You want to show your excellent performance with your friends or become an influence on YouTube, capturing your gaming talent requires an exceptionally trustworthy game screen recorder that can tolerate the complicated gaming procedures and promises high-resolution gameplay.

Now you can find a ton of game screen recorder PC claiming to be the best ones but finding the right ones becomes challenging. Worry not because we bring you some tried and tested gameplay screen recorders with excellent features to make your day. So, let's begin:

10 Best Game Recorders For Windows And Mac

1. iMyFone Filme [For Windows] hot

Professional gamers prefer iMyFone Filme for its extraordinary screen recording quality and the reliability factor that it promises. The software comes with a user-friendly interface along with advance and professional features.

This software is loaded with many video editing features, making it the favorite among professional gamers.

YouTube Video

iMyFone Filme Game Recording Features:

  • The recording of the whole and partial screenplay is possible

  • You can add transitions, effects, and text formats easily

  • Powerful enough to support numerous file formats

  • Lets you create a slideshow of your gameplay with multiple audio tracks, including voiceover, music, and other sound effects

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yesEasy and secure interface

yesAllows direct video sharing on all major social media platforms

yesThe Fast Video mode is super convenient even for the new users

yesUnlimited time for gameplay recording


noLimited features are available in the free version

noWatermark appears in the free version videos

2. Icecream Screen Recorder [For Windows]

You can capture your gameplay with the rich features of the Icecream Screen Recorder. You can record your video tutorials, gameplay, Live Streams, and much more with the software. The scheduled time lets you start recording on your set time.

The software gives your recorded video a complete editing overhaul for immediate sharing on your YouTube channels.

icecream screen recorder

Features of Game Recording:

  • HD quality professional video recording results

  • 60FPS gameplay in full screen

  • Offers unique editing features to manage, convert and trim videos

  • The files could be shared instantly by using URL link

  • It comes with varying webcam inputs which lets you record audio and video more specifically.


yesLets you select the output quality

yesCan record full-screen 3D games

yesVideo can be saved in GIF Format

yesWatermark of your own could be applied


noThe sound quality needs to be improved in the free version.

noThe MP4 and MKV file format are only available in the paid version.

3. Action Screen Recorder [For Windows]

Action is highly popular among gamers, and its ultimate high definition screen recording is gamers' favorite feature. Along with the screen recording option, the software allows streaming and editing in more than one video format, I.e., AVI and MP4. The professional-level features let you edit backgrounds, record screens and webcams as well.

action screen recorder


Its amazing features include exporting videos in various popular file formats. The live streaming could be directly shared over the internet once your video is ready. On the other hand, the current and average frame rates on videos allow for exact recording time.


yesCan add live commentary in your videos

yesFree trial is longer than its counterparts

yesPowerful, stable platform to record game videos

yesLets you use the slow-motion effect of recording

yesAdjustments while recording can be made through the mobile app


noFrame rates cannot be customized

noOnly 10 minutes of record time is provided in the Free version.

4. Bandicam Screen Recorder [For Windows]

Bandicam for windows is undoubtedly fantastic software to capture your incredible game moments. It has filled the void of limitations that gamers experience with other game recorders. Screen recording with Bandicam means no unusual hangs and messes as the software is powerful enough to handle 2D/3D games without much difficulty.

bandicam screen recorder


It uses hardware accelerated H.264 encoder to ensure excellent performance. It's one of the best software to record gameplay as it has many impressive features, such as the 4K ultra HD resolution with a high compression ratio.


yesCompression feature delivers small size files with outstanding quality

yesAllows screen recording from external sources such d Xbox, PlayStation, smartphone, etc.

yesProvides real-time drawing, audio editing, and webcam overlay effects.

yesRecordings could be scheduled for future times.

yesScreenshots can be saved in JPEG, PNG, and BMP Formats.


noThe free version watermarks the videos

noThe software is quite costly

noThe live streaming option is not available

5. Dxtory Screen Recorder [For Windows]

The easy gameplay recording is no longer a dream, thanks to Dxtory. The simple and lightweight software delivers the best quality videos in no time. It collects all the data directly into the surface memory buffer, giving it a high processing speed.

dxtory screen recorder


Its advanced features are enough to leave you in awe of its robust capabilities. The video setting allows customization of video codec and frames from 10 to 120 seconds. The VFW codec can be selected on your own with the option to put pressure on GPU or CPU for recording.


yesVideo sizes, frames, and formats could be customized conveniently

yesDouble sound recording options, I.e., game sound and microphone

yesClear and simple user interface

yesMultiple versions could be covered on a single license


noConstant trial notifications sometimes get on the nerves

noA bit tricky for beginners

6. Open Broadcaster Software [For Windows]

OBS is the go-to software for compassionate gamers. The open-source flexible game recorder allows both live streaming and video editing as well. The users only have to make some selections for the source and start recording. It allows seamless video production, which could be trimmed, combined, and edited accordingly.

obs screen recoder


The recordings are capable of MP4 and FLV format with a ratio of 1:1. The Picture-in-Picture mode, Custom Watermarks, and Push-to-Talk mode allow excellent video recording and saving features. It gives high-quality streaming using the PC's GPU. Noise suppression and audio mixing are other praiseworthy features.


yesBest free game recorder available for everyone

yesLayouts could be arranged as per the preference

yesCompatible for multiple platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Mac.

