People love moving images more than still ones because they bring photos to life, capturing the essence of the moment. Talking photo makers have surfaced to meet the growing demand for interactive and captivating photos.

In this article, we will introduce the top talking photo software and apps of the year, guiding you on how to create talking photos.

how to make photo talk

Part 1: 6 Effective Ways to Make Your Pictures Talk with the Top Talking Photo Apps


HeyGen is a unique online tool utilizing AI to craft dynamic videos and talking photos. With support for over 300 languages, it synchronizes mouth movements for lifelike results. Users can upload custom recordings for personalized sound. The intuitive interface, free basic version, and affordable starting price of $30 for premium features make HeyGen an ideal choice for quickly creating animated and making pictures talk.

heygen make photo talk


  • HeyGen speaks 300+ languages for global appeal.

  • AI syncs mouth movements for lively talking photos.

  • Add uniqueness with custom voice recordings.

  • Advanced tech ensures expressive animations.

  • Easy interface for effortless photo animation.

  • Explore 100+ AI avatars, face swapping, and easy edits.


  • Free basic version, plans to start at $30/month.

2.Tokking Heads

In 2023, Tokking Heads emerges as an excellent choice for creating high-quality talking photos, offering a variety of default avatars such as celebrities, historical figures, singers, and artists. - it's fast, efficient, and completely free! With compatibility on both iOS and Android devices, it's accessible to users regardless of their device. If you're looking for a cost-effective talking photo app without compromising quality, Tokking Heads is definitely worth considering.

tokkingheads make photo talk


  • Create high-quality talking photos with default avatars.

  • Easily choose AI voices or script seamless voiceovers.

  • Download or share via URL links, including Facebook and Twitter.

  • Real-time animation tracking and 3D facial avatars.

  • Filters, text, music, and sound effects for a personal touch.


  • Tokking Heads is entirely free.


Transform static images into dynamic talking videos with Talkr. Easily create engaging and personalized audio-enhanced photos for sharing with friends and family. Talkr is a standout app for crafting fun and meaningful talking photo apps. Its simplicity makes it accessible to all users.

talkr make photo talk


  • Free to download and use on iOS and Android.

  • Additional functionalities include creating stickers, adding music, and background effects.

  • Various templates streamline the creation of audio-visual projects.


  • Basic version is entirely free.

  • Professional version priced at $9.99/month or $5.99/year, unlocking additional features.


SpeakPic transforms static images into talking photos with ease. Using AI and facial recognition, it brings your pictures to life in just three simple steps.

Choose an image and let the app detect faces.

Add audio or text to each face with user-friendly tools.

Save or share your talking photos on social media platforms.

speakpic make photo talk


  • Customize facial expressions, add pre-recorded audio, and animate text.

  • Create dynamic slideshows with up to five images.

  • Free on iOS and Android.

  • Robust editing tools for a comprehensive talking photo experience.


  • SpeakPic is free with no in-app purchases.


Avatarify is the go-to solution for turning any photo into a talking animated face. Using advanced AI technology, the app can create realistic talking images of anyone you upload in seconds. With Avatarify, you can create talking images for free, share them on social media, or use them in videos and presentations.

avatarify talking photo


  • Intuitive editing tools for full control over facial expressions and accurate lip-syncing.

  • Customize the voice used in animations.

  • Useful tutorials and templates for a simplified creation process.

  • Easy-to-use interface with animation effects for any uploaded image.

  • Synchronization of images with audio without interruptions.


  • Avatarify is free with no subscription or membership fees. All features are available for free.


Vidnoz offers a range of solutions for creating voice photos within seconds. This talking photo generator provides numerous AI avatars that you can select for your photos. Additionally, you have the option to upload files to generate voice photos. After scripting, you can specify your language and voice preferences in the settings. Furthermore, you can adjust the audio speed of the voice photo and preview the results.

vidnoz talking photo


  • Text-to-speech generator for creating voiceovers based on scripts, supporting both male and female voices.

  • Background remover tool to instantly eliminate complex backgrounds from images without affecting other subjects.

  • Custom avatar generation by adding descriptions; simple prompts can be used to describe the appearance of your avatar.


  • Basic version is entirely free.

  • Starter version priced at $14.99/month.

Part 2: Tips for Generate Voices for your Photo


VoxBox is a voice generation program. While it may not specifically create talking photos, you can use it in conjunction with other tools to add voiceovers or generate voices for your animated characters.

voxbox make photo talk


  • 3200+ voices in 46+ different languages for text-to-speech.

  • Text transcription in 46+ languages.

  • More functions like voice recording, video conversion, noise reduction, etc.

Part 3: FAQs about Make Photo Talk

1. What are talking photos, and how do they enhance video-making?

Talking photos are static images enriched with audio elements such as sound, music, or text to elevate the storytelling in video content. They prove valuable in video-making by introducing an additional layer of engagement, emotion, and personality to the visuals.

2. In what ways do talking photos contribute to the transformation of capturing and sharing memories in the digital age?

Talking photos contribute to the transformation of capturing and sharing memories in the digital age by infusing images with storytelling, creativity, and personalization. This dynamic element makes photos more engaging, emotional, and interactive, fostering unforgettable experiences for both creators and viewers.


When using these tools, consider the features they offer, the level of customization, and whether they suit your specific needs for creating talking photos. Always check for the latest reviews and updates for the tools to ensure you are using the most current version with the best features.

If you want to make a voiceover for your photo, please choose iMyFone VoxBox.