There are loads of tricks to give your voice that cool echo effect, but when it comes to changing your voice on the fly during games, live streams, or voice chats, the only thing that'll cut it is some echo voice changer software.

So, in this piece, we're gonna lay out six user-friendly echo voice changers for you. If you're itching to know how to tweak your voice, stick around!

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Part1: 4 Best Real-Time Echo Voice Changer for PC/Phone

1. MagicMic:

iMyFone MagicMic is the real deal when it comes to echo voice changing for both Windows and Mac. Whether you're hanging out on Discord or streaming on Twitch, this tool will have you echoing for fun in real time.

But that's not all! MagicMic doesn't stop at echoes. It's got over 250 different voices in its bag of tricks. You can sound like your favorite celebs, cartoon characters, singers, politicians, and even TV and game characters, which is beyond the reach of other voice changers.

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Steps to Get Echo Voice On Discord:

If you want to know how to change the voice into echo dot on Discord using MagicMic, follow these steps:

  • Open MagicMic on your computer and go to the new project.

  • Choose the output and input to use this voice changer.

  • magicmic voice changer

  • In Discord settings, go to "Voice & Video," choose "Voice Changer Virtual Audio Device" as your input, and you're good to use MagicMic for echo voice in your chats!

  • use magicmic on discord

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Key Features:

1. Hundreds of Effects:

The MagicMic is packed with 250+ voice effcets, 800+ soundboards that you can use to change the voice. So it is the ideal echo voice changer that can be used to change voice effects.

2. User Interface:

The most significant feature of MagicMic is its user interface. The software has a simple interface that makes it something unique. It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or expert, you can easily use this tool with a simple guide or tutorial.

3. Real-Time Voice Changer:

One of the best things to consider about MagicMic is that it's a real-time voice changer. You can easily change the echo voice on Discord, WhatsApp, Skype, and in gaming chat with this amazing software.


yesEasy to use

yesInnumerable editing features

yesMultiple sound effects

Watch the video

magicmic girl soundboard youtube video

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2. Morph VOX:

Morph VOX is another ideal tool for voice changer echo to change users' voices in different styles. There are built-in sound effects, and voices that you can use to change voice intro child, man, female, and other supported voices.


Key Features:

  • Morph Voice provides users multiple free voice effects.

  • You can quickly modify your voice with its creative soundboard.

  • It provides a superb voice-changing algorithm, and you can learn how to change Alexa voice on the echo dot.


yesThe software allows users to perform customization or voice changing and editing.

yesThere are multiple sounds and built-in voices for its users.

yesThe software provides optimal voice-changing effects.

3. AV Voice Changer:

AV voice changer is a very easy voice changer for echo that provide users multiple audio editing effects. The tool allows users to choose any voice available in the tool to make his/her voice unrecognizable to friends, family, and other listeners. You can create a different and unique voice every time you use it.

av voice changer software


1. Voice Recorder:

The AV voice changer can change Alexa voice on the echo dot when it comes to recording voice.

2. Voice Editor:

The voice editor feature of this tool can do everything like copying, applying, and cutting, splitting, and performing any necessary editing operations.

3. Voice Morpher:

Av voice changer helps to process selected audio files at a time. The software facilitates high-quality voice output with its features or pitch and the human voice.

4. Parody Mixer:

The AV voice changer serves as echo dot voice change, and this tool is ideal as a parody mixer.


yesIt can edit and record any type of voice and sound.

yesThe software supports different types of keyboard shortcuts.

yesThere are multiple sound effects available in this tool.

4. Echo Voice Changer:

If you want to get an echo voice on your phone, then the Echo Voice Changer app will be suitable for you. Echo Voice Changer is a very easy voice-changing app with a unique echo voice feature. Capture sounds by holding the record button, release it to enjoy reverb playback. Experience sonic pandemonium as you record, replay, and play simultaneously.

echo voice changer app


Easily add reverb to your recordings, perfect for language practice, voice exercises, and more.

