Peter Griffin is the protagonist of the famous Family Guy, voiced by Seth Macfarlane. It is so funny and popular that people want to get Peter Griffin AI voice for content creation, prank, and more.

Therefore, today’s article is about how to generate realistic Peter Griffin AI voice for text to speech using a few of the trendiest apps online, and then we will share the best Peter Griffin voice generator.


Listen to the realistic Peter Griffin AI Voice Generated by VoxBox.

Peter Griffin's Voice By Text to Speech: My TOP 1 Character voice-Voxbox

Part 1: Facts about Peter Griffin & Family Guy

Peter Griffin is the central character of the hit family comedy show, The Family Guy, about his daily silliness in interacting with his family and friends.

He does these silly things because he wants to prove his masculinity, mainly because he is overweight and has a large belly. Probably he thinks his wife, Lois, may fall for other more manly men, and that's where his downfall lies.

family guy

Peter is voiced and created by Seth MacFarlane, a phenomenal voice actor who also does the voices of other characters in the show like Quagmire, Brian, Stewie, etc.

The Family Guy show has become famous for its comedy, albeit dark comedy, due to the shenanigans of Peter Griffin touching every subject from ethics, politics, and nonsense to create a burst of good laughter.

family guy peter griffin

Family Guy has gained colossal popularity and won 5 Emmy Awards, surprisingly 4 for voice actors performing voiceover.

family guy donald trump

Peter Griffin and all of Seth’s voices have become so popular that there isn’t a Peter Griffin text to speech generator that doesn't include at least one voice from the show.

So, it is only natural that we talk about some fantastic generators that would pay homage to him.

Part 2: Peter Griffin Voice Actor & Why Do People Like it?

He is voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who is not only the creator of the show but also the talented voice actor behind Peter Griffin. Seth MacFarlane's distinctive voice brings life to the hilarious and often outrageous antics of the character, making Peter Griffin one of the most beloved and iconic animated characters in television history.

People like Peter Griffin's voice among the voices of Family Guy because it is distinctive, hilarious, and memorable. Seth MacFarlane, the creator and voice actor behind Peter Griffin, has brought the character to life with his unique vocal performance. Peter Griffin voice is characterized by its deep, raspy tone, exaggerated Boston accent, and comedic delivery, which adds to the comedic timing and overall humor of the show.

The voice has become iconic and is instantly recognizable, often associated with the humorous and sometimes absurd antics of Peter Griffin. Its popularity is also due to the talented voice acting skills of his voice actor Seth MacFarlane, who effectively portrays Peter Griffin's personality and brings him to life through his voice.

peter griffin voice actor

Part 3: How to Get Peter Griffin AI Voice with Voice Generator for Text to Speech

VoxBox – The Best Peter Griffin Voice Generator

Voxbox is one of the text-to-speech software that generates Peter Griffin AI voice with its powerful AI voice generator for fun or trolling others on social media and streams, iMyFone VoxBox gives you the best features for text to speech, speech to text, voice cloning, recording, audio editing, and more. Except for Peter Griffin AI voice, it also provides you with other 3200+ voices in 77+ languages ready to use. Following are some of their unique Peter Griffin voice generator features.


No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily get Peter Griffin voice wih AI voice generator for text to speech using iMyFone VoxBox! Download it and try it out for free now!

VoxBox introduce

Key Features:

  • Supported generated other character AI voices like SpongeBob, Master Yoda from their massive library of 3,200+ voices.

  • Supported 77+ languages like German & 100+ accents like Aussie accent.

  • Supports more parameters like Speed, Volume, Emphasis,etc。

  • AI voice clone feature to make realistic AI Peter Griffin voice Voice.

  • Other voices of the family guy like brian text to speech are provided.

  • More functions like Video convert, Voice record, audio edit, speech to text, etc.

  • The desktop app runs super smooth and quickly generates the output audio in the required voiceover.

How to Free Get Peter Griffin AI voice for TTS:

Step #1: Download and install VoxBox from their official website and enter Text to Speech on the leaft side.

Step #2: Click "Change voice" to choose "Peter Griffin" AI voice.

Step #3: Enter your text, and click on "convert" to make the voiceovers.

Step #4: You can always check any voiceover options and see how they sound and which one is more fun.

voxbox peter griffin tts voice


yesMassive library of voices and many languages, best for Peter Griffin text to speech for fun and laughter.

yesSimple and easy-to-use Peter Griffin voice generator.

yesReal-time voice conversion.


noThe voice clone function doesn't have a trial version.

User Review:

  • Mic Live – “Amazing software used to prank friends.

  • Perry1996 – “Helps me write songs.

  • K. Farnham – “Can read stories to my kid in different voices.

Watch this video to learn more about the Best Peter Griffin Text to Speech Voice Generator iMyFone VoxBox:

voxbox youtube video

Part 4: Other Powerful Peter Griffin Voice Generators

Let’s see what other Peter Griffin text to speech options we can choose from.


