The robot voice changer has been one of the most trending features in social media in recent years. By applying a filter to your natural voice, you can make it sound like a futuristic robot from the 25th century!

This feature is available online, on many mobile apps, and desktop software applications, and has made an indelible mark on the younger generation of social media users. In this article, you'll learn how to get robot voice with robotic voice changer.

Part 1: Powerful Robot Voice Generator for Desktop

Here are the two different apps on desktop to change your voice. There are some detailes in follows.

1. MagicMic - Real-time Voice Changer

iMyFone MagicMic is fully worthy of your attention if you want to change every aspect of your voice more in a natural way.

With just one click, you can turn your voice into Woman to Man, Monster, Minions, Devil, Chipmunks, Dragon, Robot, Alien, etc.


What amazes me is that, as a new software on the market, it contains more than 100 voice changing effects, more than most voice changing products.

Here are more details about the key features of this tool:

Features of iMyFone MagicMic

yesEasy to use with an easy and well designed interface.

yesIt is a full functioning software with voice changing,sound effects,voice memes,audio and recording voice changing,hotkey control.

yesSupports in Windows and Mac.

Popular voices on iMyFone MagicMic:

  • Magic Chords
  • Male to Femle
  • Young Lady Riley
  • Robot
  • Minions

Watch this video to learn how to use Magicmic to change voice into robot:

Robot Voice changer youtube video

Steps to Change Voice Using iMyFone MagicMic Voice Changer:

Step 1: Launch the Latest Version

First, you need to download and install the iMyFone MagicMic from the official website. Make sure to download the latest version to have all the functions available.

Step 2: Set the Input and Output Device

Then select your real microphone as the input device. Select your headphones as the output device.


Step 3: Choose Voice Effect

Now you can click any voice effect in MagicMic and speak into your microphone to check if it really change your voice.

Step 4: Go to Platform and Finish Settings

Go to the platform where you want to apply a voice changer.


2. iMyFone Filme - Video Editing Software with Voice Changer

iMyFone Filme is a wholesome video editing software application for Mac and Windows.The voice changer module includes other voice options such as chipmunk voice, robot voice, and a whole lot of other fun voices.

Try It Free

live robot voice changer on desktop imyfone filme

This app is good helper for a beginner to edit video. It comes with all basic functions for video edition.

Since it is software, there will always be some shortcomings. The downside of this software is that its video export is relatively slow.

Notable Features of iMyFone Filme

  • Extensive voice change options as a video editor
  • voice recorder included.
  • Timeline audio editing and clean up
  • Royalty-free audio tracks
  • Fade transitions
  • Screen recording
  • Comprehensive video editing tools
  • Large library of effects, text animation, and other assets

Popular voices on Filme:

  • Man
  • Monster
  • Robot
  • Transformers
  • Echo

How to Change Your Voice to a Robot Voice in iMyFone Filme

Watch this video to learn how to use Filme to change voice:

YouTube Video

Step 1. Launch iMyFone Filme and click on a new audio track. You will see this below the main video track.

Try It FreeTry It Free

Step 2. Next, click the Mic icon to initiate recording. In the drop-down, you will see three dropdown menus, as follows:

a. In the first one, choose the audio input, such as your external or internal mic.

b. In the second dropdown, select Robot Voice.

c. In the third box, choose the audio output device - headphones, speakers, etc.

change your voice to robot imyfone filme

Step 3. Start the recording by clicking the gray Record button. Your voice will be processed and saved as you speak.

Step 4.Stop recording when you're done and wait until the processed audio appears on a new track in the timeline.

live robot voice changer on desktop imyfone filme

Step 5. You can now do several actions:

a. Sync this robot voice audio clip to a video clip from your Media Library

b. Create shorter clips of the changed voice

c. Trim, split, control volume, and add fade transitions

d. Add effects and text if you're using it for a video

Step 6. Finally, save the file by clicking Export, choosing the file format, and changing any other parameter you need to.

Click Export again to download the file to your desktop or import it back to your mobile device.

Part 2: Best Robot Voice Changer Online -

Another option for how to change your voice to a robot voice is the online one. is one example of numerous free voice changer websites that are becoming increasingly popular among social media users.

The advantage of using this platform is that there's no installation involved. Everything is done on the browser.


The voice change of this software uses a real picture, which is clear at a glance, but there is always noise after voice change.I hope they can make the sound quality output better.

Key Features

  • Three ways to input voice - record, upload, Text-To-Speech (TTS)

  • Readily-available selection of voice-change effects

  • Publish your own custom voice recordings

Popular voices on

  • Alien
  • Ghostface
  • Robot
  • Radio
  • Cave

How to Change to a Robot Voice Online with

  1. Head over to the website.
  1. Choose one of the three voice input options (Please note that the TTS option currently doesn't work with voice change. The voice will need to be generated, recorded, and then processed again for the voice change.)
  1. After either recording audio or uploading an audio file, select a robot voice option from the icons presented below.

  1. In the Audio Preview window, click the three vertical dots in the playbar and select Download to save the file to your desktop.

Excellent Robot Voice Generator iPhone & Android - Voicemod Clip

The name Voicemod Clip says it all: it allows you to modify voice clips! Available for iOS and Android on their respective app stores, the Voicemod Clip apps offer an impressive array of voice change options, including the one we're looking for - a robot voice generator.

It also doubles as a mobile video recorder and editor to create videos on the move.

change your voice to robot on mobile

Key Features of Voicemod Clips

  • Record video and audio content
  • Add filters for audio tracks
  • Vast selection of voice filter options.
  • You can browse and play around with selection of their most popular voices.

Popular voices on iMyFone MagicMic:

  • Evil
  • Baby
  • Titan
  • Robot
  • Fear

How to Use VM Clip to Change your Voice to a Robot Voice

  1. Install and launch Voicemod Clip on your mobile device.

  1. Select the content type as a video or an audio clip.

  1. Record your voice with the Record button.

  1. Choose the voice filter option for Robot and input the clip's duration.

  1. Assign a name to your recorded clip and save it locally to your device or upload to social media and chat apps.

Part 4: Feature Comparisons of Robot Voice Generator

Each of these robot voice changer methods has its advantages, but the verdict definitely tilts toward the desktop solution to change your voice to a robot voice.

If you're serious about your online presence, then learning how to change your voice to a robot one is probably an important first step in figuring out which method is best for you.

Product NameOSPropertiesVoice FiltersVoice EffectsHot KeysVoice Customization
FilmeMac&WindowsAudio Edit15+300+YesNo
Voicechanger.ioOnlineAudio Edit50+NoNoyes
Voicemod ClipsiOS&AndroidAudio Edit15+30+YesNo


My choice is iMyFone MagicMic to get a robot voice on Discord and Zoom instantly on my Windows device,how about you? Which is the best robotic voice changer for you?