Do you want to remove transparent background from PNG?

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Remove Background Online

It is quite simple nowadays and can be done with one click. In this article, we will share two powerful tools that can remove the background using AI technology. You just need to click once, and the background will be removed.

Method 1. Remove Background from PNG with AI

iMyFone MarkGo

MarkGo is an AI-powered tool that can help you remove the background from PNG or any image format with one click. You need to upload the image and click on a button; the background will be removed without any hassle. The powerful technology will do everything for you.

There are many online and offline AI background remover tools and applications, but not all of them can offer excellent results. However, iMyFone MarkGo is an amazing and worthy tool that removes background with perfection. Its AI is quite accurate and can remove almost any type of background on its own.


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how to remove image background using markgo

Apart from the AI removal, MarkGo also offers manual removal. You can also achieve maximum precision using its manual tools.

MarkGo is quite easy to use and a perfect tool for beginners and people who want to save their time. It can quickly do the job and remove the background of multiple images in one go.

Let’s see how you can remove the background from PNG images using MarkGo.

Steps to Remove Background Using MarkGo

Step 1: Download MarkGo by going to this link. Install the application on your computer.

Step 2: Open the application. You will have several options. Click on Remove Image Background.

remove image watermark

Step 3: Click on the Add Image option and select the PNG image from your computer.

Step 4: You are ready to remove the background. First, we will try the AI method.

markgo image uploaded

Click on the AI removal on the right. Now, click on the Remove button. The background will be removed using AI. You will see the final image after clicking on the button.

markgo ai background removal

You can also use the Manual Removal feature. Click on the option. You will have the brush and the eraser tool. Adjust the size of the tool that you want to use. Move the tool over the background and remove it. The manual method is for extra precision.

markgo manual background removal

Step 5: Click on the Settings button to select the path for saving the image. Click on Export Now to export the image.

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about MarkGo

iMyFone MarkGo Video

Part 2. How to Remove Background in Canva

Canva does need an introduction; it is a famous online tool for creating catchy graphics. 

Canva also has a background remover which is also powered by AI. However, it is a paid tool available for Canva Pro users only. If you are using the free version, you cannot remove the background.

Steps to Remove Background in Canva

Step 1: Open Canva on your browser. The background remover of Canva works on all types of documents, so you can either select Logo, Poster, Flyer, or even Presentation to remove the background of your photos. We are explaining it using Presentation.

Step 2: On the left, click on the Upload button. Upload the picture from your computer. Click on the picture to add it to the slide.

canva upload media

Step 3: Click on the photo to select it. You will see a new toolbar at the top. Click on Edit Image.

canva edit image

Step 4: You will see a new panel on the left. Click on the Background Remover option. Canva automatically removes the background using the AI feature. You can also use the brush to remove manually or make adjustments.

Step 5: After removing the background, click on Apply. You can now download the presentation.

Part 3. FAQs - How to Remove Background from PNG for Free

1. How do I remove the background from a PNG image?

You can remove the background from a PNG image using MarkGo. It is an AI-powered tool that can remove the background with one click. You can also use online tools to do the job.

2. How do I remove a PNG background in Photoshop?

Photoshop is an advanced tool for experts. If you want to remove the background, import the image in Photoshop. Click on the Layers tab and unlock the background layer. Now, go to the Properties tab and click on Remove Background. The background will be removed. For more precision, use Lasso tools.

3. How can I remove transparency from PNG online?

You can use any online tool. You just need to upload the image, and the transparency can be easily removed.

4. How do I make the background transparent?

For making the background transparent, you can use MarkGo. It will make the background transparent with one click. We have discussed the detailed method in Part 1.


Removing transparent or any type of background is easier with MarkGo and online tools, such as Canva. MarkGo is perfect for beginners, and it can remove background from batches as well. It has stunning AI technology that removes the background with precision.