The 1st great option in our article is FakeYou, a web-based tool that uses a powerful AI voice for your Peter Griffin voice generator. FakeYou can generate one of the best voiceovers, and it is free because of all the patrons and community supporting it to stay free.

You can use Peter Griffin text to speech from FakeYou to prank friends, make them laugh out loud, and more.

Key Features:

  • With the easiest-to-use UI, you can generate top-quality Peter Griffin voice generator audio, which you can use freely.

  • You can mimic any voice using the FakeYou online page.

  • Listen and edit as much as you want with many editing options before you download your audio file.

  • Use their API documentation to add features to your apps for more polishing.

fakeyou peter griffin voice


yesWeb-based, so there is no need for apps.

yesHas clone option to clone your voice for future uses.

yesThe community loves their API documentation.


noThe processing of TTS may take more time than usual if your internet is slow.

User Review:

  • Jarod – Love the community support and so many unique voices.

2. balnicaphar1979 wixsite

Your only limit with this app is your imagination, as you can use this to convert Peter Griffin text to speech without difficulty. This website tool is a pet project explicitly made for Peter Griffin.

You can download the tool and, free of cost, convert any text you want to generate in Peter's voice. Don't feel shy to troll your friends with Peter's voice with this Peter Griffin voice generator.

Key Features:

  • This Peter Griffin voice generator accurately captures the unmistakable voice of Peter Griffin

  • Once you hear Peter Griffin's voice, it will stay with you, reminding you of the laughs and memorable moments from the hit TV show.

  • With the Peter Griffin text to speech generator, the pranks and jokes you can pull are limitless.

  • The voice changing app makes it simple for anyone to use.

balnicaphar family guy


yesPerfect as a stand-alone Peter Griffin voice generator.

yesSupports downloading the app to use as you like.

yesFantastic support for listening to your audio and converting it to text.


noYou can only use it for Peter Griffin’s voiceover.

User Review:

  • Mr. Jiggidy - Love that I can troll my friends with voices from Peter and Quagmire.

3. Wakelet - All Voices of Family Guy

If you are looking for an online tool or an app such as a Peter Griffin voice generator, then Wakelet isn't for you as it is more like a collection website like Pinterest, where you make a collection of things you like or share with friends and family.

wakelet family guy

Key Features:

  • An excellent collection tool of specific items or websites that you can share with others, primarily if you have found some excellent Peter Griffin text to speech tools.

  • You will find all Family Guy characters ai voices.

  • Best to create a Peter Griffin voice generator repository for trying out later.


yesFreedom to collect and share any information or links.

yesEasy to make collection and simple to use.

yesCollaborative effort is promoted in different collections.

yesIf you have found some excellent Peter Griffin text to speech tools and apps, you can save combined.


noNot a proper TTS tool if you are looking for one.

User Review:

  • Habibi – Best for student collaboration.

Part 5: FAQs about Peter Griffin AI Voice and Peter Griffin Text to Speech

1. Which is the Best Peter Griffin Text to Speech Tool?

The best Peter Griffin text to speech voice generator is no doubt VoxBox because of all the features and languages you can use with it.

Not just that, they provide 3,200+ voiceovers which you can use for any content you might need. Finally, with a dedicated desktop app, the efficiency and speed increase ten folds.

2. How Can I Sound Like Peter Griffin Using Peter Griffin AI Voice Generator?

To sound like Peter Griffin, you can listen to the cartoon show and practice your throat to sound like him with practice. The 2nd option is to use a Peter Griffin voice generator, which makes it easy as all you have to do is type text to generate the voice or use the real-time conversion feature that some apps provide.

3. Is There Any Peter Griffin Voice Generator for Free?

Yes, there are many free ones, and one of the best accessible online sources is FakeYou which we have explained in detail in this article why it is excellent.

4. What is the voice over app for Peter Griffin?

Yes, there are many free ones, and one of the best accessible online sources is FakeYou which we have explained in detail in this article why it is excellent.

5. How do I get Peter Griffin text to speech?

You can easily get Peter Griffin AI voice with AI voice generator like Voxbox for text to speech, and all you need to do is to enter your text, choose Peter Griffin AI voice, and then start the conversion to get Peter Griffin voiceovers.

6. Can I use a Peter Griffin AI voice for commercial purposes?

Using copyrighted characters, including their voices, for commercial purposes without proper authorization can infringe on copyright laws. It's essential to obtain the necessary rights and permissions from the copyright holders before using any character voice for commercial use.

7. What is Peter Griffin AI voice?

It is the voice generated using AI Peter Griffin voice generator which uses artificial intelligence to generate AI voices that mimic real people or characters, suitable for content creation , making voiceoevrs, dubbing, and more.


We have mentioned a few of the best Peter Griffin text to speech voice generators in this article that you can use to generate Peter Griffin AI voice with the best clarity.

From these, the best is no doubt VoxBox because of all the features and languages you can use with it. VoxBox also has 3,200+ voices which you can use for any content you might need.