Hello creators, do you often struggle with making an eye-catching video title? Are you unable to produce satisfactory content due to creative bottlenecks?

Don’t worry, in this article, we will share some of the best AI Title Generators on the market to help you easily and quickly create and select potential video titles. We also shared 6 Best AI Title Generators to help you choose the best AI tool for you in a short time.

best ai title generator

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Part 1: Why A Catchy Title Is Important on Social Media Contents?

Your title is the first impression and the gist of the whole video. Therefore, it plays an important role in bringing views and search engine optimization.

First of all, we all know that when people use social media platforms, the first thing they pay attention to is the title of the video or article. They usually read the title before deciding whether they should watch the video. Therefore, your title must be attractive enough or very relevant to people's needs in order to attract these online users to click on your content to watch, follow or even place an order.

importance of title

Second, social media search engines use your video title to rank it among relevant content. If the title of your work is search engine optimized, you will be able to get the top position and get more ratings in the shortest time for free.

Part 2: What are the Benefits of Using AI Title Generators?

AI Title generator brings a lot of convenience to our lives, which is mainly reflected in three aspects:

1. Increase traffic and exposure, and improve brand awareness.

The AI Title generator allows you to easily and accurately obtain keywords that are beneficial to SEO ranking, thereby helping you improve the ranking of the content you publish, and ultimately achieve the purpose of increasing traffic exposure and improving brand awareness. This is the best thing about AI Title Generator.

2. Reduce marketing costs.

AI Title generators often serve multiple purposes. They are not just created to generate business-specific names. For example, in addition to video titles, the name generator can also be used for other purposes, such as blog posts, e-commerce links, social media content, online games, and more. As long as you make the most of it, it will greatly help you reduce marketing costs.

3. Improve quality.

The AI Title generator can improve the quality of your content by providing you with optimal titles based on your needs. For entertainment or popular science content, he will provide you with the most appropriate title based on the user's search habits and SEO ranking capabilities. However, for more professional content, such as company naming, name registration and other related content, before the title generator generates a name, it will scan the entire Internet and look for conflicts and copyrights to ensure that the suggested name obtained by the user is The only one that fits best.

Part 3: 6 Best AI Title Generators Recommend

If you use a content generator correctly, it can increase your productivity by improving the search engine rankings of the content you publish. Below I will introduce 6 best AI title generators, let’s find out which generator is best for you!

1) Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a popular SEO Tool that people use to get higher Google rankings. Functions include: external link building, keyword research, competitor analysis, ranking tracking and site audit tools. Most of the features inside Ahrefs are designed for marketing professionals. The Ahrefs AI title generator FREE is just one of its features and it is online tool.

ahrefs ai title generator interface


  • Online AI Title Generator free to use.

  • Generate titles in 50+ languages.

  • 14 writing ton options are provided.

  • Offers multiple title types, such as how-tos, questions, and listicles.

2) Semrush

SEMrush is a well-known Marketing Tool in the field of digital marketing. It can provide different help to digital marketers in different positions. This tool is mainly divided into five aspects of application: Google SEO tools, Google Ads tools, social media operations, content copywriting and brand marketing. AI Title Generator is part of content copywriting.

semrush ai title generator interface


  • Free to use without any restrictions.

  • Only supports generating English titles.

  • Gives multiple title formats according to the topic and keyword

  • Offers related topic option to explore more titles

3) CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a Social Media Management Tool that helps you manage your social media activities more effectively and increase social media engagement. It provides a comprehensive social media management solution, analytics capabilities, and content planning capabilities. Its AI title generation function requires Registration And Login to use. Instead of coming up with titles based on keyword suggestions, it asks you to enter an existing title and analyze it. This will cover everything from the emotion of the title to the content - making sure your title captures the reader's intent.

coschedule ai title generator interface


  • Create titles for YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Blog, Email, Podcast, and even advertisements

  • You can even specify the audience and tons to generate titles accordingly

  • Offers a quick analysis and Use data-driven recommendations to fine-tune your title.

