Everyone loves watching animation shows, and most people also go on to copy the exciting voices in the shows. One of the best-animated shows that have taken this world to Storm is Rick and Morty. The fascinating thing about this show is that the Rick and Morty voice actors have received immense appreciation due to their unique work.


If you also liked the Rick and Morty voices, you can sound like them, and guess what? We'll tell you how to do it.

Who Are Rick and Morty Voices Actors?

If you're curious about the Rick and Morty voice actors, you'd be surprised that apart from the main cast of Chris Parnell, Justin Roiland, and Sarah Chalke, voice acting Rick and Morty came up with more voice actors.

Let us talk about the leading actors of Rick and Morty.

1. Justin Roiland

Apart from holding the tag of Rick and Morty's Co-creator, Justin Roiland is also responsible for other sounds.

For instance, Roiland portrays Morty, Rick, Mr.Poopybutthole, Mr.Meseeks, and other voice characters in the show.


2. Chris Parnell

Chris Parnell has been a prolific voice behind the various comedy characters. He portrays the voice of Kerry Smith in Rick and Morty voices.


3. Spencer Grammer

Spencer Grammer is the daughter of Kelsey Grammer, and the voice behind Summer Smith in Rick and Morty is Spencer Grammer.


4. Sarah Chalke

You have heard the voice of Beth Smith in Rick and Morty, which has impressed many people around the globe. Sarah Chalke is the main character behind Beth Smith, and she has a pretty soulful voice.


5. Kari Wahlgren


Kari Wahlgren has been a brilliant voice actor for animated TV shows, movies, and video games. She is also a prominent voice for Rick and Morty.

Helpful Tricks to Do Voice Acting Rick and Morty

If you're impressed by the Rick and Morty voices, you can make your voice sound like the Rick and Morty voice actors.

Here's a list of some valuable tips that will help you copy the voices of Rick and Morty.

1. Sooth your throat

To begin with, you'll need to soothe your throat, and you can do it by drinking green tea. The tea must be cooler so it doesn't burn your tongue. Doing so assists you in making your voice clean and smooth.

2. Stretch your mouth

Stretching the mouth is one of the essential aspects when you want to sound like the voices of Rick and Morty. It empowers you to make your voice sound slightly different from usual.

3. Enter the mind of the character

Another essential thing to copy the Rick and Morty voices is to enter the mind of the character you want to copy the voice of. Doing so assists you in knowing about the pitch of the voice you're going to copy.

4. Loosen up

Before you start copying the voice of Rick and Morty voice actors, you'll need to relax before going ahead, as it might help you get things done appropriately.

Easiest Way to Copy Rick and Morty Voices-Voice Changer

If you can't copy the Rick and Morty voice naturally, you can opt for iMyFone MagicMic. A flawless voice changer empowers you to make your voice sound like Rick and Morty's voices. MagicMic is one of the best voice changers with mind-blowing voice filters and sound effects.



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Scenarios About Using Rick and Morty Voices with MagicMic

You can use the Rick and Morty voices in various scenarios.

1. You're attending the birthday of your friend's daughter, and when the celebrations begin, playing the Rick and Morty voices in real-time can put a smile on the face of a young girl.

2. When playing animated games with your friends, you can play the beautiful voices of Rick and Morty to make the scenes dramatic and spectacular.

3. You're having fun with your family members and guests on Halloween night and what you do is play the brilliant sound effects of Rick and Morty in real-time.

How to Apply Rick and Morty Voice Effects on MagicMic

Step 1:

Launch the iMyFone MagicMic after installing it on your PC. Next, select the microphone and headphones as your input and output devices.

magicmic female to male voice changer setting1

magicmic female to male voice changer setting2

Step 2:

After MagicMic input and output settings, launch the platform where you intend to change the voice. Navigate to voice settings, select the microphone as the input device, and start changing the voice.

Step 3:

After platform voice settings, Tap on the "VoiceBox" and select the voice filter you'd like to use in real-time.

Final Words

This guide reveals the main actors behind Rick and Morty's voices. You'll also learn the most popular tips for sounding like Rick and Morty voice actors.

You can opt for the iMyFone MagicMic if you want to change your voice to a Rick and Morty voice character. The most recommended voice changer enables you to change your voice on various platforms.

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