Do you want to insert the best sentimental songs for slideshows? It is high time to entertain your friends and family with the perfect collections of songs while playing slideshows on special occasions. There are huge compilations of impressive sentimental songs available on the online platform. Choose the ones that persuade you and give you a wow feeling when you listen to them. In this article, you will learn about the mind-blowing sentimental songs and how to compile them as slideshows to engage the audience on memorable events.

Here, you will be studying incredible software that assists in the awesome creation of slideshows and helps you to make the right edits to meet your needs without any compromises. Check it out by rolling your cursor below for enlightening facts on this topic.

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Part 1. Best 5 Sentimental Songs for Slideshows

In this section, you will discover the best sentimental songs for slideshows that inspires the viewers in no time. Choose the best ones that bring out your emotional feel while watching it on screen.

1: A Song for Mama" by Boyz II Men

This song is exclusive music for Mama. Inspirational lyrics and brings back your childhood memories with your Mama. It is quite a mind-blowing soundtrack.

2: “Family Reunion” by the OJays

Here, the lyrics are awesome. It reveals the importance of Family and the fun you can have during the reunion. It is the space where you can cherish many memories.

3: "Father Figure" by George Michael

George Michael speaks up about the role of the Father in a family and his importance in the life of every individual. The lyrics are inspiring and never miss this at any cost.

4: "Daughters" by John Mayer

In this song, John Mayer feels proud of the daughters and describes their crucial role in a family. The music is incredible and it makes you listen again undoubtedly.

5: "Mother-In-Law" by Ernie K. Doe

Ernie Doe sings the relationship with the in-laws. Their friendly attitude and approach strengthen the growth of every woman.

Here, Caylee describes the family tree and its relationships emotionally. Breathtaking lyrics takes you off from the real world.

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Part 2. Make Slideshows with Sentimental Songs - iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is the perfect program to create a slideshow for your needs. It is an amazing tool that builds a positive impact on the audience. You would have come across video editors in the commercial space. The iMyFone Filme application is unique and you can make incredible professional edits to acquire stunning results. The mind-blowing features of the iMyFone Filme application


  • Fasten your slideshow preparation by using the built-in templates
  • Loads of edit options to convert your videos or images professional
  • Add filter effects and trigger excitements with viewers
  • There are options to add texts to express your emotions in the slideshows
  • The Fast Video Mode helps you to build slideshows quickly by working on every detail.

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The Stepwise procedure to make slideshows using the iMyFone Filme app

Step 1: Launch the iMyFone Filme app

Download the tool from its official webpage and launch it. Then, tap Editing Mode and in the home screen, press File -> New Project -> Choose the dimension as per your needs. Next, Import the videos by tapping the ‘Click here to import’. Add more media files by tapping the + icon.

Step 2: Add Transitions

Next, drag the videos into the timeline and tap ‘Transitions’ in the menu. Then, in the left pane choose the ‘Slideshow’ option and select the desired slideshow template in the right panel of the screen. Right-click and press the ‘Apply’ option.

Step 3: Export the slideshow

Finally, play the slideshow by clicking the play button below the preview screen and hitting the ‘Export’ button to save the file at desired storage space.

Follow up the above instructions to prepare a slideshow flawlessly for your needs using the iMyFone Filme program.


  • What are the tips to create inspiring slideshows?

Create the slideshow short and embed it with the right track based on the displaying videos. Choose the perfect tool to make professional edits on the details of the slideshow. Arrange the media files such that it conveys a meaningful message in the end.

  • Is it necessary to add music to the slideshow?

Based on the content, the requirement differs. If you handle emotional content, then you can add music accordingly. Choosing the perfect tone of the music is important while adding it to the slideshow.


Thus, the above content had given you valuable insights into the best sentimental songs for slideshows. Use the iMyFone Filme app to build a professional slideshow for your requirements without compromising on any factors. The simple interface of the iMyFone Filme app enhances your slideshow preparations and even a newbie can create excellent videos flawlessly. Connect with this article to enlighten with the latest updates on the best slideshow editors that serve your needs beyond limitations.

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