The use of Artificial Intelligence tools for content generation has increased tremendously among copywriters, digital marketers, and even students!

All of this has led to another problem: How to make AI content appear human-written or solve the problem of having your human content falsely flagged as AI written? The answer is AI detection remover tools and that's what we will explore today!

ai detection remover

P.S. We will also look at VoxBox, an AI-powered tool that is capable of producing 99.9% realistic speech. Just like human content is preferred over AI, speech and voice that sounds realistic is also in high demand!

Part 1: Why We Need AI Detection Remover?

This rapid growth behind the use of AI content generators is driven by reasons like the high costs of human writers, tight deadlines, and even writer's block (Yep! It is a problem faced by writers.)

Examining the landscape of AI content writer tools, we find that several longstanding options like Jasper and Quillbot have been prevalent. Yet, it is only since ChatGPT arrived in November 2022 that a significant acceleration in AI content creation has taken place.

Although AI content is great and all, a lot of people still prefer content written the old-fashioned way (by humans). That's the main reason why AI content detector tools have surfaced, which claim to distinguish between AI and human content.

ai content remover

Currently, there are tons of AI content detection tools out there and none of them claims a 100% accuracy rate. This means there's always a chance that these tools can falsely classify human content as AI!

Another scenario is that you have used AI to write a paragraph or the entire content. Now, you want your AI content to appear as human-written. In both cases, you can use an AI detection remover tool to beat the AI tools capable of detecting AI content. Just like a diamond cuts a diamond, you need AI to beat AI!

Part 2: Comparision Of Top 6 AI Detection Remover

Now let us compare the specific conditions of the top 6 best AI detection removers. For those readers who are pressed for time, you can quickly judge which AI detection remover is suitable for you!

Top 6 AI Detection Removesr Comparison

HideMyAI 4.4/5.0 94% Multilingual $5.00/month 4.5/5.0 94% Multiple Models $9.00/month
Smodin AI Remover 4.5/5.0 93% Quick $10.00/month
AI Plagiarism Remover 4.3/5.0 93% Multiple Languages $7.00/mont
QuillBot Paraphraser 4.8/5.0 97% High Quality Output $4.17/month

Part 3: Review Of Top 6 AI Detection Remover

Not sure which tool is the best to remove AI detection? Not a problem as we review the best 6 Ai detector remover tools:


Undetectable is an AI checker and AI humanizer tool capable of bypassing Writer, Originality, GPTZero, & Copyleaks. So, if you have content produced by GPT, Bard, or any other tool, you can use this tool to create human-like content. As the name implies, this tool can make your content undetectable in the eyes of AI detection tools! ai detection remover


  • AI Detection - You don't have to check your content on multiple AI detection platforms. Undetectable checks your content on Copyleaks, GPTZero, ZeroGPT, ContentAtScale, Sapling, & OpenAI.

  • Humanize Content - Simply enter the content and click on "humanize" to remove AI detection!

  • High Accuracy - When compared with other tools, this one offers a higher degree of accuracy.


yesUndetectable only takes a few seconds to humanize the content.

yesChecks content on multiple AI detection tools with accurate results.


noThe free version only comes with 250 free words.

noThe output content sometimes contains grammar mistakes.


*Monthly ($9.99/month)

*Yearly ($5.00/month)

*For Business (custom)

They offer flexible monthly & yearly plans by allowing users to select how many words they want.

2) HideMyAI

As the name implies, this tool helps you hide your AI content & make it human-like! HideMyAI is capable of turning content made from Jasper, Quilbot, & Jasper completely undetectable to AI scanners. According to HideMyAI, they use proprietary models to not only detect AI content but to also make it undetectable.

hidemyai ai detection remover


  • Bypass AI Detectors - Use HideMyAI to bypass all the leading AI detection services such as TurnItIn, CopyLeaks, ZeroGPT, & so on.

  • Multilingual Support - This AI detection remover supports English, Spanish, Russian, & French content.

  • Quick - The AI model of HideMyAI is really fast, as it only takes a few seconds to remove AI markers from content.


yesMore affordable as you get more words for less money.

yesSupports bulk document upload.


noLimited free version

noOutput can contain wrong punctuation or grammar in some instances.


*Starter (Free)

*Pro ($5/month)

*Enterprise (Custom)


According to WriteHuman, they can elevate your AI content to human perfection. This platform also claims to have the most powerful & advanced AI humanizer. If you want to remove the AI footprint from content generated via Bard, ChatGPT, & other AI generators, then WriteHuman is the answer! ai detection remover


  • Multiple Models - WriteHuman offers a basic & enhanced model for AI detection remover.

  • Protected Words - Don't want a certain phrase or word changed? You can simply add it in [brackets] to protect it.

  • Efficient - Unlike other tools that only replace words or change sentence structure, WriteHuman utilizes machine learning & NLP models to humanize content.


yesYou can try this AI content remover for free (200 words x 3 requests each month).

yesA User-friendly interface allows anyone to bypass AI detection.


noThe basic plan is limited to 600 words per request. This can be cumbersome for those who need to humanize content at scale.

noOutput content requires additional review to check for grammar & punctuation mistakes.


