You would find that adding sound effects or soundboard sounds to online gaming and chatting platforms has become the norm nowadays, and almost everyone seems to be taking this route. The soundboard is not only the most practical category of internet tools out there but also there are lots of reasons to sound board download.

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This article will tell you about the best 5 websites for soundboard download and the guide on how to use a soundboard.

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Part 1: Best Soundboard Software Allows to Customize Your Own Soundboard Sounds

MagicMic soundboard app has been a great voice changer tool for soundboard sounds download. It allows you to explore fascinating voice-changing and sound effects on both Windows and Mac.

magicmic soundboard sounds app

Moreover, you've also got the luxury to use 600+ soundboard sounds and 200+ voice memes when playing games or chatting with your friends. Meanwhile, if you want to customize your own soundboard, which is also the best soundboard software out there.


  • MagicMic lets you customize your own soundboard with a voice studio function.

  • A large number of soundboard sounds that are free to download can satisfy all your needs.

  • You can easily explore all the features of MagicMic, citing its straightforward user interface.

  • It supports all the audio file formats so that you can apply any sound effect or meme you like.

  • It is only 3Ms that can be downloaded, and install and runs super fast.

  • It supports multiple chatting and gaming platforms, like Discord, Call of Duty, Fortnite and so on.

    magicmic voice changer

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Simple Steps to Download Soundboard Sounds with MagicMic

Step 1: Download iMyFone MagicMic

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Step 2: Select your real microphone as the input device, and your headphones as the output device.

magicmic settings

Step 3: Head to "Soundboard" to choose the soundboard you prefer, or you can click "Import" to upload audio files to create your own custom soundboard.

magicmic settings

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Part 2: 5 Best Websites for Soundboard Download

1.101 soundboard

101 Soundboards is another spectacular website that allows you to have a lot of free soundboard downloads with minimal effort. You need to visit the website and search for a desirable soundboard option to put things in order.

The most inspiring thing to like about this website is its ability to allow you to control the playback of a sound, meaning you can stop the sound midway and then resume it whenever you want. In addition, 101 Soundboards is regarded as the best app for podcasting.

101 soundboad download website


  • It allows you to stop the sound clip midway.

  • You can create your soundboard after registering with the website.

  • By visiting the website, you can download many sound clips while playing online games or chatting with your friends on streaming platforms.


yesIt possesses a pretty easy user interface.

yesYou can explore all its features without paying any penny.

Price: Free

2. EXP Soundboard

EXP soundboard is a simple soundboard with hotkeys that supports almost all MP3s and WAVs.

exp soundboard download


  • It has got pretty intuitive users, making your job easier.

  • EXP Soundboard also comes with a converting tool, converting any audio into a compatible format.

  • It enables you to add many prolific sound effects to your live streaming.


yesIt allows you to save the soundboard options.

yesUsing keyboard hotkeys, you can trigger sounds. 

yesWith the help of a virtual audio cable, you'll be able to play sound through voice chat. 

Price: Free

3. Myinstants

Myinstants is a part garish but good web app to make your own soundboard sounds. This website is a huge collection of short sound clips.

It is also one of the best soundboard websites for mobile use. Creating a shortcut lets you turn it into a browser-based mobile soundboard creator app for tapping on the go.

myinstants free soundboard sounds


  • Myinstants website has some fascinating categories, including television, movies, music, memes, viral, and politics.

  • You can use the search button to find any category you like the most.

  • Every sound option comes with a colorful button.


yesMyinstants allows you to upload a custom sound with your preferred color, short description, and title.

yesIt comes with a '' Trendy'' to help you use the sound options that are in high demand.


You can download many sound effects for free, but you can buy its premium package if you want to access more options.

4. Soundboard

Soundboard is a database of over 500,000 sounds including many kinds like comedians, movies, animals/nature, politicians, prank calls, sports, and so on.

This also supported custom your own soundboard and downloading each audio file individually and saving it to your hard drive.

free soundboard download website


  • The Soundboard website allows you to download and then create a soundboard on any voice changer or soundboard tool.

  • It offers a pretty simple user interface as you'll only need to visit the website and search for the soundboard you're looking for.

  • It offers multiple prolific sound clips.

