Did you know that 90 percent of small companies became successful because of AI? It's true! It’s because you can deliver fast and reliable services with AI tools for business that ultimately keep customers happy.

However, the problem is that many owners and managers don't know which AI tools are right for upscaling the business.

Well, that's what we're discussing here.

Keep reading to know which are the best AI tools for business.

ai tools for business

Part 1. Why Do We Need AI Tools for Business?

We all need AI productivity tools to improve our business profile. Here's how they help:

why need ai tools for business

  • Gets the Job Done Faster: When you start using AI tools in your business, the first thing you will realize is how much faster things get done. For example, you won't have to spend hours making a presentation. A good AI tool can do this in a few minutes.
  • Helps Make Smarter Choices: AI tools for business are also your wise assistants. They can analyze a bunch of information and help us make smart decisions.
  • Makes Customers Happy: A business can't thrive without loyal customers. With AI tools, you can deliver fast services that will keep people happy. In fact, thousands of companies are already using AI chatbots for quick response.
  • Makes Things More Creative: Another advantage of using the best AI tools for business is that you can get creative. How? Well, they can take care of the routine stuff, and you will have more time for cool ideas.
  • Part 2. 10 Best AI Tools for Business (Recommended)

    To make your work easy, you should try these AI tools for business. Each of them uses advanced and superior AI algorithms that can save you time and resources.

    1) Fireflies - AI Meeting Assistant

    Fireflies is a super-smart AI tool for your business meetings. It can transcribe important meetings, so you don't have to write any points during the sessions.

    According to the official website, more than 200,000 organizations, including Uber and Expedia, use Fireflies.

    fireflies ai tool for your business meetings

    Key Features:

    • Takes Notes Automatically: Fireflies AI is a quick note-taker during meetings. It listens to what everyone says and writes the important stuff, so you don't have to worry about forgetting things.

    • Keeps Track of Tasks: It also makes a list so everyone knows what to work on and when to finish (important in any business).

    • Works with Your Calendar: Fireflies can also reduce your work. It knows when your meetings are and joins them automatically.

    Pro Plan: $10/month
    Business: $19/month
    Enterprise: Custom

    2) Jasper - AI Content Creation

    Jasper is one of the best AI productivity tools for writing content. Thousands are already using it to write:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Social media posts
  • That’s not it. Jasper can also optimize your marketing campaigns and help you get leads. So, we suggest Jasper whenever someone asks us about AI marketing tools for small businesses.

    jasper ai marketing tools for small businesses

    Key Features:

    • Ultra-fast: You can create any content with Jasper within a minute, as it uses the latest artificial algorithms that don't take any time to work.

    • Customizable Writing: Jasper is super flexible. You can request it to write both friendly and formal content.

    • Editing Assistance: If you don’t like the content, you can easily tweak and refine it.

    Creator: $39/month
    Pro: $59/month
    Business: Customizable

    3) Adobe Firefly - AI Image Generator

    You can’t make a presentation or social media post without images. We’ve also noticed that posts with images get more reach than the ones without any pictures. Luckily, you can use Adobe Firefly to make photos of your brands.

    adobe firefly ai productivity tool

    Key Features:

    • Text to Image: Adobe can generate a picture with your text. You can even tell it about the colors, shapes, and styles.

    • Smart Suggestions: If you need suggestions about images, Adobe can give them to you as well. This feature can help you do the editing.

    • Easy Changes: You can also do background removal and enhancement with Firefly. The editing options are right there on the screen.

    Premium: $4.99/month

    4) MagicMic - AI Voice Changer

    When learning about the best AI tools for businesses, you can’t ignore MagicMic. It is a cutting-edge AI voice changer that can change how you do meetings and presentations.


    Well, you can make both playful and professional pitches just by using this tool. Experts recommend doing this because it makes business communications memorable. In the end, it’s all about grabbing clients' and customers' attention.

    magicmic ai voice changer

    Key Features:

    • Live Chat: You can customize your voice in real time with MagicMic. It works well with almost every online app or platform.

    • Interactive Voice Storytelling: If you want to elevate your presentations with captivating storytelling, then MagicMic is for you. You can just adjust the parameters to do this.

    • Secure: Unlike other voice changers, MagicMic is 100 percent safe to use.

    • Technical Support: You will enjoy 24/7 support if you go for this tool

    • Voice Effects & Soundboard: It boasts 300+ AI voice filters, 600+ voice effects to elevate content creation.

    Monthly: $9.99
    Lifetime: $49.99

    5) VoxBox - AI Voice Generator

    VoxBox is a text-to-speech voice generator that you can use to create customized messages for:

  • Clients
  • Colleagues
  • Customers
  • Users can create engaging AI voiceovers for marketing materials, podcasts, and more. But why should you use VoxBox? Well, this tool can make each interaction feel special.

    Important Tip: Personalized greetings or engaging voiceovers can leave a lasting effect (which will eventually help your company).

    voxbox ai voice generator

    Key Features:

    • Customizable Voice Styles: With VoxBox, you can "edit" your voice to fit your brand personality.

    • Powerful Voice Clone: Clone any voice naturally as you want only by uploading corresponding voice files.

    • Effortless Audio Content Creation: If you use VoxBox, you won't have to download any other voice recording and editing software. It has both of these features (and more).

    • 3200+ Voice Library: No need to hire an expensive voice actor, you can find any voice in VoxBox.

