Are you looking for a Scottish accent text to speech tool for making voiceovers, content creation on social platforms, marketing materials, or just for fun? You've landed in the right place!

Today we are talking about 5 of the best Scottish accent text to speech tools you can use to make voiceoveres in English with scottish accent. With Scottish accent generators, you can effortlessly get lifelike Scottish AI voice for voiceovers and content creation. Read on, you will be surprised by how realistic and lifelike the scottish accent is!

scottish accent generator

Part 1: How to Get Scottish AI Voice Using Scottish Accent Generator

Following is a list of outstanding Irish and Scottish accent text to speech tools so that you can easily distinguish and understand between these neighboring dialects.

1. VoxBox - Best Scottish Accent Generator

If you are looking for a professional-grade Scottish accent text to speech tool with a tad bit of Irish, through which you can learn and practice your Scottish accent to impress others, then there is no better option than VoxBox.

With over 3,200 voiceover options, 77+ languages, and scottish accent generator TTS/STT features, there isn't much you can go wrong with. A PC software to boot, VoxBox will be your one-stop shop for all things Scottish accent text to speech tasks and projects.


No voice artists are needed, and no recording equipment is needed. You can easily convert your Scottish text to speech and voice using iMyFone VoxBox, the best Scottish Accent Text to Speech Tool! Download it and try it out for free now!

voxbox change voice over language

How To Do Scottish Accent Text-to-Speech in Voxbox

Step 1: Download & Installation

Step 2: Click "Text to Speech" to type/import text, and select "Change Voice" to get Scottish AI voice.

imyfone voxbox-Scottish-english-tts

Step 3: Search for "Scottish" under Language, and select the Scottish AI voice.

Step 4: Click on "Convert", then you can get the voiceover with Scottish accent.

imyfone voxbox scottish tts

Key Features:

  • You can use VoxBox as Scottish Accent text to speech Generator to satisfy all your dubbing needs.

  • More than 100 global accents not just Scottish accent.

  • The highest number of voiceover options than any other software, app, or tool up to 3,200 rich and fun selection.

  • Except for professional AI voices for you to make professional voiceovers, the app has customary fun voiceovers like Trump, Obama, etc.

  • Assists you to communicate with Scottish native using Scottish accent generator.

  • It offers functions including text to speech, speech to text, voice record, audio edit and more.

  • Supports to export the audio files in different formats like MP3, WAV.

voxbox language voices


yesIf you are a regular content creator, 3,200 voices are a lot to keep your content varied and fun.

yesIt also can be regarded as a Spanish text to speech generator.

yesAdjustable options such as pause, speed, volume, sound effects, etc.

yesA robust Scottish accent generator tool.


noIt has impressive features, but most of which aren't available in the free version.

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2. Micmonster

Micmonster is one of those few tools used in the United Nations summit as the official translator tool. You can use it for Scottish accent text to speech purposes if you are going to such conference for work.

Key Features:

  • We have the honor of being chosen as the official translator and STT for Scottish accent text to speech and other languages.

  • You can listen to all your Scottish accent text to speech generations in the preview mode and make changes accordingly.

  • There is no other online tool that allows 1,20,000 characters for a single-use case.

  • Best inflection tool to smooth out your audio.

micmonster text to speech scottish


yesStraightforward and fair pricing within reach of individual users.

yesRegular updates and bug fixes.

yesBest support and money-back guarantee.


noNot many styles are here.

3. ReadSpeaker

ReadSpeaker is your best bet for Scottish accent text to speech functions, as it is a top-notch cheap tool. It is one of the TTS market forerunners, and the following are some of its best features.

Key Features:

  • Supports sounds for many different industries.

  • Create, edit and modify any TTS-generated voices.

  • Upload any text-related file, and the tool will quickly speak out loud the text.

  • You can use it in entertainment, education, automotive industries, gaming, etc.

  • It has support for 35 languages and convertible voices that are hundreds in number.

read speaker text to speech for scottish


yesOffline mode supported.

yesMany different output voice options for your essential case scenario.

yesTry the free demo before you buy.


noHave limited voices for Scottish accent text to speech reasons.

noThe free version doesn't allow you to paste or write more than 250 characters.

4. Stuart Scottish Text to Speech

CereProc is a company that makes many great tools and apps for TTS needs, and their latest is Scottish accent text to speech app by the name of Stuart Scottish Text to Speech, available on the Google Play Store.

Key Features:

  • One of the most advanced Scottish accent text to speech apps on the Play Store.

