Gamers try to engage their viewers and make the gameplay more exciting by changing their voices. Undoubtedly, if you change your voice, the gameplay will be more interesting.

If you are a CS:GO player and share gameplay with your audience, we are here with some awesome voice changers for you to change voice in CS:GO. We will also tell you the step-by-step method of using one of the voice changers from our list. Let's begin.

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Why Gamers Prefer to Use Voice Changers to Change Their Voice in CS:GO?

You might have seen many gamers changing their voice while playing games, especially CS:GO, DOTA, and Fortnite. There are several reasons to change the voice; let's have a look at them.


1) For Fun

The primary reason for changing the voice in CS:GO is fun. Streamers and viewers like funny voices in gameplays. Thus, gamers change their voice to a funny voice, such as robot voice, alien voice, transformer voice, and devil voice. They can change the voice according to the game.

2) To Stay Anonymous

Sometimes, gamers do not like to disclose their identity, face, or voice. They hide their voice so that no one can identify them. It is also helpful if you have multiple gaming channels, and you can stay anonymous by changing your voice.

3) Hide Gender

When gamers do not want to disclose their gender, they use a voice changer. Many streamers do this; it helps them protect their identity. They can work in the niche without gender discrimination.

How to Change Your Voice in CS:GO Using Voice Changers

Using a voice changer on CS:GO isn't complicated by any means. You only need to follow some simple steps to get your job done. The steps to use voice changers in CS:GO is almost the same. Let's talk about how to do it.

Step 1: Download voice changer

To use a voice changer on CS: GO platform, you'll need to download and install any voice changer you want. You can download a voice changer from the options mentioned above.

Step 2: Launch Voice changer

After installing the voice changer, you need to launch the voice changer on your device.

Step 3: Navigate to settings.

Now, you need to select the output and audio input devices after going into the settings.

Step 4: Save Settings

In this phase, you need to move towards the Home screen after saving the settings.

Step 5: Choose a voice effect

Here, you need to select voice-changing effects. You'll see multiple voices changing there.

Step 6: Open any application

Now, you can launch any platform like CS:GO Discord, and Zoom, etc.

Step 7: Check the results

You can see your voice has been changed. You can hear the sound effect on your voice which you've just added there.

Top 8 Voice Changers to Change Voice in CS:GO

And here is the problem, which voice changer is the best to change voice in CS:GO? Now we list the top 8 voice changers for CS:GO, so that you can pick up the favourite one.

1) iMyFone MagicMic

iMyFone MagicMic is a professional voice changer for changing voice in several platforms. You can use it to change the voice of your audio in real-time. It means your voice will be changed while gaming.

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Voice Effects:

MagicMic voice changer has many voice effects, and the commendable feature is the updates of the voice effects library. Some of the popular voice effects are Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Dragon, Robot, Alien, Helium, Transformers, Walkie Talkie, Woman to Man, Underwater, Astronaut, Echo, Broadcast, Telephone, and Cave.


yesIt offers 100+ types of voice-changing options for you to choose from.

yesIt can change your voice in real-time.

yesIt can be used on various gaming platforms, like CG:GO, PUBG, CF, WOW, etc.

yesThere are 300+ sound effects available.

yesYou can set hotkeys for all voice and sound effects to control the playback or pause.

2) Voicemod

Voicemod is a popular voice changer that can be used for various purposes. You can use it for CS:GO, Discord, Fortnite, Skype, Zoom, and many other commonly used applications.

There are many preset voices available, and you can use any of them for CS:GO. The best thing about Voicemod is that you can create your own custom voice. If you want a special voice, you can create one. It has a Voicelab to create customized voices according to your needs. You just need to toggle on and off various effects and adjust the intensity of volume, mix, and a few other factors. Your voice will be ready in no time.

voicemod voice effects

Voice Effects

It has tons of voice effects available, and you can use them. Keep in mind that almost all voice effects are paid, but you get some free voice effects every day. Some of its voice effects are Baby, Cave, Fear, Echo, Game Over, Alien, Police Bot, and Man to Woman.


yesIt is compatible with many applications.

yesYou can customize voices and create your own.

yesIt has a wide range of voice effects that are difficult to find in other voice changers.

yesYou will never be out of new voice effects as the library is updated with time.


noIt is a bit difficult to set up.

noYou need to turn it off after using it. Closing the window will not stop it from working.

noIt is quite expensive to buy pro version to enjoy all features.

3) Clownfish

Clownfish voice changer is a free application for Windows 7 or later versions. You can use it to change your voice in real-time, which means you can talk to anyone on a live call and change the voice using this application.

clownfish voice changer for csgo

The application is very simple and easy to use. It has some amazing features, such as text-to-voice conversion. If you do not want to speak, you can write whatever you want, and it will convert that into voice. It is an excellent option for CS:GO because it allows you to select a specific voice effect and use it whenever you want. You just need to press the hotkey to use the selected voice effect.

Furthermore, you can adjust the pitch and microphone sensitivity to achieve the desired results.

