If you want to put all your moments together and create a slideshow for your family, then you need good background music as music plays a very important role in the creation of memorable and perfect slideshows projects. There are a number of song about family for the slideshow. You just have to search for it on the internet, and you can get your family songs for slideshow.


For making a family slideshow quickly , why not try a professional video editor called iMyFone Filme? It comes with a Fast Video Mode, that helps you intelligently match a suitable template for your family video. Juts try it out below!

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Top 10 Best Upbeat Songs for Family Memories

Some of the best memory songs for slideshows are as follows:

1. "Count On Me" by Bruno Mars

It is one ofthe best family songs that could be used for your slideshow. Bruno Mars released this for his debut solo album. This song gives us good vibes as it is one of the good songs used for your family slideshow.If you want to make your slideshow memorable then you can add this song as its lyrics are quite beautiful.

2. "We are Family" by Sister Sledge

This song is considered one of the sweetest and best songs used for your family slideshow. It was released by Sister Sledge in 1979. It is best for a family tree slideshow as this song conveys the love of people related by birth.It is not only related to your birth buddies but also to your soulmates. So you can add this song as your slideshow`s background to create more memories on your events. 

3. " Remember when" by Alan Jackson

This song is produced by Alan Jackson, who is an American country music artist. This song is one of the perfect songs used for your family slideshow. It stays on a billboard at the top, which proves that it is one of the best songs for the family slideshow. This song gives very nostalgic vibes which can send you deep into your memories.

4. "Young Forever" by BTS

This song is considered as one of the good songs for slideshows of memories. It is very famous and one of the upbeat family slideshow songs. It not only gives you a lot of emotions but can also be played when you are feeling down. So just put this as your slideshow background and enjoy the hysterical ride of emotions. This is also considered one of the best songs for birthday slideshow.

5. "Home " by Philip Philips

This song was produced by an American singer, Philip Philips. This is one of the heartiest songs used for your family slideshow. It can also be played as a background of a family tree slideshow. Home gives you the sweetest emotions that can stay for a long time so you can play it in your family slideshow to make it more memorable.

6. "Have It All" by Jason Mraz

This song is just like a beautiful prayer for your loved ones as it is one of the best songs used for your family slideshow. You will feel your soul filled with love after placing this as the background song for a family tree slideshow.It is depicting your real emotions and feelings for your family which you cannot usually say in words to them. Through this song, you can send your love to your family members and soulmates.

7. "Never Grow Up " by Taylor Swift

This song is one of the songs used for your family slideshow. It is considered as one of the best family songs for slideshow. This song of Taylor Swift is so iconic that it leaves a great impression on you and can give you and your family a really emotional ride if set as in background of slideshow.

8. " My Wish" by Rascal Flatts

Its lyrics are showing the real emotions of yours for your loved ones and considered as one of the most poetic songs used for your family slideshow. This song is one of the best songs for family slideshow. You can definitely get teary eyes after listening to this brilliant piece of art. It gives positive vibes. You can get motivation to love your family after listening to this song.

9. "Oh How the Years Go By" by Vanessa Williams

If you want to have an emotional ride during your family tree's slideshowthen just play it as it is one of the best songs used for your family slideshow. You and your family will love your slideshow and can make the atmosphere more lovely around you. You can dive in the ocean of your memories captured by camera after putting this song as background music of your slideshow.

10. "My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw

This is one of the best songs used for your family slideshow,which can be used as background music for your family tree's slideshow. This song by Tim McGraw is especially for the relationship between fathers and daughters. This relation is one of the most beautiful relations in the world. After putting this song as a background, you will enjoy the hysterical ride given by it.

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Top 5 Best Sentimental Songs for Slideshow

Are you planning to do a family reunion and have created a slideshow to refresh the memories of the loved ones who have departed? Then, you are definitely in the right place! Here are the top 5 sentimental family songs for the slide show.

1. "I will Remember you" by Sarah McLachlan

One of the best songs for the family slideshow is, I will remember you. The name of the song itself depicts the beauty of the song. This is the best song to play behind your memorial video.

2. "Always on my mind" by Willie Nelson

The theme of the song is about a failed relation but it seems like it is describing death. The music of the song gets you nostalgic about the late family members.

3. "My Herat will go on" by Celine Dion

Famous song from the famous movie "Titanic" reminds us that your love for your loved ones can never fade away even if they leave the world.

