Generating AI persons has become very prevalent in today’s world. Nowadays we have the right tools to create any type of realistic girls, all with the power of AI. In fact, an AI Girl generator is extremely easy to use, and it features amazing detail. On top of that, with the right AI Girl generator, you can actively design incredibly-looking women for any type of visual project. Picking the right tools to generate AI girls can be tricky, yet there are a few methods to achieve that.

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Part 1. What is AI Girl Generator and What Can it Do?

The AI girl generator's main purpose is to help you create very realistic-looking women. It can do that based on what details you are offering to the tool. All you need is to share details regarding the girl’s look, be it her height, eye and hair color, weight or anything similar. Then the AI tool will create a rendition of that girl based on what you said. You can also revise the image in most cases, and then share it in your projects, on social media or anywhere you want.

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Part 2. Best AI Girl Generator Tools You Can Use Today

1) Fotor

Fotor does an excellent job at bringing you a visually imposing, clever AI girl generation tool. You can choose the AI girl style that you want. They also offer inspiration in case you’re not sure what to generate. There are also a few examples you can access. It will cost you $3.33 a month to access some AI features and 100 image generating credits. You can receive an excellent dopamine girl AI generator with this tool in just a few seconds!

fotor ai girl generator

Key Features:

  • Custom prompt from images and text

  • Turn your text into anime

  • Select the right style you want

  • Generate VTUBER characters

  • Modify the prompts when necessary


yesA very complex AI generation engine

yesYou can have extremely detailed prompts

yesWorking with different visual styles

yesGenerating from images as well as text


noIt might take a few tries to get the right style

2) SoulGen

SoulGen’s main appeal is the realism. You can even use AI lyrics and voice to create a stunning character. The detailed AI girl generator engine is what sets it apart. You also have hint tags, and you can add lookalikes as needed. Going Pro will cost you $9.99 a month.

soulgen ai girl generator

Key Features:

  • Complex AI generation engine

  • Access a comprehensive AI chatbot

  • Face Swapping

  • Start with lookalikes you can modify


yesThe AI engine is very powerful

yesSoulGen has a complex visual style

yesYou can redo the image


noIt can be very expensive

noLimited credits

3) DreamGF

When you use DreamGF, your first focus is to create a very realistic woman. And yes, DreamGF delivers on all fronts as a very powerful and detailed AI girl generator. Changing her personality is possible, if necessary. Prices start at $.99 a month for 150 extra images and 1500 messages per month. You can have a very realistic AI generated anime girl in just a single try.

dreamgf ai generator

Key Features:

  • A very realistic look

  • Modify the personality of your AI girl

  • Modify results until they are perfect

  • Customize the girl’s look


yesOne of the top AI generation engines

yesLots of great AI outputs

yesModifying the image is possible


noIt can be very expensive

4) Cloudbooklet

You can use the Cloudbooklet AI girl generator if you want to create AI girls of any style or age. You can even create anime girls if you want. The fact that you can use your text to guide any style of features you want is what sets it all apart. On top of that, the tool itself is very detailed, you can add accessories, change the eye or hair color, background and many others. Unlike other tools, Cloudbooklet is free to use. It’s one of the only AI girl generator free tools on the market.

cloudbooklet ai girl

Key Features:

  • Cloudbooklet is completely free to use

  • It allows you to create VTUBER avatars

  • You can choose between multiple visual styles

  • The details can be as complex or as simple as you want

  • You can even include accessories and extra features


yesFree to use

yesIt has a very good AI generation engine

yesYou can work with multiple styles and ideas


noThere’s not a ton of variety when it comes to visual designs


One of the advantages when you use a tool like is that it gives you the means to create any type of woman you want. You have a step by step AI girl generation format, both for a realistic or an AI anime girl. That means you can choose every visual detail, along with personality, ethnicity, voice and many others. The AI generated girls are very realistic and visually stunning. An subscription costs $12.99 a month.

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Key Features:

  • A very detailed and unique AI generation engine

  • Choose every detail regarding the AI girl you generate

  • Add your own prompts

  • Customize the girl with accessories

  • Base the AI girl on existing characters


yesYou can generate a plethora of stunning AI images

yesWork up to 16 images at once

yesThe visual style is very realistic


noIt can be expensive to generate images

Part3: Changing or recording voice for your AI Girl characters

1) MagicMic - Real-time AI Girl Voice Changer

MagicMic is a tool that helps you create AI voices in an instant. The main role of the app is to give you a variety of voices. They have over 300 AI voice filters, and you can access them at any given time. You can also access more than 800 voice effects and a comprehensive sound emulator. MagicMic costs $8.99.

magicmic animation voice changer

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  • Access more than 600 voice effects

  • Over 300 voice filters, 800 memes and effects

  • Create custom AI voices

  • Change voices in audio files

  • Audio file voice changing available

2) VoxBox - Girl Voice Text to Speech & Voice Generator

VoxBox does an excellent job at emulating existing voices. These voices are very realistic and they can also be customized for content creation. You can also support various audio formats and the generation system is really quick. With over 3200 realistic voices, there’s always something new to use in your projects.

voxbox voice generator

Key Features:

  • You can easily work with thousands of voices

  • Support for many audio formats

  • Over 3200 realistic voices

  • AI voice cloning is available

  • The app supports over 46 languages

Part 4: FAQ about AI Girl Generator

1.Is there a limit to how many girls can be generated?

In some cases, you have a limit to the number of girls that can be generated via your AI tool.

2.Are you allowed to change the output?

It’s down to the platform, but in general, you are allowed to modify the output if you want.

3.How much can you expect to pay for an AI girl generator?

Some paid tools will have a monthly or daily package. However, there are free tools available that won’t charge anything, yet they can be very limiting.


Creating an AI character is a lot easier these days, thanks to a detailed AI girl generator. There are a huge range of tools you can use to design your own AI girl, fast and with excellent result. You have complete control over the look, style and personality of the AI girl, and you are free to modify the output of the generation tool as well. It’s a great idea to try using an AI girl generator and AI girl voice today for the best results and experience.

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