*Basic ($9/month)

*Pro ($12/month)

*Ultra ($27/month)

4) Smodin AI Remover

The next name on our list is Smodin, a powerful platform for AI content removal & detection. If you are having a hard time removing the AI footprint from your content, then Smodin AI Remover is the solution! According to Smodin, they use an advanced rewriting technology to remove AI detection without losing the original meaning of the content.

smodin ai remover


  • High Accuracy - Smodin promises a 95% accuracy in humanizing content.

  • Free to use - Unlike other tools, you can try Smodin totally free without even creating an account.

  • Plagiarism Check - Smodin also offers a dedicated plagiarism checker on its website. In addition, you can also use the Smodin AI remover to rewrite content & remove plagiarism.


yesYou can test the Smodin features for free.

yesOffers numerous tools such as rewriter, AI writer, Plagiarism checker, & summarizer.


noIt lowers the content readability in some cases.

noThe limit of specific characters for each request can be bothersome.


*Limited (Free)

*Essential ($10/month)

*Productive ($29/month)

5) AI Plagiarism Remover

This one is not exactly an AI detection remover but it can be used for this purpose! Plagiarism Remover uses advanced & highly sophisticated algorithms, deep learning technology, & NLP to rewrite content. This enables this tool to not only remove plagiarism but to turn AI content into human-Level without compromising the contextual flow.

ai plagiarism remover


  • Online Plagiarism Remover - With the click of a button, you can remove plagiarism from your content.

  • AI Rewriting - Rewrite your content with the help of AI.

  • Multiple Languages - This tool provides support for multiple languages such as English, Spanish, Chinese, & much more.


yesSupports more languages than other popular tools.

yesPowerful AI models can remove AI footprints & plagiarism within seconds.


noMore expensive than other tools.

noSometimes it takes multiple attempts to remove AI detection.


*More expensive than other tools.

*Pro ($3.5 / 7 days plan)

*Enterprise ($7/month)

6) QuillBot Paraphraser

Quillbot has been around since 2017 & is the pioneer of AI-powered rewriting! With Quillbot, you can not only paraphrase content but can also remove AI detection. Unlike other tools listed here, Quillbot offers a lot more freedom on how you want the content to be rewritten.

quillbot paraphraser ai detection remover


  • Multiple Models - With 8 prebuild models and the option to create custom models, you can rewrite content & remove AI detection.

  • Flexible - Don't want a certain word or phrase to be changed? Want to limit the vocabulary change? Quillbot offers a range of flexible options to achieve all of this & more.

  • High Quality - Quillbot also improves the vocabulary, style & fluency of the content.


yesSupports multiple English dialects.

yesOne of the most popular AI rewriting tools due to its advanced models.


noContent needs to be reviewed by a human as it can contain mistakes in some cases.

noFree version is limited to 125 words.


*Free (125 words)

*Premium ($4.17/month)

Part 4: Bonus Tips- Best AI Girl Voice Generator VoxBox

Just like you need unique & human-written content, you also need realistic AI voice for our audio/videos! If you think about it, you could get away with AI text content, as it can be difficult to spot it with the naked eye. However, a poor-quality AI voice can be spotted right away by even a child!

VoxBox is a revolutionary AI tool that offers access to more than 3200 text-to-speech AI voices. What's even more amazing is that you can generate audio files in more than 46 languages. So, whether you need a high-quality and realistic voice for your next YouTube video or a podcast, VoxBox has you covered!

voxbox interface shortcut

VoxBox Features:

  • Clone any voice with 99% accuracy with the help of VoxBox.

  • Access 3200+ pre saved text-to-speech voices.

  • Enter the text prompt & generate a real human voice within seconds.

  • Export audio files in numerous audio formats.

  • Easy to use interface. And Multi-function AI Voice Tool For Pc and Mobile.

Bonus Tips

Watch This Video to Know More About VoxBox!
voxbox youtube video

Part 5: FAQ About AI Detection Remover

1. How to humanize text from Bard/ChatGPT?

You can try any of the 6 tools (Quillbot, Smodin, & others) mentioned on this page to humanize AI content.

2. AI detection remover tools are 100% undetectable?

There's no tool out there that is 100% undetectable. For best results, you can use the AI rewriting tools multiple times.

3. TurnItIn can detect ChatGPT content?

Yes, Turnitin & other AI detection tools can detect ChatGPT content with a high accuracy. To remove the AI markings from content, you can rewrite content manually or use AI tools.


In the ever-expanding realm of AI-generated content, the rise of AI Detection Remover tools addresses the challenges of authenticity.

While these tools offer solutions, the balance between human and AI-generated content remains a nuanced pursuit. For those seeking unparalleled realism, iMyFone VoxBox emerges as a game-changer, providing a seamless blend of AI voices. Elevate your content effortlessly by downloading VoxBox today.

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