Have you seen the gender-swapping videos? It has now become a new trend, and let's be honest - it's entertaining.

gender swap app

If you're also wondering how you would look if you change your gender, then you're at the right place. Here, we are exploring the best gender swap apps that you can try right now to have a fun time.

Let's begin!

Part 1:Comparison of Best 5 Gender Swap Apps

Before we introduce the best gender swap apps in detail, here's a comparison table:

App Name Support (iOS/Android) Price Realistic Transformations Additional Features Community Support
FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap Both Free with in-app purchases Yes Yes Yes
Gender Bender Both Free Moderate Limited No
FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor Both Free with in-app purchases High Yes Yes
Snapchat Both Free Moderate Yes Yes
FaceMagic Both Free with in-app purchases Moderate Yes No

Part 2:Top 5 Online Swap Gender Filters You Should Try

Gender swapping is fun only when you use the best app. We're here with the top five that have received a 5-star rating and positive response from almost everyone.

1)FaceLab Face Aging Gender Swap App Filter

facelab gender swap

FaceLab is a cool app that lets users see a different side of themselves by changing their gender in photos. But the reason we selected it for you is that it is super easy to use and packed with features that make it a top pick among similar apps.


yesFaceLab uses some really smart AI to make the changes look real and natural.

yes FaceLab simple to navigate.

yesThis app provides great photo quality even after the swap.

yesBesides switching genders, FaceLab lets you play with many filters, like bald, beard, etc.

yesCare about privacy.


noPaying for extras for all the coolest features.

2)Gender Bender

gender bender

Gender Bender is a free gender swap app that works smoothly on Apple devices. When we read its reviews, we found that most people love its simple interface and straightforward design.

As a matter of fact, both of these things make this app suitable for both photo-editing experts and newbies. So, you should try this gender swap app free tool if you also have an iPhone or iPad.


yesThe app works fast, and you don't have to wait long to see your transformed image.

yesIt includes some quirky filters that you will be going to love.

yesThe app developers regularly update this app.


noYour device must have iOS 9.0 or later.


Limited Free + $16 to $50 Monthly

3) FaceApp: Perfect Face Editor

faceapp logo

FaceApp is an all-in-one editing app that you can use for a lot of things. With a single tap, you can:

Turn your photos into portraits.

Add effects.

Edit backgrounds.

Most importantly - Gender Swap and do much more.


yesGender swaps to look natural.

yesSmooth processing.

yesThis app contains editing tools, like ageing filters, hairstyle changes, and more.


noYour device must have iOS 14.0 or later.



Did you know that Snapchat has been downloaded over a billion times, and millions of people use it every day? It's true!

If you also have it on your mobile, then we recommend trying its gender swap filter right now. You will definitely be impressed by its playful transformations.


yesAll of Snapchat's filters (including the gender swap ones) are free.

yesThe app keeps on updating.

yes You can easily share your gender-swapped images and videos directly with your friends or on your story.


noNot be as natural for gender swapping


facemgic app

FaceMagic is the last gender swap app we have for you. The reason we shortlisted it is that it is all about entertainment. In addition to gender swap, you can also make memes with it and easily share it with your friends.


yesAllow you can turn your selfies into cartoons and anime.

yesGood-quality and the images are super clear.

yesYou can also create your own AI video with FaceMagic.


noSome users have reported that they weren't able to use FaceMagic a few times.

Part 3:Hot FAQs about Gender Swap APP?

Is There a Free Swap Gender App?

Yes, you can try several free gender swap apps, like Gender Bender and Snapchat. However, for better results, it is better if you try the paid versions of the apps we have discussed in this guide.

Which is the Best Swap Gender App for Android?

For Android users, FaceApp, FaceLab, and Snapchat are the best Gender Swap apps. They are easy to use and can run on any Android system without disruption.

Which is the Best Swap Gender App for iOS?

The best Swap Gender app for iOS is Gender Bender. It requires iOS 9.0 or later, which means even if you have an old device or haven't updated the operating system yet, you will be able to use it without facing any problems.


In conclusion, we discussed the best gender swap apps in this guide. These are FaceLab, Gender Bender, FaceApp, Snapchat, and FaceMagic. You can try any and have a blast!

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