    • Language Diversity: VoxBox can speak over 45 languages fluently. In our opinion, this is a crucial feature for you if your clients or customers speak non-English.

    • Voice Effects & Soundboard: You can use VoxBox for free and check for yourself (whether it's right for you). The pro plan is also fortunately affordable.

    Monthly: $19.95
    Yearly: $69.95
    Lifetime: $129.95

    6) Google Bard and Duet - AI Chatbot

    Now, let us tell you about free AI tools for business: Bard and Duet. Thousands of brands are already using them to make interactions more friendly. But we also suggest doing analysis with both Bard and Duet. Always keep in mind that analytics can give you ideas about new opportunities.

    bard ai tool for business

    Key Features:

    • Multi-Channel Integration: You can easily integrate Bard and Duet across various channels (including messaging apps and emails).

    • Smart Task Automation: These chatbots can also automate your routine tasks. If you use this feature, you can free up your valuable time for your team.

    • Real-Time Collaboration: You can also use Bard and Duet to facilitate group discussions, document sharing, and collaborative decision-making.

    $19 per month

    7) 10web.io - AI Website Generator

    Today, every business needs a professional-looking website. In fact, you can't run an e-commerce company without it. But instead of giving thousands of dollars to a developer, you can try 10web. It can quickly build a stunning website that will match your business vibe.

    10 web.io ai website generator

    Key Features:

    • Drag-and-Drop Simplicity: We think the best thing about 10Web is that you don't need coding skills to use it. Just use the “Drag and Drop” feature to customize your website effortlessly.

    • Optimization: Slow-loading pages can frustrate anyone. Luckily, 10Web.io can optimize your images automatically (which ensures a smooth browsing experience).

    • Additional Features: 10Web.io also provides hosting and security (unlike many other website builders).

    Starter: $10/month
    Premium: $15/month
    Ultimate: $23/month

    8) Lavender.ai - AI Email Assistant

    Lavender is our automatic pick whenever we discuss the best AI tools for small businesses. It's because it can help you get a positive response from your clients. How? Well, it can help you write professional emails, which ultimately builds brand image.

    lavender.ai email assistant

    Key Features:

    • Automated Email Responses: You won’t have to do manual replies for routine emails if you use Lavender. It can craft responses on your behalf.

    • It’s Advanced: Lavender uses natural language processing to understand the context of messages (unlike other email assistants). This feature allows it to generate more accurate responses.

    • Meeting Scheduling: You can also schedule meetings effortlessly with this AI tool. In fact, it can coordinate with your calendar and suggest available time slots.

    Starter: $29/month
    Individual Pro: $49/month
    Team Plan: $69/month

    9) Decktopus - AI Presentation Generator

    Decktopus is one of the best AI tools for productivity, and the reason is simple: It helps you present better. How? Its users have told us that they can get unique slide content. But we think you will find it valuable because it will also help you get content ideas and leads (which ultimately brings revenue)!

    decktopus ai presentation generator

    Key Features:

    • Lots of Templates: When you sign up for Decktopus, you will get customizable templates to create a consistent brand identity.

    • Smart Design: We also love its slide design. Due to this, this tool can automatically adjust the layout of your slides.

    • Connects Everyone:: You can also keep your audience engaged with Decktopus. It has features like forms, voice recorders, polls, etc., that keep everyone connected.

    Pro AI: $9.99/month
    Business AI: $36.99/month

    10) Pictory - AI Video Generator

    If you're looking for AI tools for product managers, then we recommend giving Pictory a try. It's a video generator that can turn your concepts into engaging videos.

    In our experience, you will benefit from it in two ways:

  • You can make content about your products.
  • It will build brand awareness
  • pictory ai video generator

    Key Features:

    • Simple Customization: Pictory has customizable video templates for every occasion. You can pick one and edit it according to your brand colors, logo, and style.

    • Easy Editing: You can edit your videos just by typing text. So, if you don't have any professional editing skills, you can still use Pictory.

    • Media Integration: If you want to make your videos lively, you can add music and soundtracks as well.

    Starter: $19/month
    Professional: $39/month
    Teams: $99/month

    Part 3: FAQs about AI Tools for Business

    How Is AI Used as a Business Tool?

    Today, you can use AI as a business tool, as it can help you build your brand's image. For instance, you can create marketing copies with AI-powered tools. Similarly, you can use AI chatbots for customer queries.

    What Are the Best Free AI Tools for Business?

    VoxBox, MagicMic, and Adobe Firefly are the best free AI tools for businesses. Their premium plans are also available, but you can also try them for free.

    What Are the Best AI Productivity Tools?

    The best AI productivity tools are Jasper, Lavender, and Pictory. With them, you can generate content about your products and services in a few minutes.

    How To Use AI for Productivity?

    To use AI for productivity, we suggest starting with finding areas where Artificial intelligence can help with tasks, data analysis, or insights. After this, pick the right AI tools and start using them straight away.


    Every business now needs AI tools to survive. Here, we discussed the ten best you can use to build your company's credibility and generate revenue. All of them are good, but the one that can impact your business the most is MagicMic.

    The reason? Most owners do not follow the "Voice Changer" strategy, so MagicMic will help you stand out.

    With this tool, you can change your voice to a playful or professional tone (depending on the meeting's context). Doing this will add flair and convey your message much better.

    Moreover, you can also record “winning” marketing videos with this tool.

    So, give MagicMic a try right now and notice the “unbelievable” response!

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