4. "Country roads" by John Denver

Have you spent couple of fine hours with the family at a farm, this is a best song to stick behind those images.

5. "Yesterday" by Beatles

Last but not the least, yesterday might be a best fit for your family images.

Top 5 Best Instrumental Music for a Family Slideshow

Sometimes choosing the right song for your family slide show gives you a very tough time because music is not keeping with the images, and most of the time, the lyrics are so romantic to give you unnecessary blush.

So try these instrumental songs:

1. "Over the rainbow"

The music is mainly played on piano and violin both the instruments together create a soul touching melody.

2. "Canon in D Minor"

The soft and melodious tone of the song is best four family slideshows. Tough often used don wedding function, the song can still make up your day.

3. "My dream"

Another addition to the list of good family songs for slideshow is "My dream".

The sweet melody and the soft music will come up with giving a soothing tenderness to sensations.

4. "Suite NO. 1 in G major"

This is an enchanting cello solo music with very soothing melody. The music is best for the couple images in the slideshow or the wedding functions.

5. Gabriel's oboe "Mission"

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever composed. Mission will certainly be enough to beautify your family slide show.

How to Create a Killer Slideshow Video with Best Songs on Desktop

Want to create a slideshow with background music for your family? It is not that hard. All you need to do is make a slideshow of all the pictures you want and then use iMyFone Filme to add a piece of background music. It is the best tool for newbie. This tool is not that hard to use as some other high professional working software that requires higher knowledge of video making.

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Key Features

  • Crop and Trim. You can crop or trim any image you may want with just a few clicks.

  • 170+ Effect. Now, you can easily make slideshows in the same software as background music with a lot of effects and fun styles as there are more than 170 effects.

  • 50+ Free Audio. There are more than 50 audios given in this software.

  • 20+ Fast Video Templates. It contains more than 20 instant modes. This is the reason why this software is in demand and why it is promoted everywhere.

How to Create a Family Slideshow with Best Songs

If you want to add music to your slideshow in iMyFone Filme, there are two steps.

Method 1: Fast Video Templates

filme fast mode

Step 1. Click Fast Video Templates

Step 2. Choose Templates You Want and Add Media

Step 3. Export and share

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Method 2: Customize Your Video

view sound wave of videos

Step 1.Import and Add Media

Step 2. Have Fun with Clipart, Collages, and More Cool Stuff

Step 3. Choose Right FamilySlideshow Songs

Step 4. Drag and Drop Best Captured Moments

Step 5. Export and Rock Your Family

These were some best songs that you can add in your family slideshow with this application. All the above mention points will help you in making your occasion a memorable one!

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6 Keys to Create a Killer Slideshow Your Family Will Enjoy

Here, I will show you some easy keys to make your slideshow killer that your family will enjoy. If you want to make a good slideshow for your family, you can try some good video editing service to make a good family slideshow video.

Start with scene setters

When starting a family slideshow, always start with a scene setter. Scene setter is a type of picture that shows all your family members going on a trip, etc.; for example, your family is going on a trip to Hawaii. Choose a picture that shows all your family members may be on a bus to the trip, or at the beach, etc. This helps enhance the attention of the audience or, in this case, your family.


After the scene setter, you should move on to your family's interaction with each other or others. For example, you and your family are on the Hawaii trip, choose a picture in which your family is laughing at some kids play fighting in a water body or your parents scolding your younger siblings for messing their blanket up, etc. Also you can create kids growing up slideshow with best suited songs.


Your slideshow must have some meaningful emotional picture in it. For example, a picture of your family doing a group hug with your grandma who just came back from the hospital, or something else! An emotional feeling to a slideshow spices things up and gets the audiences' attention quickly.

Without people

There should be some pictures in your slideshow that must not have any people in them but still holds great meaning to them. For example, a picture of the empty house you are moving from. This household all your childhood in it and hence has a deep meaning. This gives a deep meaning to your slideshow.


There should be some transitions in your slideshow. It should not be a sequence of photos one after another. For example, it should contain pictures of your family going to different places, but it should not be pictures of your family posing at an event with different poses.

End shot

Your end shot should always be a picture that conveys the whole slideshow. For example, it shows to be a picture of your family walking on the footpath of your street after coming from the trip, or it could be of the sun setting on the Hawaiian beach.

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