Baby voice generator can be used to create educational materials such as videos, podcasts, and audiobooks for young children. A baby's voice may be more engaging and appealing to young children, and can help hold their attention and increase their interest in the content, like baby dory popular among children.

In this article, we'll introduce the 3 free AI baby voice generator for kid text to speech voice generation.

baby voice ai
Baby Voice AI
human male ai voice
Brian (Male)
human kid ai voice
Angela (Kid)
Baby Voice AI
baby ai voice
Brian (Male)
Angela (Kid)
Download VoxBox to explore 3200+ voices
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters
Download VoxBox to apply all voice parameters


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The online version is being perfected! Download the full VoxBox version to experience the full range of features. You can also make precise voice tuning to the voice parameters, such as raising the pitch. 3200+ voices to choose from, including the voice of little boy and little girl, and other voices like Mickey Mouse and Patrick Star that are perfect for audiobook and bed-time story. Try it now!

Part 1: What Can Baby Voice Generator Use For?

A baby voice generator is a tool that can simulate or replicate the sound of a baby's voice using artificial intelligence and speech synthesis technologies. Here are the use cases below:

kid ai voices

Video Voiceover: Adding realistic baby AI voices to animated characters for videos on Youtube, TikTok and so on.

Audiobooks and Storytelling: The baby voice generator can create audiobooks by telling stories in a playful kid voice for children with text-to-speech. Make books as engaging as cartoons or animations.

Voice Assistant and AI Interaction: Developing an AI-powered assistant or chatbot with a baby voice for children-oriented applications.

E Learning: Helping language learners with pronunciation by providing examples in a variety of voices, including a baby's voice.

Gaming Narration: Use text-to-speed with child voice for your game character to create a unique voice tone for the character.

3 Free Baby Voice Generators for Text to Speech

In this section, we will introduce 3 baby voice generators for free to make cute AI baby voices for text-to-speech, and know how to use them step by step. Let's read below now!

1. VoxBox – Best AI Baby Voice Generator

VoxBox is a baby voice generator that you can generate all kinds of kid voices through text-to-speech. With VoxBox, you gain access to lots of kid character AI voices, including the adorable cartoon and game characters for kid, like Mario, Dory, and more.

Moreover, you can choose a baby voice that you prefered, or clone baby voice including your kids. After that, input your text and turn it into speech in the chosen baby-like tone.

voxbox baby voice generator interface

Key Features:

  • Lots of baby, anime voices and other characters.

  • Dubbing in 3200+ voices and 77+ languages, including various kid voices and voices for kid.

  • The ability to AI clone and custom natural-sounding baby voices.

  • Supported adjust settings to make AI-generated baby voice.

  • 2000 characters using for free baby voice text-to-speech conversion.

  • Comprehensive tool allowing you do tts, stt, voice cloning, editing, noise reducting, etc.

  • Perfect for audiobooks, podcasts and video voiceover for children.

how to generate baby ai voice video guide

Method 2: How To Use Baby Voice Generator Through TTS:

Step #1: Open the VoxBox and you will enter Text to Speechtab.

Step #2: Hit "change speaker", select the baby cute voices you need and type or paste your discript.

make baby voice text to speech on voxbox

Step #3: Finally convert and exprot the audio file.

Method 2: How To Custom Baby AI Voice with Voice Cloning:

Step #1: Download and open the VoxBox, then go to "Voice Cloning".

Step #2: Hit the leftmost page and upload the audio, or record by reading the sample text.

voxbox ai voice cloning kid voice

Step #3: After a mins, find the voice in "My cloned voice" and you can use it for tts.

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2. Narakeet - Baby Voice Text to Speech

The next baby voice generator we'll introduce is Narakeet, which is an online text to speech tool that you can make child content in many languages on the web. It provides natural and realistic baby voices that enables you to create childlike dubbings or other content.

narakeet baby voice text to speech

Key Features:

  • Supported 18+ baby voices.

  • Supported 7+ languages of kids AI voice.

  • Allows users to make 20 free text-to-speech children's voice audio files.

  • Support automatic pitch control.

How to Make Baby Voice Text-to-Speech:

Step #1: Visit their Child "Text to Speech" page.

Step #2: Choose the More Options button at the bottom.

Step #3: Select Language, voice, and other options.

Step #4: Add "text".

Step #5: Press the blue Create Audio button and see the Narakeet fly.

narakeet text to audio with baby voice


yesActively developed.

yes New features and languages are being added constantly.

yesInnovative tool.


no As the tool is web-based, you need a good internet connection to get fast results.

3. Speechify - Child Voice Generator

Speechify is a mobile, Chrome extension, and desktop app text speaker using computer-generated text-to-speech and voice cloning technology. It can be used for video production, audiobook creation, and other audio-related tasks, making it a popular text-to-speech (TTS) tool.

speechify baby ai voice generator

Key Features:

  • Text to speech tool for Chrome, iOS, Android, Mac, & Edge.

  • Listen at any speed (up to 5x)

  • 50 Natural-sounding AI Voices.

  • Automatically skip content (headers, footers, citations etc).

Make Text-to-Speech with Baby voice on Speechify:

Step #1: Choose the version you need on Speechify. It offers iOS, Android, Mac version.

Step #2: After install and login, select your favorite HD voice and listening speed.

Step #3: Place the text you need to convert to speech. Then click play icon to check your audio, then export it by clicking download icon.


yesRealistic and HD quality voice effects.

yesAdvanced text extraction from images.

yesAudio can be listened on desktop or mobile devices


noThe price is quite expensive, especially for daily use.

noThe supported AI voices and languages are very limited.

FAQs About Kid Voice Generator

1. How Do You Make Your Voice Sound Like a Baby?

You can use Text to Speech technology, and also use a real-time baby voice generator or baby voice changer, which makes your voice sound like a baby.

2. Which is the Best Baby Voice Generator?

I'd like to recommend VoxBox, which has 3200+ voices & 77+ languages and also supported convert text into natural sounding.

3. Are there different types of baby voices available in a Baby Voice Generator?

Yes, a good Baby Voice Generator provides a range of baby voices, each with distinct characteristics. Users can choose from various ages, moods, tones, and personalities to suit their specific needs and preferences.

4. Is Baby Voice Text-to-Speech suitable for young children?

Yes, Baby Voice TTS can be designed to be child-friendly and suitable for young children, making it an effective tool to create content that is engaging and educational for this age group.

5. What are the limitations of Baby Voice Text-to-Speech?

While Baby Voice TTS can simulate a baby's voice, it may have limitations in replicating all nuances and complexities of a real baby's voice.

6. Is there any baby voice changer for online voice chat?

Yes, there are 6 kid voice changers available that support real-time voice changing, allowing you to alter your voice during gaming, live streaming, and voice chatting. They are MagicMic, Voicemeter, Morphvox, MagicVox, and


In this article, we have introduced 3 free baby voice generators to create cute voices, all of them you can use.

I'd recommend VoxBox kid AI voice generator, which not only supported 3200+ voices including cartoon, anime, child's AI voices but also supported all purposes example like for your podcast, audiobooks, etc.

how to use ai voice generator video