AI-generated Virtual YouTubers, affectionately known as Vtubers. These animated characters, brought to life by cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithms, have become a global sensation, captivating audiences with their charm, wit, and seemingly limitless potential. Whether you are an aspiring content creator, live streamers on Twitch or Youtube, you can easily catch viewers' attention with stunning AI Vtuber model and avatar.

Stick around! We will learn about how to make Vtuber model/avatar/assets with AI Vtuber generator. Now attract attention to your channels! You don't want to miss it!

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Part 1. What is Vtuber and AI Vtuber Generator?

Virtual YouTubers, affectionately known as VTubers, which often originate from the ranks of YouTubers and live streamers, these digital personalities bring their avatars to life using programs like Live2D, showcasing characters crafted by talented online artists. Breaking free from the confines of physical limitations, VTubers embark on extraordinary endeavors that transcend their real-world identities, immersing themselves in a world where imagination knows no bounds.
With the remarkable AI Vtuber Generator at your fingertips, you hold the power to effortlessly create captivating VTuber avatars, complete with full-bodied characters and immersive backgrounds, all within minutes. Simply input your desired descriptions, and watch as a world of possibilities unfolds before your eyes. Unlock unlimited access to enhance your VTuber assets, attracting attention and intrigue to your streaming channels like never before. Step into the realm of limitless creativity and seize the spotlight with your mesmerizing VTuber creations.


Part 2. Top 3 Popular Vtuber You Can Learn From

1) Kizuna AI

Kizuna AI is one of the most iconic and influential Vtubers in the industry. She debuted in 2016 and quickly gained a massive following with her energetic and charismatic personality. Known for her signature pink hair and distinctive voice, Kizuna AI creates a wide range of content, including gaming videos, vlogs, and music performances.


2) Gawr Gura

Gawr Gura skyrocketed to fame in 2020 as part of the English-speaking Vtuber group called Hololive English. With her endearing shark-themed design and playful persona, she quickly captured the hearts of fans around the world. Gawr Gura's entertaining gaming streams, humorous interactions, and catchy original songs have made her one of the most popular English-speaking Vtubers, amassing a dedicated and enthusiastic community of followers.


3) Kiryu Coco

Kiryu Coco is a prominent Vtuber from Hololive Production, known for her dynamic personality and unique sense of humor. She gained widespread attention for her sharp wit, meme culture references, and her ability to create entertaining content across various genres, including gaming, music, and livestream discussions. Kiryu Coco's bold and charismatic presence has made her a beloved figure within the Vtuber community, earning her a large and dedicated fanbase.


Part 3. How to Make a Vtuber Avatar Free with Ease [Step-by-Step Guide]

1) 2D Vtuber Avatar Maker--Fotor

Fotor's AI VTuber maker empowers you to generate VTuber designs and programs with unparalleled ease. From digital and AI avatars to expressive faces, and even streaming essentials like AI backgrounds and emotes, all your VTubing needs are seamlessly fulfilled by our comprehensive online AI VTuber creator.

How to Make a 2d Vtuber Avatar in Fotor:

Step #1: Visit the website & Click "Generate VTuber Assets with AI".


Step #2: Enter your text to detailedly describe the Vtuber avatar you want to create, or you can upload an image to transform it into a Vtuber avatar.Remember to choose the styles you'd like to generate.


Step #3: Click "Generate" on the bottom of the screen.

Step #4: Preview the avatar it creates & Download the images.


Key Features:

  • Effortless VTuber Model Generation: With Fotor's AI VTuber maker, there's no need to search for pre-existing VTuber models or creators. The tool allows you to generate VTuber designs effortlessly.

  • Versatile Avatar and Face Creation: Bring your virtual persona to life with customizable digital and AI avatars.

  • Streaming Assets Made Easy: From immersive settings to eye-catching expressions, Fotor's AI VTuber maker provides you with the essential assets to enhance your broadcasts.

