos.

  • User-friendly interface.

Part 3: Uncle Ruckus AI Voice Changer - MagicMic


MagicMic is an AI voice changer software for transforming your voice into Uncle Ruckus's and others'. With this real-time voice changer, you can usually chat with more people in your preferred voices while playing games or doing live streaming.

magicmic anime voice


  • Offers 300+ voice filters choices.

  • Over 600 voice effects and 200 voice memes to elevate your content.

  • Integrates with several platforms like Twitch, Discord, etc. to use the AI voice.

  • Real-time chats and gaming.

  • Achieve changing voice by using assigned keybindings.

Bonus: Who Is The Voice of Uncle Ruckus?

The character Uncle Ruckus from the animated series "The Boondocks" is voiced by Gary Anthony Williams, who is an American actor, voice actor, and comedian. His voice acting credits include the role of Uncle Ruckus in "The Boondocks," Martian Manhunter in "Batman: The Brave and the Bold," and Principal Lewis in "American Dad!" In addition to his animated roles, he has appeared in films like "Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle" and "Undercover Brother," showcasing his versatility as an actor.

uncle ruckus voice actor


This blog has introduced you to some basic information about Uncle Ruckus, and recommended a variety of voice generators and voice changers so that you can obtain realistic Uncle Ruckus AI voice. They all have different uses and you can pick the one that suits you best for your creative projects.