Records in 16-bit, 44.1 kHz PCM mono for excellent sound quality.

Share recordings via email or messaging apps for a better experience.


yesIdeal for language learners, musicians, or anyone looking to enhance their voice.

yesEcho effect adds depth to your recordings, making them sound professional.

yesEasily distribute your audio creations to friends and colleagues.

Part2: iMyFone Filme - Echo Voice Changer for Video

Many users have a question about how do I change the voice on my echo dot, such users should choose Filme video editor. It allows you to transfer media files back and forth between iOS, iTunes, and computer devices.

imyfone filme editor

Filme Features:

1. Voice Changer Effects:

Provides 14 unique and exciting voice styles,including Echo, Monster, Robot, Aliens, etc.

2. Basic Editing Tools:

The Filme has several editing functions like trim, crop, and rotate for convenient editing of audio.

3. Multiple Editing Modes:

Users have more flexibility with multiple editing modes of iMyFone Filme. These features are useful when someone wants to add multiple layers to a certain video.


yesMulti track audio

yesInstant preview

yesUser-friendly interface

Step by step process to change voice:

Here is a step by step guideline to change voice using Filme:

  • Download the application and launch it on your computer.

  • Tap on detaching audio which can be used for voice changing.

  • When you detach the audio track, you can right-click on the mouse for the audio track.

  • You can also change voice during recording. After changing the voice, save it to your device.

filme voice changer sound effects

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Part3: - Online Echo Voice Changer

If you're not into the whole software download hassle and just want a taste of the echo fun, the online echo voice changer is your jam. is one of the creative voice changer echo effect online that provides voice echo effect, and it has 52 voice effects for users. The tool has an extremely simple interface, and you can easily find what you want. So if you are looking for an innovative echo voice changer, you can choose

voice changer io


  • There are 10+ voices available in and users can also apply fade out and fade in effects.

  • It provides an audio editing tool to change the duration and volume of voice. Sound effects and music can also be mixed with this tool.

  • The software enables the addition of exciting transitions and effects.

  • With, users can adjust, trim, and split voice changes.

  • There are multiple audio editing formats. You can adjust the bit rate, and sample rate with advanced editing tools.


yesUsers can create many sound effects with this tool.

yesYou can edit and record any type of voice or sound.

yesThe quality of voice is commendable.

yesThis echo voice changersupports multiple keyboards.

Detailed Steps to Use this Tool:

  • io provides two methods to change voices. The first one is to record audio with a microphone, and the second is to change voice directly.

  • You can choose your desired voice effect from the drop-down menu.

  • Apply the effect and turn up or down the recording volume.

  • You can also add a message by clicking text-to-speech.

  • The last step is to import the editing file into the media library.

Part4: FAQs about Echo Voice Changer

1.Which one is better among PC, mobile and online voice changers?

First things first, when it comes to getting that echo sound, any voice changer will do the trick. The choice is all yours. If you're rocking a mobile phone, the mobile app is your go-to. If you're gaming on a computer or chatting on Discord, then the PC is where it's at. But if you're just up for some echo sound fun, going online is your best bet.

2.How to get echo voice without voice changer?

You can totally get that echo effect without any fancy voice changer.

Pick the Right Room: Go for a space with walls and floors that are hard and shiny. Soft stuff like cushions won't help, so keep it minimal.

Stay Away from Walls: Don't cozy up to the walls; give your words some space to bounce around.

Crank Up the Volume: Talk or make noise a bit louder than your usual chit-chat. It's all about making those sound waves bounce like crazy off the walls.

Play Around: Feel free to switch things up. Test different spots, speak at different volumes, and try out various pitches until you've got that epic echo effect down pat.

Final Words:

Up top, we gave you the scoop on 4 echo voice changer tools, 1 video voice changer, and an online echo voice changer. We get it, everyone's got their unique needs. But, if we had to pick a champ, our choose's on MagicMic. It's got the most sound tricks up its sleeve and works in real-time. So, why wait? Come and add some echo to your voice!

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