  • Premium title suggestions at Paid Plan.

4) VidIQ

For YouTube Titles, there is nothing better than VidIQ. It is an Online Analysis Tool specially built for YouTubers. It has SEO functions and can help creators complete keyword analysis, come up with video themes, track and analyze competitor channel data, etc. Among them, VidIQ's title generation function combines AI, view prediction algorithms and YouTube best practices to generate YouTube titles that maximize the impact of content. So VidIQ is a very suitable tool for YouTube title generation.

vidiq ai title generator interface


  • Free limited use of 3 times, online tool.

  • Just enter the subject, you cannot edit the tone etc.

  • A title in the corresponding language will be generated based on the language you input.

  • It maximizes the impact of your content by following YouTube's best practices and considering view prediction

5) Tuberanker

TubeRanker is a YouTube SEO tool for creators and marketers to help them optimize their videos according to the YouTube algorithm and rank higher in YouTube and Google search and recommendation engines. Its AI YouTube title generator function is also online and completely free. Just enter the keyword and generate the title with one click.

tuberanker ai title generator interface


  • It offers YouTube titles according to person, place, and content topic

  • Copy titles you like directly to the clipboard

  • Only supports generating English titles.

6) Zubtitle

Zubtitle is an Online Video Subtitle Generation & Editing Tool that can help users quickly and accurately generate subtitles for videos by automatically detecting speech in videos.

The software is powered by industry-leading artificial intelligence and speech-to-text technology, which is very helpful for video production. The AI title generator can only be used during the process of adding subtitles. You can let AI generate a title and then edit it into the video immediately, which shortens the workflow and is very convenient. 

zubtitle ai title generator interface


  • Option to add emojis to the title to attract a social media audience.

  • Enjoy other simple editing features to make your video more than exceptional.

  • Set text styles, size, color, and other options.

Bonus Tip for Creating Videos

iMyFone VoxBox-The Best AI Audio Generator & Editor

Next, we will introduce an AI tool iMyFone VoxBox, which is a powerful AI voice generator that can convert your text into realistic AI voice that sounds natural and attractive. It offers voices in 46+ languages and 3,200+ real voices, and you can also use it to clone any voice you like.

It improves your content production capabilities and saves you a lot of time. With just a few clicks, you can Record, Convert and Edit Audio with this tool. It's an ideal tool for education, business, entertainment, audiobooks, podcasts, social media videos, or any other purpose.

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Bonus Tips

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  • All-in-one tool: It offers text-to-speech, image-to-speech, PDF-to-speech, audio-to-speech, speech-to-text, etc.

  • Multi Voiceovers: The tool can convert multiple voiceovers at the same time, like batch processing. Enter text in separate lines, choose the voiceover settings, and convert all in one go.

  • Voice Cloning: Clone any voice you want. Upload video or audio, or even record your own voice to create a perfect clone.

  • Noise Reduction: The tool removes noise from the audio so the final output is clear and crisp.


Free trial available (2000 free characters,). After 2000 free characters, there is various affordable Pricing plan for all needs.

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Part 5: FAQ About AI Title Generator

What is a catchy title generator?

The Title Generator uses artificial intelligence to suggest engaging, relevant titles for your articles, landing pages, blog posts, and other content. It also suggests related topics you might want to target to increase the exposure of your content.

How do you find catchy titles?

A compelling title is text that is valuable to users and tells them what they will gain from reading the article. It needs to be written concisely and specifically. Keep SEO in mind and evoke emotions from your audience.

What is a good research title?

A "Title" should be descriptive, direct, accurate, appropriate, interesting, concise, precise, unique, and not misleading.


AI title generator helps create engaging content titles. These SEO optimized titles can save you a lot of time. Among the 6 best artificial intelligence title generators shared in this article, you can choose the most suitable one according to your needs to increase the views and conversion rate of your content.

If you are looking for the best AI voice generation software, then I recommend you to use iMyFone VoxBox. It is easy to operate, fully functional, and free to try. Click the button below to download and give it a try.

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