Couples can make their channels worth following by introducing new videos and adding new ideas to their collection. In this article, we will share the best couple YouTube video ideas. You can select any of them to diversify your channel. We will also share an amazing video editor that can help you edit your YouTube videos effortlessly.

Part 1. Top 20 Money Making YouTube Video Ideas for Couples

1) Challenges

Challenge videos are quite exciting and perfect for couples. You can challenge your partner to do any task, such as bottle flip, cooking, or anything that you find catchy. The result would be amazing, and it is just like a competition in which viewers will be excited to know the result. People love to see such videos, and there are more chances of getting views and comments.

2) Pranks

Pranks are quite trendy nowadays, and couples can also take advantage of the idea. They can do some pranks with each other. You can fake things, such as a fake haircut of your partner or fake news. Pranks videos attract viewers, and people enjoy them a lot.

3) Reaction Videos

You might have seen couples reacting to others' videos, such as songs, comedy skits, and dance videos. This is quite simple because you only need to play the video and record your reaction. Nowadays, people also like to see the reaction videos just like the original videos. You can react to videos with your partners and give honest reviews.

4) Relationship

Couples have experience in relationships, so they can guide others. They know the good and the bad and how to make the relationship strong and contented. They can share their experiences and tips. It will help singles and couples that have just started their relationship.

relationship video ideas

5) Lifestyle Videos/Daily Vlogs

If you want to interact with your audience, you should share your lifestyle and daily experiences. You can share what you have done today and anything exciting you are planning. You can share daily routines, clothing ideas, room decoration tips, makeup collection, etc.

daily vlogs

6) Slideshows

Slideshow is the perfect idea for sharing your memories in a few minutes. If there is a special event, such as a birthday, anniversary, engagement, wedding, or anything else, you can create a short slideshow. It will show a glimpse of your moments to your viewers, and they will be able to have a closer look at your happy life.

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7) Product Reviews

Couples can share reviews about the products they have tried and used. They can recommend suitable products to their viewers, and this can also be a money-making idea if you include the affiliate links in the description. You can give reviews on home appliances, kitchen appliances, gadgets, tools, etc.

8) Travel Vlog

It is a stunning idea to share your travel experiences with the viewers. You can make daily vlogs to share awe-inspiring locations, natural beauty, artificial wonders, and famous places. Your viewers will also enjoy seeing the locations and places you have visited. They can also plan their next trip to the same vacation spot.

travel vlogs

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9) Stories/Takeaways

We all have experiences in our lives, and we learn a lot as time passes. You can create videos around the stories and incidents you have gone through in the past. You can share the complete stories and takeaways. It will benefit the viewers, and they can stay away from the mistakes you have made.

10) Cooking

If you know how to cook yummy cuisines, you can showcase your cooking skills to your audience. They will also learn new skills, tips, and tricks. If you have just started cooking or it is your first try, you can also share it with your viewers.

cooking video

11) Family Fun Time

Your audience would love to know more about you and your family. You can include your audience in your fun time with your loved ones. If you are playing a game or visiting any place, you can create a video and upload it to your channel.

family fun time

12) Pet Care

People consider their pets as their family members, and they love them very much. You might have seen many YouTubers creating videos around pet care. For instance, if you are taking your pet for a vaccination or haircut, you can make a video. You can also share what your pets love and how you play with them.

pet care

13) FAQs

Your audience might have some questions in their mind. You can encourage them to share in the comment section. After that, you can collect all those questions and make a video to answer them. The FAQ videos will clear the doubts of your audience, and they will get to know more about you.

14) Comedy Skits

Couples can create comedy skits related to relationships, parenting, visiting a place, etc. It will be funny and enjoyable for the couple as well as the audience. People will wait for your new skits to enjoy with others. If they find the video relatable to their lives, there are more chances of sharing.

comedy skits

15) Podcasts

A podcast is perfect for a couple to discuss topics and talk about various issues. Couples can start podcasts sessions for relationship guides, social issues, public awareness, and other purposes. Both partners can discuss things and present ideas and thoughts. They can also invite an influential and experienced person for an authentic discussion.


16) Interviews

There are a huge number of YouTubers, entrepreneurs, social activists, philanthropists, area experts, and other influential people. You can invite them and take their interview. You can discuss their success stories, things behind their success, tips, and reviews on various topics.


17) Tips and Tricks/Hacks

People see tips and tricks videos even though they don't know what they will see next. They just want to learn new tips and tricks to make their life easier. Some people also see such videos for entertainment and amusement. Thus, these videos gain more views and engagement.

18) Movie Reviews

If you have watched a new movie, you can share your views on it. You can tell others the pros and cons so that they can decide whether the movie is worth it or not. It will help your audience pick the best movies and enjoy them to the fullest.

19) Tutorials

Tutorials can teach others many things that they don't know. If you are good at something and know how to do it, you can create a tutorial, and your audience will love to learn.

tutorial videos

20) Fitness Videos

Everyone would love to stay fit and healthy. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can guide others about the exercises and workouts you do. You can share your diet plan and the diets that can benefit your audience. You can also show how to do exercises properly to achieve the desired goals.

fitness videos

Part 2. Use Filme to Make a Money-Making YouTube Video

Filme is the best option for creating YouTube videos because it is user-friendly, and anyone can use it without any hassle. You can edit your videos like a professional by using it. It will save you time and money.

It has almost all the basic and advanced tools, along with a screen recorder, slideshow maker, voice changer, audio editor, and video resizer. You can do almost anything, including effects, transitions, text, stickers, picture-in-picture, real-time screen recording & voice changing, and many more.

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Steps to Edit a YouTube Video Using Filme

Step 1: Launch Filme. Go to the File menu and create a new project.

Step 2: Import the videos and other media from the Media menu. Drag the video to the timeline.

filme add media

Step 3: You are ready to edit your videos. You can cut, trim, split, adjust speed, change color, rotate, and make other changes. The tools are above the timeline, and you can pick any of them you like.

filme editing tools

Step 4: Add effects, text, stickers, filters, music, and transitions from the top bar. You only need to select the style you like, and it will be added to the video.

Step 5: You can also edit audio. You can adjust its volume and sound effects. The voice changer of Filme can help you change the voice.

filme voice changer

Step 6: Finally, click on the Export button and export the video in the desired format. You can upload the video directly to your YouTube channel by using Filme.

filme upload to youtube

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Watch this video to see how to use Filme to make a nice YouTube video:

YouTube Video

Final Words

We hope you have plenty of YouTube video ideas now. You can use any of them you like. Make sure to edit your videos professionally to make them more engaging. You can use Filme as it is a user-friendly tool that can edit your videos with perfection.

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