yesAllows plugins that can double your fun


noFiles become larger after recording

noBuilt-in editing functions are absent

7. ManyCam Screen Recorder [For Windows]

This software is incredible to own as this live streaming software offers excellent support to record the gameplay. The streaming to Facebook and YouTube has become extremely easy with ManyCam. You can use the software for free, but the license purchase would be required at one point.

manyCam gameplay recorder


ManyCam is a capable tool that provides WMV and AVI video recordings, a bitrate setting, and excellent editing features. The blurry backgrounds can be replaced in a jiff, and 3D filters and masks make it even more awesome.


yesWindows 7, 8, 10, and 11 (most likely) are supported

yesDual functions of live broadcasting and game recording

yesCapable of Yahoo and Skype messenger syncing

yesRich features to enhance the experience


noCostly compares to the similar software amiable on the market

noThe paid version has to be bought sooner or later

8. QuickTime Screen Recorder [For Mac]

The advanced streaming software produced by Mac has got everyone's attention since its release. The quick screen recorder lets you have your videos ready in no time. Being one of the best video converters for Mac OS, it uses the latest technology to connect the content over the internet.

quicktime gameplay recording software


The onscreen controls used by QuickTime are similar to that of DVD and CD players. It can handle digital videos, picture sounds, panoramic image, and their interactivity. Moreover, narrations in the video are also allowed.


yesIt has made video playing, editing, and sharing over the Mac platform extremely convenient.

yesStreaming to Apple TV is possible.

yesShare videos directly over social media platforms

yesOffers advance features of flip, rotate, trim, etc.

yesA reliable platform that could be enjoyed free of cost


noLimited editing and recording functionalities

noSupports small interface

9. ScreenFlow Screen Recorder [For Mac]

If you are looking for the best HD game screen recorder for Mac, consider your search ended. ScreenFlow brings super-advanced features to record games on Mac. Not only it brings high-resolution videos for you, but it also lets you share your skills all over the internet without any complications.

screenflow screen recorder


It records the videos in 720p resolution, which could be arranged systematically in a library. You can combine various videos and change the audio of the clip using ScreenFlow. It has made creating high-quality retina videos easier and quicker.


yesIt consumes less CPU and RAM space, making it a lightweight software

yesIt has impressive voice recording features.

yesThe attractive logos, titles, transitions, etc., make it exciting software.

yesSharing on Vimeo, YouTube, Wistia, Dropbox is easy and fast.


noRequires heavy payment to use advanced features

noThrough customization is not supported

10. ScreenFlick Screen Recorder [For Mac]

If you need quick software, ScreenFlick might be the answer to your prayers. It is an excellent screen capturing app for Mac OS that works by just clicking on some boxes to import an external voice in your videos. You can also record your microphone audio.

screenflick screen recorder


It allows gameplay recording along with game audio, voiceovers, and team connect on Skype or Discord.


yesUser-friendly and streamlines interface

yesPowerful enough to support 3D gameplays, video chats, training sessions, and much more.

yes60fps gameplay recording along with game or microphone voice recording


noComes with watermark videos in the free versions.

If You Don't Want To Install Game Recording Software, Use Xbox Game Bar

The game recording is a sport many enjoy. Therefore Xbox makers have brought relief for the gamers by adding Xbox Game Bar to record your game-winning strategies and daring game moments using a built-in Game Bar in Windows 10.

It consists of excellent video recording and editing features that completely put an end to download any other app. Ace its usage, and you can create excellent gameplay without needing a video game screen recorder.

So how can you use this fantastic feature?

xbox game bar

  1. To open the Game Bar on your screen, click the Windows and G on your keyboard together.

  2. You can manually open the Game Bar by following the below-given steps:

    • Click on the Start Menu

    • Open settings from the cog icon

    • Select the option 'Gaming.' Keep the switch on the top switched on to record the clips, save screenshots, and for broadcasting.

    • You can access the Game Bar commands from this page, such as taking screenshots, play and resume screen recording. You can also enjoy customized shortcut commands.

xbox game bar screen recording

Recording your Screen

  1. First of all, minimize all of the windows you are not working at and mute the audios you don't want to record. As only one window can be recorded at a time, so it's better to close other apps and pages to avoid accidental recordings.

  2. Now open the Xbox Game Bar as explained above.

  3. If you wish to add video commentary or voice-over, enable the external audio option. The System Sounds allows you to experiment with the audio volume and other aspects.

  4. Once you are satisfied with all the audio sections, click the Record button to start recording. The shortcut key Windows + Alt + R lets you start recording directly.

Saving The Videos

  1. Now you will come across a pop-up bar with a timer and recording controls. Switch on or off the microphone.

  2. Upon the completion of your recording, click on the stop button.

  3. After that, you can save and find your video in File Explorer.

  4. To directly find your file on the computer goes to This PC > Videos > Captures.

The Game Bar allows only one application recording, and when you switch off the audio, it will still record the system's audio. To master using this function, you will need to experiment with the features quite often.

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Final Check: Which Game Recorder Is Best For You?

If you are looking for a game screen recorder download for PC or Mac, you now have enough options to choose from. From advanced robust software like iMyFone Filme to simple ones like ScreenFlick, all the game screen recorders can help you create beautiful high-quality videos.

If you want to make some dollars out of game recording, go for professional ones such as iMyFone Filme; otherwise, you can also start with the basic ones.

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