Do you want natural-sounding Super Smash Bros announcer AI voice for content creation, fan project making, or just for fun? Smash Bros Announcer Voice AI generator is here to help!

The Super Smash Bros Announcer, an unseen yet essential character, provides the auditory cues that elevate the gaming experience.

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In this article, we will get to know the voices behind the iconic announcements, and introduce the best Smash Bros Announcer voice AI generator like VoxBox for announcer-style voiceovers.

Part 1: Info about Super Smash Bros Announcer

The Super Smash Bros Announcer is a significant yet unseen character within the Super Smash Bros series. Operating behind the scenes, the Announcer plays a pivotal role by delivering auditory cues that signal various in-game events.

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These events encompass crucial moments like initiating matches or announcing different game modes. This auditory guidance serves to immerse players into the game's world and enhance their overall experience.

Part 2: Smash Bros Announcer AI Voices Generated & Voice Actors

The Announcer's role is performed by different voice actors across different iterations of the Super Smash Bros series. Despite the change in voice actors, the primary voice actor for the Announcer is typically the English voice actor.

Here are the various Smash Bros Announcer AI voices and corresponding voice actors:

Super Smash Bros.

Jeff Manning was the inaugural announcer, establishing trends like a booming style and shared voice with Master Hand. His voice featured a filtered echo, while his delivery was calm.


smash bros announcer jeff manning

Super Smash Bros. Melee

Dean Harrington, the second announcer, used an emcee-like approach with intensified phrases. He introduced the trend of voicing Crazy Hand. Harrington's voice had a muffled echo, criticized for being too quiet.


smash bros announcer dean harrington

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Pat Cashman, the third announcer, had a calmer tone resembling Manning's style. His voice was cleaner, deeper, and featured more personality, including distinct inflections.


smash bros announcer pat cashman

Super Smash Bros. 3DS/Wii U & Ultimate

Xander Mobus, the current announcer, maintained Cashman's depth with fewer filters. His delivery carried a unique blend of intensity and personality, evident in inflections for characters like Bayonetta and King K. Rool.


smash bros announcer xander mobus

Part 3: How to Generate Smash Bros Announcer Voice AI for Text to Speech

1. VoxBox – Smash Bros Announcer Voice AI Generator

VoxBox is the best solution for generating Smash Bros Announcer AI voice for text to speech, content creation, your streams or fan project, or having fun with others, as it provides you with realistic smash bros announcer AI voices and that of other characters, like Mario, Luigi, all you need is a text body, and VoxBox can convert it into voiceovers in seconds.

Moreover, it also offers you 3200+ voices and 77+ languages, speech to text, recording, audio editing, and more, serving as the best option to satisfy all your needs in audio making.

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Free Get Smash Bros Announcer AI voice for TTS:

    Step 1: Navigate to the VoxBox page to download and install it.

    Step 2: Click "Text to Speech" menu on the left pane and Head to "Change Voice" to select Smash Bros Announcer AI voice.

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    Step 3: Enter the text in the box ‘Please enter your text’ and press convert, and you can get the voiceover.

Key Features:

  • VoxBox supports text-to-speech using 3200+ voices.

  • You can use Smash Bros Announcer AI voice for voiceovers in 77+ languages.

  • Create expressive AI voices resembling YouTubers, Twitch streamers, fictional characters, and more.

  • Adjust speed, pitch, pause, and even emotional tone to match your desired voice output.

  • Export your generated voiceovers in various formats like MP3, WAV, and ogg.


People have reviewed this app for being user-friendly and simple to use. The variety of languages and voices helps them to bring entertainment to their lives. Moreover, VoxBox also has voice recording and editing features that no other TTS tool provides.


Watch this Video to know more about VoxBox!

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One of the top-tier Smash Bros Announcer text-to-speech tool, FakeYou, offers an astounding 2,400 voices in its arsenal. This expansive collection enables you to effortlessly transform text into voice, including the coveted Smash Bros Announcer AI voice, all without any cost. Moreover, it is an open source platform.

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Key Features:

  • Enhance Smash Bros Announcer text-to-speech with the addition of other voices.

  • Great AI API technology ensures the creation of impeccable voiceovers.

  • S colossal library encompassing over 2,000 diverse voices.

Part 4: FAQs about Smash Bros Announcer Voice AI 2023

1. Who is the voice of the Smash Bros announcer?

The voice of the Smash Bros announcer is Xander Mobus. He is the fourth and current announcer in the series, providing the iconic voice for Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

2. Who is the voice of the announcer in Smash Bros Melee?

The voice of the announcer in Super Smash Bros. Melee is Dean Harrington. He served as the second announcer in the series and provided the distinctive and memorable voice for the game's announcements.

3. What is a Smash Bros Announcer AI Voice?

A Smash Bros Announcer AI Voice refers to an artificial intelligence-generated voice that emulates the distinct style of the announcer in the Super Smash Bros series. It can be used to add an immersive and familiar touch to various projects and content.

4. How can I generate a Smash Bros Announcer AI Voice?

You can generate a Smash Bros Announcer AI Voice using specialized text-to-speech tools like VoxBox, utilizing advanced AI technology to convert written text into voice, resembling the iconic Smash Bros Announcer.

5. Are there any legal considerations when using AI-generated voices?

It's advisable to review the terms of use and licensing agreements of the AI voice generation tool you choose. Some platforms may have specific guidelines regarding the usage of their generated voices in commercial projects.


In conclusion, with AI voice generation technology like VoxBox, you're empowered to get Smash Bros announcer voice AI and craft your own custom announcer-style voiceovers.

Whether you're a content creator aiming to engage your audience or a Super Smash Bros aficionado seeking a unique touch, these AI tools got you covered.

Dive in, explore, and elevate your content creation journey with these cutting-edge solutions!

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