An important part of becoming a gamer streamer is to have the right computer game screen recorder. If you want to create quality content, having the right tools to record and edit your content is essential.

Therefore, we have prepared a detailed top 10 of the best screen recorder software you could use. We indicate the main features, operating system (OS) that support it, pros and cons as well as the price.

Lastly, we offer you some advice on how to choose the right software to achieve your goals. You will find the best screen recorder for gameplay if you keep reading.

Top 10 Selections of Best Screen Recorder for Gameplay

1. iMyFone Filme

iMyFone Filme is a premium tool ideal for beginners who want professional-looking videos. Not only you can use it as a computer screen recorder, but you can also edit audio, video and add pictures. This software compatibility makes it excellent for cross-platform gamers.

You can use basic tools for quick editions. As additional features, you can download templates of audios, text and effects.

imyfone filme screen record.jpg


yes Friendly interface for beginnersand easy to use for screen recording

yes You can edit the recording footage right after when you finish the recording

yes It is compatible with most of the video and picture formats

yes Music, templates and effects available for download at any time


no Exported video of free version comes with Filme watermark

Available for systems:

Windows & Mac


  • In the official website you can download a free trial versionof 30 days.

  • Monthly subscription costs $19.95

  • Lifetime licensefor $59.95. It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time.

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2. OBS

Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is a free computer game screen recorder. This software is designed for live broadcasting. This open-source program has detailed features that no other free software offers. It includes features such as an intuitive audio mixer that can filter noises, graphic filters to adjust the video, customizable transitions for unlimited scenes and customizable hotkeys to keep the best experience through your streaming.

The settings panel allows you to have easy control of all the features at any time. You can use OBS for streaming in diverse platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Daily Motion, Twitch, Hitbox and more.

obs studio


yes No limit of the video length

yes Lightweight program with high performance

yes Compatible with streaming platforms


no Not compatible with mobile OS

no Intimidating interface for beginners users

no It can't link to an audio file as a source

Available for systems:

Windows, Mac, Linux.


  • Free and open source software

3. Bandicam

Bandicam software is designed for video and computer game screen recorder. It can be adapted to users, small businesses and corporations. The main feature of Bandicam is the quality of the video and audio it can maintain in the recordings even when compressed into a smaller size.

It includes additional features like a real-time webcam overlay option, adding a logo, customizable hotkeys to adjust your settings while recordings, mouse click effects and more. Some special features for game recording include the FPS limits settings and FPS overlay.



yes Friendly user interface

yes High quality recordings

yes High compression ratio


no Not compatible with streaming platforms

no It requires special installation and the addition of hardware to be compatible with other devices.

Available for systems:



  • Free limited version with watermarks

  • Lifetime licensefor $39.95 It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time

4. Xsplit Broadcaster

This screen recorder software is a simple, yet robust option. Xplit Broadcaster enables a simple interface for users with an outstanding drag and drops feature. It is compatible with the most popular file formats. In addition, it can be complemented with camera recording tools like XSplit VCam and XSplit Gamecaster.

You can use quick and basic tools to edit your multiple videos or game recordings. It offers a feature for camera recording like Chroma key filters to remove the background.

xsplit broadcaster


yes Remarkable video and sound quality

yes High performance and resource optimization

yes Unique drag and drop feature


no Limited design and personalization tools.

no It is only supported by Windows.

Available for systems:



  • In the official website you can download a free trial versionof 30 days.

  • 3 Month subscription costs $24.95

  • Lifetime licensefor $199.00. It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time.

5. FBX Game Recorder

FBX Game Recorder software is designed for computer game screen recording and live stream. Their focus on high-quality game recordings is notorious and adaptable to wide hardware specifications. The feature includes customizable GIFs and stickers, text addition, screen capture, slow motion, instant clip saving and customizable hotkeys configuration to keep easy control of your recordings.

You can configure it to add your live camera recording and improve your content. Another interesting feature for streaming gamers is that it has smart bandwidth adjustment to improve your broadcasting quality.

fbx game recorder


yes User friendly interface

yes High performance and lag-free recordings

yes Supports social media sharing


no Limited to only game recordings

no Limited time recording in the free version

Available for systems:



  • Free limited versionavailable in the official website.

  • One year subscription costs $19.00

  • Lifetime licensefor $49.00. It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time.

6. Action!

Action! is a premium gameplay and screen recorder for Windows OS. The interface is rather intuitive and easy to learn. You can record or broadcast your gameplays with HD quality even when compressed. Among the key features, it includes live microphone audio and webcam footage. You can edit your audio and video recordings with basic tools.

It supports live streaming on popular platforms like YouTube Live, Hitbox, Twitch and Facebook Live. You can select a standard profile and start right away with your recording.

action screen recorder


yes Intuitive User interface

yes High quality video and audio recording

yes Supports streaming platforms.


no No option to adjust FPS.

no No settings for video Bitrate adjustment.

no Few edit and design tools

Available for systems:



  • In the official website you can download a free trial versionof 30 days.

