Do you want to know how to use Stray Kids Hyunjin AI Voice to say whatever you want to say? It's actually very simple. In this era of rapid development of AI technology, you can use VoxBox AI Voice Generator to generate any voice you want. It’s very simple, just read on!

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Part 1: Who is Hyunjin?

Hyunjin (현진) was born on March 20, 2000 in Seongnae-dong, Gangdong District, Seoul, South Korea. He is a Korean pop male singer and a member of the boy singing group Stray Kids. He is a South Korean rapper and singer-songwriter affiliated to JYP Entertainment.


Hyunjin is the center of the group Stray Kids and can give the audience a perfect visual experience. His powerful Rap and Swag performances are deeply loved by fans. Huang Xuanchen attracted the attention of fans with his eye-catching appearance. He exuded distinctive charm and left a deep impression on the audience.

Part 2: How to Generate Hyunjin AI Voice? [Full Guide]

Next, let us take a look at how to obtain Hyunjin AI Voice. It is actually very simple. You only need an AI Voice Generator to help you get it. Without further ado, let’s read on! The best Hyunjin AI Voice Generator is VoxBox. Next, let me tell you how to use VoxBox to generate Hyunjin AI Voice.

Steps To Generate Hyunjin AI Voice

    Step 1: Download and install Voxbox, then open it and head to "Voice Cloning".

    Step 2:Upload audio files or record in real time.

    voice cloning voxbox interface

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    Step 3:Click "Start Cloning" and wait seconds, then the cloning process is done.

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VoxBox Text to Speech— Hyunjin AI Voice Generator

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  • Ability to export the audio in various formats.

  • 2000 free characters for realistic voice generation without any cost.

  • Provides different styles of Hyunjin AI Voice, including his singing voice.

  • 100% accurate sounds of popular singers and rappers are in the voice library.

  • Wide selection of over 3200+ voices, 77+ languages, and 100+ accents.

  • Enjoy multiple functions(TTS, STT, voice cloning, voice editing, audio enhancing, AI rap generation, etc.) into one tool.


yesIt has a user-friendly interface.

yesEasy to use.

yesText-to-speech process faster, and clone voice only 20mins

yesProvide High-quality Dubbing.


noThe free Trial has limited features.


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Bonus Tips: Watch this video to learn more about Voice Cloning!

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Part 3: Recent News About Hyunjin Stray Kids

Huang Xuanchen is really good-looking, with exquisite facial features, a high bridge of nose, unique eyes and mouth, and really good proportions. He has full marks for expression management on stage and is cute and youthful off stage.

hyunjin recent

Stray Kids' Hyunjin has sparked a fan frenzy recently as Min said supporters noticed his new look during the band's recent trip to Jakarta to attend the Golden Disc Awards. While K-pop idols are no strangers to piercings of all kinds, it's the unconventional choices that really capture fans' attention. Even with the rare cheek piercing on GOT7's Jay B, the possibilities are endless.

Part 4: FAQs about Hyunjin AI Voice

1. How to Get Hyunjin AI Voice?

It's very easy to get Hyunjin AI Voice. You only need to use VoxBox AI Voice Generator to restore Hyunjin's voice to its original form. And VoxBox is free to try, and you can choose the AI voice you like.

2. Can I Use Hyunjin AI voice in my video?

You are free to use Hyunjin AI voice in your projects, but the content you generate must comply with legal requirements.


Through the introduction of this article, I believe you have a clearer understanding of how to use the Hyunjin AI Voice Generator to convert text into Hyunjin Voice. Creating voiceoversto video content, VoxBox AI speech generation technology will bring you new experiences and possibilities.

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