As a music creator, you always want your music to feel engaging, rewarding and fun. But it can be hard to do that without the right amount of inspiration. Many musicians are dealing with a music rut and they aren't able to create great lyrics. That's why using a good AI lyrics generator can be a great idea. It helps remove that unwanted situations when you lack any guidance or inspiration. Plus, you can start with the AI lyrics and improve upon them to create the next worldwide hit!

ai lyrics generator

Part 1. Best 6 AI Lyrics Generator Free Online

1) Freshbots

Freshbots is a free to use lyric generator. It uses artificial intelligence to help you create lyrics for any music genre, hence the reason why many use it as an AI rap lyric generator. Every lyric generated is unique, so it’s a great way for you to avoid copyright problems. The customization aspect is efficient, and you can remix as well.


Key Features:

  • Create a multitude of lyrics for free

  • Commercial use available

  • Great customization

  • It’s ok to modify the lyrics

  • Remix lyrics when necessary

hao Pros
  • No limit for AI lyrics generation
  • Remixing songs is very easy
  • Choose keywords and emotions for the song
buhao Cons
  • The interface takes getting used to
  • Not all lyrics are unique every time

2) BoredHumans

BoredHumans is a free tool and a very interesting AI lyrics generator. People like using it because it's an AI lyrics generator free with plenty of creativity. Most of the lyrics they generate are suitable for 2-verse or 3-verse songs, with a chorus and even a bridge. Unlike other tools however, you can’t define a specific structure, but you can use the generated AI lyrics and improve upon the song the way you want.

The song lyric generator tool is versatile and in general, the lyrics you receive are unique. All in all, you have access to an exceptional range of tools, and it’s a free app that can help you remove your unwanted lack of inspiration.


Key Features:

  • Generate lyrics for many song styles

  • No copyright problems or copying

  • They retain a specific style and pattern

  • Lyrics that were generated can be used right away

hao Pros
  • Free to use tool for music lyrics generation
  • You can modify the song as you see fit
buhao Cons
  • The song structure is predetermined by the app
  • You can’t pick the song length
  • Repetitiveness in some cases

3) ToolBaz

Their AI song lyric generator is free to use, and you can define the amount of creativity you want from the song. In addition, you can write a few phrases about the song and what it should focus on. Press Write, and ToolBaz will help you create that in no time. The advantage of this tool is its speed, and also the fact that you don’t have to share too much information either.

toolbaz ai lyrics

Key Features:

  • It’s a very simple AI song lyric generation tool

  • They provide a creativity bar

  • Input your own words or phrases

  • Great for multiple music genres

hao Pros
  • It can help create long or short song lyrics
  • You don’t have to share a lot of info
buhao Cons
  • Little control over the genre or length

4) LyricStudio

A lot of people have a writer’s block, and that’s why you should consider LyricStudio. It can help guide you to create amazing, versatile and engaging songs. Plus, you can easily receive support based on the topics and keywords you share.

You can write about any topic, create rhymes and collaborate with other writers. Their smart suggestion system is on-point, very powerful and it can remove the current rut that you are dealing with. LyricStudio is not a free app, it costs $5.99 a month or up to $3.99 a month if you go for an annual billing.


Key Features:

  • Generate lyrics about any type of topic

  • Receive immediate suggestions

  • Create rhymes for your songs

  • Collaborate with other writers

  • Free trial available

hao Pros
  • A customizable AI lyric writer
  • Works with a multitude of genres
  • You can receive smart suggestions
buhao Cons
  • Not too many free features
  • It can be limited in some cases

5) These Lyrics Do Not Exist

"These Lyrics Do Not Exist" is a very good AI song lyric generator. It’s a free tool that can generate music lyrics for a multitude of genres. You can also select a certain mood and set the genre for your music. Additionally, the generation process is very fast, and you can modify the output without any copyright problem.

these lyrics do not exist

Key Features:

  • It’s possible to pick any topic for your lyrics

  • Select from a variety of music genre

  • You are free to change the mood of your song

  • Immediate generation, very fast

hao Pros
  • Generate and customize unique AI lyrics
  • Pick the lyric genre and mood
  • Unlimited lyrics generation
buhao Cons
  • You don’t have customization features
  • Fixed song length

6) Toolsaday

Toolsaday is an AI writing assistant that can help create exceptional lyrics for your songs. While it’s more of an AI writer rather than a song lyric generator, it can get the job done. Their Jeremy AI assistant can guide you through the song creation process as needed. Free users can work on 10000 characters a month. If you need more characters and fast processing, you can pay $7.99 or $19.99 per month.


