Want to change your voice while chatting with your friends? Or do you want to sound like a celebrity? Read on and find out the best voice changer for Linux.

We live in an era of a digital world where people love to share jokes online with friends and family. Gone are the days when changing your voice in real-time was a complicated feat. Now, there're a myriad of voice changers that allow you to modulate your voice while playing an online game or talking to your friend on Skype or Discord.

Using a professional voice changer is a fun and exciting process that can brighten up your day. Given this, we'll introduce you to the best Linux voice changer tools to make your online conversations more entertaining.

Let's cut to the chase.

Best Linux Voice Changer 2021

The internet is awash with Linux voice changer software, all claiming to be the best in the business. Going through the reviews and user feedback, we have handpicked the two most competent tools.

1. Lyrebird Voice Changer

Lyrebird is an open-source voice changer that comes in an easy-to-use interface. you can see all the voice filters on its main screen that you can customize to finer adjustment.

This simple yet powerful program is specifically designed for Linux voice changer live and it empowers users to create and load custom presets.

Features of Lyrebird

  • High-quality themes for male and female voices

  • Users can manually adjust the pitch as needed

  • Ability to create and load custom effects

  • Develops its own temporary virtual input device


yesSimple and easy UI

yesFree to use


noVery basic

noLimited effects

noLimited compatibility

Text Guide

Check out how to use Lyrebird:

Step 1

Download the required package from the Lyrebird release page.

Step 2

Now, choose a preset or set a custom pitch and flip the switch.

Step 3

After that, change the input to Lyrebird Virtual Input in the application. Use the command: "pavucontrol" in the terminal to launch "Voice Control" and make changes.

pavucontrol recording

Step 4

Now, set the microphone as default on the communication app like Discord and implement any effect from the Lyrebird home interface.

lyrebird preview

2. Clownfish Voice Changer

Another professional real time voice changer Linux that offers a huge library of hilarious voice-changing effects for Linux. What makes Clownfish voice changer Linux so popular is its compatibility with VST plugins, empowering users to create new sound filters the way they want – and that too in high quality.

Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, even first-time users don't find any technical issue in exploring and applying its effects.

Aside from Linux, it supports all versions of Windows OS and works perfectly with Zoom, Skype, Discord, Viber, Steam, and many other online chatting apps and services. every communication app



  • A wide variety of sound effects

  • Can convert text into speech

  • Call recording

  • Advanced VST support

  • Adjust the microphone's background noise


yesGuarantees your privacy online

yesOpen source and free

yesCompatible with all Windows OS


noNo advanced voice effects

noInterface seems old-fashioned

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Text Guide

Here's how to use Clownfish voice changer Linux:

Step 1

Install Clownfish for Linux and right-click on its icon in the main menu. Hit Setup to get going.

clownfish setup

Step 2

Once installed, Clownfish will automatically be set as a default sound capture tool. Make sure to install the "Microphone" during the installation process.

clownfish mic

Step 3

Now, go to your PC settings and choose your "Microphone" as the default device as shown in the figure.

clownfish settings

Step 4

After that, launch any chatting app like Discord and set its Microphone to "default" in the audio settings.

clownfish discord

Step 5

After that, launch Clownfish in the system tray and choose any effect on its Home interface.


Best Voice Changer for Desktop

Here are the two most efficient voice recorders for Desktop.

1. MagicMic - Best Real-time Voice Changer

This powerful voice recorder has just been launched but it has already taken the market by storm. Its interface brings you an ocean of voice-changing effects that you can apply in real-time in a fun and simple way.

iMyFone MagicMic is fully worthy of your attention if you want to change every aspect of your voice more in a natural way. With just one click, you can turn your voice into Woman to Man, Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Dragon, Robot, Alien, etc.

It works with all versions of Windows and supports tons of games (PUBG, LOL, CF, WOW, Second Life, Fortnite, CSGO, Overwatch). Its ability to change voice for live chat applications makes it an ideal choice for streaming Discord, and Zoom. Similarly, MagicMic is compatible with almost all Livestream apps including Twitch, XSplit, Streamlabs, and so on.

It's quite light-in-weight and doesn't slow down even the low-end PCs. With the impeccable features it offers to users at such a customer-friendly price, it's a good bargain on any day.

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magicmic voice changer

Key Features of MagicMic

  • Change Your Voice in Real-Time

  • Get Started within Only 5 Minutes

  • With over 20 voice filters

  • 190+ Sound Effects to Satisfy All Your Need

Pros of Magicmic

yesEasy to use with an easy interface.

yesCan be used on Discord, CrossFire, League of Legends and many other platforms.

yesSupports in Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10 (64 bit OS)/Windows 11.

Text Guide

Step 1

Install and launch iMyFone MagicMic

Step 2

Choose the output and input to use this voice changer.

Step 3

Click any voice filter and speak into your microphone to check how your voice sounds like on each of them.

2.iMyFone Filme - Video Editing Software with Voice Changer Effect

iMyFone Filme is a one-stop solution to apply super-hilarious voice-changer effects to your audio files. Users can import the pre-recorded voice as well as implement the voice themes in real-time with just a few clicks.

Aside from that, it comes preloaded with all basic video editing features including trim, cut, resize, split, crop, and change speed of the videos. With its latest update, users can auto-create videos as well as make slideshows in the most intuitive way. Even first-time users can explore and use these features without any hassle.

Similarly, it has a built-in screen recorder that can capture both audio and video on your desktop as well as webcams and other external devices.

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Key Features of Filme

  • An amazing collection of built-in voice-changing themes

  • Can record audio in real-time

  • Records the desktop screen in high quality along with sound

  • Loaded with all basic and advanced video and audio editing

  • Slideshow maker

  • Image editing

  • Add text to videos quickly

  • Hundreds of advanced transitions, effects, and themes

Pros of Filme

yesEasy to install use

yesSupports multiple audio and video formats

yesAvailable in the free version

Text Guide

Check out yourself how easy it is to use iMyFone Filme:

Step 1

Begin by installing iMyFone Filme from its official site.

Step 2

Launch the program and hit on the Import option to load the recorded audio file into the software.

select audio filme

Step 3

Now, add the audio file/s into the timeline as shown in the figure.

audio timeline filme

Step 4

Place your cursor on the audio file and double-click it. You'll see the audio editing options in the left tab.

filme audio edit

Step 5

Play the video and click on any voice theme to apply it. Hit Ok when you finalize a theme.

filme voice filters

You can also apply the voice themes in real-time. Click on the Microphone icon, select the input device and the voice theme you want, and hit Enter.

change voice in live recording

Step 6

Finally, hit on Export and choose the output Audio format to save the file to your computer.

export audio


We have gathered the most common queries of users pertaining to the topic at hand.

1. What is the Most Realistic Voice Changer?

MagicMic is the best and most realistic voice changer. It provides tons of hilarious voice themes in high quality that you can implement with just one click. What's more, it's compatible with a huge variety of games, chatting apps, and Livestream apps and works on all versions of Windows OS.

2. Are Voice Changers legal?

The answer is Yes. Using voice effects to entertain your friends and prank on your siblings is 100% legal and used all around the world. However, one is not allowed to modify the format and tone of the voice to threaten or blackmail an individual.

Final Words

To wrap it up, this article has walked you through the best Linux voice changer tools of 2021. The best part is most of the voice changers are free to use so you don't have to spend any money to entertain your friends.

Use the premium version of iMyFone MagicMic to disguise your voice in the most natural way.

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