  • You've got the opportunity of a free soundboard download using the Soundboard website.


yesEasy to use

yesYou can download each file individually and then save it on a hard drive.

5. Meme Soundboard

If you are looking for an appropriate soundboard to download sounds to prank your friends on an online streaming platform, Meme Soundboard can be an ideal thing for you. After downloading the sound effect, you can add it to your live call using soundboard software.

Meme Soundboard comes with some great sound effects. Moreover, it also allows you to create your sound using the Meme Soundboard's flawless user interface.

meme soundboard download website


  • Apart from PC, you can use this website on your mobile device.

  • It offers a pretty delightful user interface with presenting the sound collection in the shape of a tappable tiles grid.

  • To access the sound collection, you'll only need to create an account, and then you can use any sound you want.


yesYou can add Meme Soundboard's sound collection to the streaming platform you want.

yesIt allows you to record and generate a unique soundboard.

Part 3: What Are the Popular Soundboard Sounds?

Here's the list of some of the most popular soundboard sounds.

1. Fart soundboard

If you're to prank your colleagues on a call or while playing online games, you can look at Fart Soundboard. The sound effects you'll get with this soundboard are nothing than hilarious. With Fart Soundboard, you can easily explore a lot of funny sound noises.

Free Fart Soundboard Softwares Newest Ranking>>

fart sounds

2.Trump soundboard

Donald Trump has been a pretty funny and controversial president of the USA of late. You'll find many videos where trump used to sleep midway through the press conference. Surprisingly, you'll find a soundboard named after trump citing his funny activities.

How to Get Free Trump Soundboard?>>

In that soundboard, you'll get 170+ mind-blowing sounds. You can use these sounds anywhere you'd want. If you wish to add them in a live call or while playing a game, you can serve your purpose pretty easily.


3. Arnold soundboard

You can explore 500+ outstanding sounds using Arnold Soundboard. Some of the sounds you can use include'' Get to the Chopper'' and "Hasta LA vasta," etc.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Moreover, he's now a present Governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of Hollywood's biggest stars. Moreover, he's now a present Governor of California.

4. Dog soundboard

The dog soundboard is slightly different from the soundboards we've mentioned above. In this soundboard, you'll get to see the voices of a dog growling, barking, whining, panting, and getting angry.

Dog Soundboard You Want Is Here>>


You can use these voices when playing a game. Moreover, you can also send these sounds to people when you get mad during a live conversation. Using a soundboard, you'll get multiple fascinating sounds with ease.

Part 4: FAQs about Soundboard Download Websites

1. Are soundboard download websites legal?

It depends on the source of the sound clips. If the sounds are original creations or are licensed for public use, then the website is likely legal. However, if the sounds are copyrighted and the website is offering them without permission, then it is illegal.

2. Are soundboard download websites safe?

Not all soundboard download websites are safe. Some may contain malware or viruses that can harm your computer or steal your personal information. It's important to only download from trusted websites and to have up-to-date antivirus software installed.

3. Can I use the sound clips from a soundboard download website for commercial purposes?

It depends on the website's terms of use and the source of the sounds. Some websites may allow for commercial use, while others may only permit non-commercial use. It's important to read the website's terms of use and any licenses associated with the sounds before using them for commercial purposes.

4. How do I download sounds from a soundboard download website?

The process may vary depending on the website, but in general, you will need to find the sound clip you want to download, click the download button, and follow any prompts that appear. Some websites may require you to create an account or pay a fee to download sounds.

5. Can I share the sounds I download from a soundboard sounds download website with others?

It depends on the website's terms of use and any licenses associated with the sounds. Some websites may permit sharing, while others may prohibit it. It's important to read the website's terms of use and any licenses associated with the sounds before sharing them with others.


As we talked about before, soundboard sounds are a popular way on social, if you are interested and have been looking for creating and want to soundboard download, you can look at this guide as we've highlighted the great websites to serve your purpose.

If you want to install soundboard software and experience the best soundboard sounds, I think the best choice belongs to iMyFone MagicMic soundboard app.

  • 300+ Voice effects for one-click voice changing in real-time.
  • Huge library with 600+ Soundboard sounds and 200+ Voice Memes.
  • Sound emulator in games, live, chatting, online classes, and more.
  • Voice recording and audio voice changing is supported.
  • Voice studio lets you create any voice you like.