Key Features:

  • Create a large number of lyrics for your songs

  • Choose the song genre and tone

  • Pick the mood and theme for the song

  • You can choose the song language

  • Start off with a single idea

hao Pros
  • A very good starting point even if you have writer’s block
  • Complete freedom when it comes to the tone, genre and mood of the song
  • Generate songs in various languages
buhao Cons
  • Limitations when it comes to the word count
  • You can pick from limited tones

Bonus tips: Best AI Song Generator and Voice Tools to Make AI Lyrics Singing

1) MusicAI - AI Song Generator

Music AI is a very good music generator. It can help create a variety of song types and you can easily offer instructions. Even as a newcomer, you can start creating powerful songs very quickly. The app offers great output formats and it’s even possible to isolate vocals as needed. It’s a stellar way to create a cover for popular songs or generate new songs entirely. It’s a paid tool that comes with a monthly, quarterly and yearly option.

musicai song generator

Key features

  • It has over 10 artist AI voice models

  • Create a cover of existing songs or new songs

  • Isolate vocals as needed

  • Choose from multiple output formats

  • Very easy to use controls

hao Pros
  • A very efficient way to create new songs or covers
  • Isolating vocals is very easy
  • You can choose any output format
buhao Cons
  • Some limitations when it comes to the voice models
  • Many features locked behind a paywall

2) MagicMic - Real-time AI Voice Changer

In case you already have an AI lyrics generator and your focus is on working with AI voices, MagicMic can be great. It can help change your voice with 300+ filters. It also comes with 200 voice memes and over 600 voice effects. There are file voice change and voice recording support.

magicmic animation voice changer

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Key features of MagicMic AI voice changer

  • A simple and efficient way to generate voices

  • Over 300 voice filters, 800 memes and effects

  • Voice custom solutions

  • Change voices in audio files

  • Sound emulation

hao Pros
  • Creatively change voices as you see fit
  • Multiple voice effects
  • Sound emulation
buhao Cons
  • An overwhelming number of voices that can make it hard to pick

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3) VoxBox - Text to Speech & Voice Generator

VoxBox is a tool that can help with AI voice generation and cloning. They have over 3200 text to speech voices. They also support more than 46 languages as well. The AI voices can be customized and lifelike. The AI voice cloning is revolutionary, very powerful and easy to understand. I*n addition, the speed of this tool is unlike anything out there. VoxBox costs $19.95 monthly, $69.965 yearly or $89.95 for a lifetime license.

voxbox voice generator

Key Features:

  • Pick from 3200+ realistic voices

  • A very fast AI voice cloner and generator

  • Customized voices for content creation

  • Detailed voice cloning systems

  • Supports 46 languages

hao Pros
  • Generate and clone voices using AI
  • Multilanguage support
  • Very accurate AI voice cloning
buhao Cons
  • Sluggish interface

Part 3: FAQ about AI lyrics generator

1.Can you generate unlimited lyrics with the AI lyrics generator?

Some AI lyric generator will have a limit of how many lyrics you can have as an output. Others are unlimited.

2.Is it possible to change the lyrics generated?

There’s no copyright over the lyrics, so you are free to modify them accordingly. However, you can establish a copyright once you start using the lyrics.

3.Do you have to pay for the AI lyric writer?

Many tools are free to use, but for more complex features you will have to purchase a license.


An AI lyric generator can be great especially when you lack any ideas for your song. The AI lyrics generator can delve right in and create amazing, unique and very engaging songs with little help from your side.

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