  • User-Friendly Online Interface: Fotor's AI VTuber creator offers a user-friendly online interface, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience throughout the avatar and asset creation process.

  • Comprehensive VTubing Solutions: Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing VTuber content, Fotor's AI VTuber maker covers all your needs, allowing you to create, customize, and refine your VTuber assets with ease.

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2) 3D Vtuber Avatar Maker--VRoid Studio

VRoid Studio is a powerful and user-friendly 3D character modeling software that allows users to effortlessly create and customize their own virtual characters for use in various applications, such as video games, virtual reality experiences, animations, and more. With its intuitive interface, extensive customization options, and versatile export capabilities, VRoid Studio empowers creators to bring their imaginative characters to life in the immersive world of virtual reality.

How to Make 3D Vtuber Avatar in VRoid Studio:

Step #1: Download and open the software.


Step #2: Click "Create New" to start the process, or you can choose a model from the sample to start customization.


Step #3: Customize your own Vtuber avatar through customizing face, hairstyle, body, outfit, accesssories, look, etc.


Step #4: Export your Vtuber avatar.


Key Features:

  • Character Creation: VRoid Studio provides a comprehensive set of tools and options to design and customize 3D characters. Users can adjust various attributes like body proportions, facial features, hairstyles, clothing, accessories, and even choose from a wide range of pre-designed elements for convenience.

  • Intuitive Interface: The intuitive controls and layout allow for easy navigation and efficient workflow.

  • Pose and Expression Editor: VRoid Studio includes a pose and expression editor that enables users to create dynamic poses and expressions for their characters.

  • VRM Format Export: VRoid Studio supports the export of characters in the VRM format, which is widely compatible with various platforms and software applications.

  • Community Sharing: VRoid Studio provides a platform where creators can share their characters with the VRoid Hub community.

Part 4: Don't Miss Another Solution to Make a Vtuber Avatar Free and Easy

In the previous part, we have learned how to make 2D Vtuber avatar with Fotor, 3D Vtuber avatar in VRoid Studio effortlessly. Apart from them, here is another good solution for you to generate stunning Vtuber avatars.

iMyFone MagicPic is an AI photo editing tool, and its current feature is to bulk remove and change background with AI .

The function of generating stunning and eye-catching Vtuber avatars, background, and assets is coming soon, which allows you to create Vtuber avatar from text description. Stay tuned, you won't regret it!

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Part 5: FAQs about AI Vtuber

What is an AI VTuber?

An AI VTuber, or Artificial Intelligence Virtual YouTuber, is a virtual character or persona controlled by an artificial intelligence system. AI VTubers use computer-generated avatars and advanced algorithms to mimic human-like movements, expressions, and interactions. These virtual characters can engage in live streaming, gaming, storytelling, and other forms of content creation.

Can AI create a VTuber model?

Yes, with Fotor's AI VTuber Maker, you can create a 2d VTuber model with ease. But if you want a 3d VTuber model, VRoid Studio is the best and free choice.

Where can i make my own VTuber model?

Fotor's AI VTuber maker brings convenience to the process of creating VTuber models and designs online. Gone are the days of searching for VTuber models or creators. With Fotor, generating VTuber programs, digital or AI avatars, AI faces, and other streaming assets like AI backgrounds and emotes becomes a seamless and effortless experience. The power of AI enables users to easily create and customize their own VTuber content with just a few simple steps.

What is the best VTuber model maker?

1. Fotor-best 2d VTuber maker
2. VRoid Studio-best free 3d VTuber generator
3. Live3D-best 3d CTuber software

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, AI VTuber generators/makers have gained popularity due to their ability to simplify the creation of virtual characters for content creation, allowing users to design unique avatars and engage in various forms of content like live streaming and gaming.

Now come and get it! Make your own stunning and eye-catching VTuber avatars with just a few clicks to attract more audience and be unique among the crowd.

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