  • Navigation in Scottish when driving.

  • Talkback is an excellent accessibility option.

  • You can read all your eBooks with this Scottish accent generator.

  • Multiple TTS apps supported.

stuart scottish text to speech


yesIntegrated with a lot of apps that support TTS.

yesStriking genuine accents endorsed by locals.

yesYou won't stop reading books in this fantastic accent.


noOnly has an android app.

5. Narakeet

Our following recommendation Narakeet is a web-based, inexpensive tool that can generate Scottish accent text to speech with Irish accent clips online that you can use for your YouTube or Instagram content or their TTS function to voiceover your recordings.

Key Features:

  • Design for a multicultural user base supporting 80 languages.

  • 500+ voiceover options.

  • Easily convert your audio clips into popular formats such as MP3, M4A, WAV, etc.

  • Fantastic support for Spanish up to 8 unique male/female narrator.

narakeet scottish accent generator


yesThe web tool lets you save all your converted Scottish text to speech clips to your device, which you can use as you like or for listening to them later.

yesThere are many regional accents, like Irish, for major languages, with some variants.

yesNo need for registration to use or download your files.


noYou can process up to 10MB audio file or 1kb text file at one time.

noNeed a strong internet connection to use this tool actively.

Part 2: Price Comparison of Scottish Accent Text to Speech Voice Generator

In this section, we compare the best 5 Scottish accent text to speech apps and tools based on the operating system they can be used on, pricing, and user ratings.

Tool's Name Operating System Pricing User Rating
iMyFone Voxbox

· PC&Mobile

· Quarterly $14.95

· Yearly $44.95

· Lifetime $89.95


· Web-based Online Tool

· Multiple Pricing that changes per minute Pricing


· Web-based Online Tool

Get a free quote for more information


· Online tool

· Mobile App coming soon

· $19/quarterly

· $60/year

· $134 Lifetime

Stuart Scottish Text to Speech

Android App



Part 3: FAQs about Scottish Accent Generator and Scottish AI Voice

1. How can I make Scottish Accent Text to Speech?

You can make Scottish accent text to speech by using an online text to speech voice generator like Narakeet, VoxBox, and many others. All these Scottish accent text to speech apps can generate natural local accents for everything you do.

You can use it to listen to books read to you, make narratives, change your voice on stream, and so on.

2. Which is the best Scottish Accent Generator?

In our opinion and experience, VoxBox is the best Scottish accent text to speech generator because of the sheer volume of voiceover options that you get, which are up to 3,000, which you can use to convert TTS in 11 languages. Other than this, multiple features set it apart, and for that, read above in this article.

3. How can I Realize Irish Accent Text to Speech?

The best way is to use a TTS tool like the ones we mentioned in this article for Scottish accent text to speech options and projects. These apps have many voices and accents, most of which also have Irish as an English accent, whereas some have fantastic support for dialects of the Irish language as well.

4. How do I make my voice sound Scottish?

You can make your voice sound like Scottish using Scottish accent generator, like Voxbox. All you need to do is to enter text, choose Scottish accent, and click convert to get Scottish voiceovers.

5. What is a Scottish AI voice?

A Scottish AI voice refers to an artificial intelligence-generated voice that replicates the distinctive accent and pronunciation associated with the Scottish dialect. It allows text-to-speech (TTS) systems to read written content in a manner that resembles a native Scottish speaker.

6. How does a Scottish AI voice work?

Scottish AI voices are developed using advanced machine learning techniques, particularly neural network-based TTS models. These models are trained on a vast dataset of Scottish speech samples to learn the nuances and intonations of the accent, enabling them to produce lifelike and authentic-sounding speech.

7. Can a Scottish AI voice be customized for different regions or accents within Scotland?

Yes, some Scottish AI voice systems provide options to customize the accent or regional dialect. Users may have the choice to select specific regions, such as Glaswegian or Highland, to better suit their preferences or the context of the content.

8. Is the Scottish AI voice available for commercial use?

Yes, many Scottish AI voice solutions are available for commercial use. Businesses and developers can integrate these voices into their products, services, or applications, subject to licensing agreements.


Using TTS software has many valuable scenarios, like using them to make presentations that read aloud at the pace you set it to, making marketing materials, creating content, and adding Scottish accent text to speech to your live stream to make them more extraordinary.

For this very purpose, we listed down the best 5 Scottish accent text to speech tools that you can use, out of which VoxBox is the best because of the sheer volume of voiceover options that you get, which are up to 3200, which you can use to convert TTS in 77 languages.