Is it possible to reverse a video on TikTok?

If yes, then what are the topmost methods that offer to complete the job quickly. Besides, can I reverse the TikTok videos of other users?

TikTok has become a force in recent times. The video-sharing platform has become increasingly popular among young people like none other. The reason behind the fame is the features related to video editing and sharing that offers superb convenience to the users. A user can customize the video in any shape or form, including speeding its playback rate or even reversing the entire clip.

If you wish to know how to reverse a video on TikTok, then look no further. We will share the best techniques to reverse not only your video but other people’s TikTok short clips as well.

Part 1: How to Reverse a Video on TikTok when Uploading?

During the filmmaking or video creation process, TikTok allows its users to utilize a ton of features. Such utilities are available for free for every user on the platform. Reversing a video during uploading is among the most used functions of TikTok. You can use the application on any version of iOS and Android.

If you do not know how to reverse a video on TikTok, follow the instructions. We will share the quickest method available on the social media app to complete the job.

Step 1: Install TikTok on your respective smartphone and launch it.

Step 2: At the bottom part of the app interface, tap on the + button.

Step 3: Upload an already filmed video or create a new video using the Capture button.

Step 4: Tap on the Check sign and proceed to the next step.

Step 5: Tap on Effect, available at the bottom part of the interface.

Step 6: Now press Time and select the Reverse option.

Step 7: Tap on Save to then Next to finalize the settings.

Step 8: Enter a description for the video and tap on Post to share the reversed video on TikTok.

reverse tiktok video 1

Part 2. How to Reverse Other People’s TikTok Video?

If you wish to alter someone else’s video’s playback settings, then there are several techniques that you can learn quickly to complete the job. Here, we will discuss the top three methods to reverse or alter someone else’s TikTok video.

Method 1: Using TikTok

TikTok not only offers you to reverse the video during the upload or film creation process, but it can also allow for reversing an already published video. The method is relatively simple. We will discuss the technique in the step-by-step guide below:

Step 1: Run TikTok on your phone.

Step 2: Access the video that you wish to reverse.

Step 3: Press on the video, and you will see a pop-up box. Tap on Save to store the video on the phone.

Step 4: Now head over to your account and tap on the + button.

Step 5: Select the Upload button and choose the recently saved video from the list. Tap on Next.

Step 6: TikTok will start to process the video.

Step 7: Tap on Effects and then select the Time tab.

Step 8: Now press on the Reverse button and tap on Save to apply the effects.

Step 9: Add the description to the video and post it again on the platform.

reverse tiktok video 2


noThe method is not fully efficient.

noThe process could damage the quality of the video.

Method 2: Using iMyFone Filme Lite

When you wish to edit or manage a video, it is better to refer to a professional video editor that leaves no room for error. The other vital part is that the application should be easy to use, even for users with zero technical knowledge.

iMyFone Filme Lite is the go-to app to manage the video with functions such as reversing it, speeding it, and even trimming it. The platform is intuitive and allows direct access to both advanced and basic features to edit a video. It is available for free on the Apple App Store. Moreover, the application works with iOS 10.0 or later.

Here are the steps to reverse not just a TikTok video but any other clip as well using iMyFone Filme Lite:

Step 1: Run iMyFone Filme Lite on your phone.

Step 2: Tap on New Project and select a video from the gallery. Tap on Add to Project.

Step 3: Once the app imports the video, look at the bottom part of iMyFone Filme Lite and tap on Reverse.

Step 4: Preview the video and if you like what you see, tap on Export to save the video back to the phone.

Step 5: That’s it!

reverse tiktok video 3

The top features of iMyFone Filme Lite are listed below:

    iMyFone Filme Lite helps in creating a fast video with a 1-click template.

    You can perform basic editing techniques thanks to tools, including divide, trim, audio, reverse, and speed.

    The application will let you use royalty-free music that you could add to the video instantly.

    If a video aspect ratio isn’t compatible with your device or is significantly larger in size, then use the resize and compress video function to resolve the issue.

    iMyFone Filme Lite offers you to share your clips on any social media platform.


Method 3: Using an Online Tool - Kapwing

If your device isn’t capable of running a dedicated video editor or you are not able to reverse a video on TikTok, then there is still a way for you. You can avoid the hassle of installing any application and perform the video reverse or editing process online.

Kapwing is one of the most renowned online services to edit a video clip. You can professionally manage the video by adjusting its brightness, adding effects, and extracting audio. It works well on every modern web browser.

Here are the steps to reverse any TikTok video using Kapwing:

Step 1: Open the reverse video tool of Kapwing on your web browser.

Step 2: Upload a video to the platform.

Step 3: Select a Reverse Speed and click on Create.

Step 4: The tool will begin processing the clip, and you will be able to download it once everything is set.


noThe processing time could take much time.

Frequently Asked Questions about Video Reversing

1. How to play a video in reverse on TikTok?

Unless the video creator hasn’t uploaded the video in reverse on TikTok, you can not play a video in such form on the application. However, you can save the video and apply the reverse tool through a video editing app to play a reverse video, which you can upload on TikTok.

2. What if I want to save the reversed video without sharing?

You can simply store the reversed video on the phone using the Save button, which will be available before the Post page becomes available on the application.

3. What if TikTok reverse not working?

Though the process of reversing a video works well on TikTok, there are other options that you can refer to apply the editing function. iMyFone Filme Lite is an excellent choice to reverse the video and trimming/resizing it to the appropriate limit. Moreover, you can adjust the sound, add effects, and do much more using iMyFone Filme Lite.

4. When Do You Need A Video Editor?

A poorly made video is extremely distracting. It disrupts the viewing experience. If you film a video and publish it on any platform, then the chances are that the video wouldn’t be well-received. It is where a video editor such as iMyFone Filme Lite comes in handy. It will make the video seem more professional and presentable, which will make the watch experience worthwhile.


There are plenty of layers to what TikTok has to offer in editing and sharing videos online. Yet, there are some shortcomings to the platform that could only be fulfilled by an effective video editor, especially reversing a video clip carefully. Now you know the best available techniques to perform the video reverse process. Feel free to share this guide amongst family and friends, primarily if they are avid TikTok users.