Voice Effects:

It has a few voice effects only. The voice effects are Alien, Atari, Mutation, Clone, Female, Helium, Baby, Radio, Robot, and Silence. You can also use the custom pitch to create a suitable voice of your choice.


yesEasy to use

yesWorks in real-time

yesText to voice feature

yesIt can mix various effects.

yesMitigates background noise

yesFree to use


noLimited voice effects

noOld interface

4) MorphVox

MorphVox is an amazing voice changer for gameplays, live streaming, live call, or any other purpose. The best thing about this voice changer is its tweaking features. You can tweak the preset voice effects and adjust them according to your requirements. Moreover, you can also see the visual presentation of the voice.

morphvox voice changer voices

Apart from voice effects, you can also add background sounds. You can have the sound of a traffic jam, party, or mall. It also has a huge library of sound effects that you can add to your voice.

Most importantly, you can compare your voice with someone else's voice. It allows you to set the voice changer to match the voice you want. You can set the parameters and create a suitable voice.

Voice Effects:

There is a wide range of voice effects in the library. MorphVox also offers voice effect bundles. Some of the voice effects are free, and most of them are paid. Some popular voices are Goblin, Child, Giant, Dwarf, Man, and Woman. It also has some real voices that you can pick.


yesIt is easy to use.

yesYou can tweak voices with perfection.

yesIt is compatible with almost all applications and software.

yesYou can replicate someone else's voice.

yesThere are tons of sound effects, voice effects, and background sounds available.


noIt has many voice effects, but most of them are useless.

noIt sounds like a robot.

5) AV Voice Changer

AV Voice Changer is a bit advanced yet a complex tool for changing voice. It works well if you know how to use it and how to tune the voice with perfection. Beginners might find it a bit difficult, but once they get to know how to use it, they can easily change their voice.

av voice changer for csgo

The best thing about this voice changer is that you can customize your voice according to your needs. It has voice beautifying options, pitch setting, timbre setting, and tons of voice effects. Moreover, it has advanced control options, including the voice enhancer, fine tune, and sound quality.

The voice editor can be used to edit the voiceover. It can help you make your voiceover perfect. It also has a voice recorder that can record your voice so that it can be used later.

Voice Effects:

The voice effects are also categorized; you can see human voice effects, non-human voice effects, background voices, and others. You can select multiple voice effects at the same time. Some of its voice effects are Baby, Teen Girl, Woman to Man, Man to Woman, Ghost, Alien, Angle, Bee, Witch, Tiger, Snake, Robot, etc.


yesIt has tons of voice effects. There are multiple variations of a single voice effect.

yesYou can mix various effects to create something new.

yesIt offers you complete freedom of adjusting the voice according to your needs.

yesYou can edit voiceovers and make them perfect.


noIt is quite difficult for beginners and even experts.

noThe interface looks quite old and complicated.

6) Accusonus

If you are looking for a simple voice changer, then it could be an excellent choice. It has a straightforward interface that anyone can use. It has only three controls, and you just need to adjust the knob according to your needs; it will adjust the voice.

accusonus voice changer for csgo

There are various characters available. You can select any character and tweak its voice using the knob. You can select a suitable environment and effects. You can tweak everything according to your requirements. With the combination of character, environment, and effect, you can create an amazing voice effect.

Voice Effect

It has different packs available, such as Robots, Airport Announcements, Baby, Female to Male, and Phone Calls. There are tons of voice effects available, and they can be changed after changing the character, environment, and effect.


yesIt is a simple voice changer.

yesThe tweaking of the voice is pretty easy.

yesYou can create the perfect voice effect of your choice.

yesIt is compatible with many applications and software.


noIt is difficult to set up.

noIt is quite expensive, $9.99 per month.

7) Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition is a professional and well-known audio editor. Professionals use it to edit the audio and make it perfect. It can be used for almost any type of audio editing, including voice alteration.

Keep in mind that there is no preset voice effect; you need to create every voice by tweaking the parameters of the original voice. You can adjust stretch, pitch, and many other things to create a voice according to your own choice. Thus, everything is up to your creativity, and you need to dig deeper into how you can change the voice to the voice you need.

adobe audition effect

We will never recommend Adobe Audition for beginners because they cannot use it for voice changing. Thus, it is only for professionals that understand everything about audio.

Voice Effects:

There are no preset voice effects available. You just need to adjust the parameters to adjust the voice.


yesYou can change the voice as you like; there is no limit.

yesYou have complete control over the audio.

yesThe audio can be made perfect. You cannot achieve similar perfection in other tools.


noVery expensive

noDifficult for beginners as well as experts

8) Super Voice Changer

Super Voice Changer is a real-time voice changer that can help you convert your voice in CS:GO. It is a perfect application for those who like to create a voice according to their needs.

super voice changer

There are parameters, and you need to adjust them as you like. Play with them and create a voice of your choice. However, it is not that easy. You need to try different configurations to get the perfect voice effect.

Voice Effects:

There are a few templates available. You can select them for CS:GO. Some of them are Male, Little Girl, Lady, Sweet Girl, Businesswoman, Formal Female, and Heavy Man.


yesAll controls are in one place. You can easily adjust them as you like.

yesThere are a few templates available.


noIt is not for beginners.

noIf you want to create a voice of your choice, you will have to spend a lot of time adjusting the parameters.

Final Words

We have discussed various voice changers in detail. We have seen the pros and cons. Now, you can easily select the best voice changer for CS:GO. There are many voice changers available, but we recommend iMyFone MagicMic. It is an excellent voice changer that can change the voice with perfection. You can use it to record modified voices, change a pre-recorded voice, and record the computer screen/gameplay. You can also edit your audio and videos using the editor. It is an all-in-one tool for all gamers.

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