  • Lifetime licensefor $32.90. It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time.

7. Fraps

Fraps is a premium alternative software for screen recording. Its design is focused on computer game screen recording. One of the best features is the reliable benchmark adjustment that displays the exact frames per second of your recording. Another feature includes screen captures in specific intervals. Something to keep in mind is how the lack of new updates is evident when compared to nowadays software. It has the disadvantage of poor client support and no editing options for your recordings. It is a basic recording program with few but decent settings and configurations.

fraps screen recorder


yes Intuitive User interface

yes High resolution recordings

yes Reliable frame times benchmark


no Poor resources optimization

no No video editing options.

no It stopped updates development

Available for systems:



  • In the official website you can download a free limited trial versionof 30 days.

  • Lifetime licensefor $37. It requires only one time payment for one computer using it at a time.

8. ScreenFlow

ScreenFlow is a premium option of video editing and screen recording software for Mac OS. The interface is ideal for beginner users. It is designed as a general screen recorder for multiple purposes. The robust edit tools are ideal to adjust recordings, add text, transitions and create high-quality videos. Some additional features include GIF animation, partial screen capture, clip replacement and animation effects.

As a disadvantage, this software does not include templates or an asset library. This lack of function is disappointing considering the expensive cost of the license. The updates of the software require additional payment to access them since there is no free update service.

screenflow recorder


yes Friendly user interface

yes Multiple editing options and tools for video and audio.

yes Reliable customer support


no No templates available

no No asset library system

no No free updates service included

Available for systems:

Mac and iOS.


  • Free limited version

  • Lifetime licensefor $125. However, this price does not include future updates.

9. VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a free software option for video reproduction. However, with advanced configuration, it can be used as a simple full-screen recording and webcam recording. It does not offer any tool for video or audio editing or additional feature to personalize the recording. A big disadvantage or limitation is that the recordings do not include audio recording and it does not support streaming services.

It can be useful as a free tool if combined with complements like video editing software and audio recorder software. Yet, this would be a challenging task. It lacks significant functionalities as a computer game screen recorder.

vlc screen record


yes Requires advanced knowledge for adjusting recording functions.

yes Frame rates adjustment option

yes Supports webcam video recording.


no No video or audio editing options.

no No audio recording function

no It supports limited file formats

Available for systems:

Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android.


  • Free software.

10. Apowersoft

Apowersoft free online screen recorder is one option that can be used as a computer game screen recorder. It offers screen, audio and microphone recording as well as webcam recording. Part of the features it includes is a basic video editing and customization with text. The decent video and audio quality, lightweight application, and easy-to-learn interface makes it suitable for beginners.

However, it is not focused on game recording. Therefore it lacks some important features for game streaming. For further features, the Apowersoft Pro version offers more editing options and more advanced screen recording settings.

apowersoft screen record


yes Easy to use and friendly user interface.

yes Supports webcam video recording.

yes Compatible with popular video and audio file.


no Requires internet connection.

no Low quality webcam recording

no Few editing options and tools

Available for systems:

Windows, Android, Mac, iOS.


  • Free version availablein the official website.

  • Lifetime licensefor pro edition $39.95 for one personal license.

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How to choose a suitable or free screen recorder for gameplay?

  • What do you want to do with the gameplay recordings?

Each computer game screen recorder is focused on certain applications. Keep in mind what you want to do with your content as an important decision factor. For example, some options prioritize editing tools, some options support live streaming in different platforms, other tools are compatible with social media sharing.

  • Is the interface easy to use?

How skilled you are and how user-friendly is the interface are important points of consideration. If you require a quick recorder with intuitive tools, it is best to take a look at users' opinions. Additionally, check if the screen recorder you will use has active customer support.

  • Price

Are you willing to invert on your game screen recorder? The price for the license or subscription is an important factor to consider. Remember to try beforehand the free trials/versions of paid alternatives to ensure it is what you are looking for. You can choose a free option as well.

  • Edit and customization options

If you want to create engaging content, then you must have the right editing functionalities available. Some screen recorders have a robust editing functionality and will make content creation easier. It is best to have these tools than to have a surprise disappointment.


There is no universal computer game screen recorder, but thanks to all the variety of options there are different functionalities for each purpose. Remember to evaluate whereas the pros will overcome the cons of the option you choose to use.

Among the options mentioned, iMyFone Filme is the most compatible with most pc operating systems and mobile devices. You can try the free trial to get to know this versatile and high-quality tool.

We hope that this top has facilitated your search and solved your doubts. After all, searching for your best screen recorder for gameplay must be based on your objectives and the equipment you have available.

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