AI (Artificial intelligence) has made its impact in every other field & memes are no exception! So, if you ever wanted to create funny memes without having to deal with a difficult image editing tool, welcome AI art meme generators!

With AI meme generators, you can easily go from someone who enjoys looking at memes to a meme lord who puts smiles on people’s faces! To help you become a meme creator, we will explore the top 5 AI-powered meme generators.

ai art meme

We will also explore VoxBox, another AI tool that can be used to make your memes more hilarious & funny!

Part 1: Facts of AI Art Meme (An Overview)

Before we delve into our list of best AI art meme generators, let's take a moment to contemplate some cold-hard facts about AI art memes.

What Is AI Art Meme?

Any funny image, video, or text that is generated using an artificial intelligence tool is called an "AI Art Meme". These memes are used to convey jokes, messages, or even cultural references in the art form.

Back in the day, creating memes was a difficult & time-consuming task. It involved using expensive & difficult-to-use image editing tools, which made it a rather difficult task to create memes. Not to mention that running a good image editing tool on the computer also requires high specs!

funny art meme

Why AI Art Meme is Popular?

*AI-generated art memes have gained popularity as of late because of various reasons:

*It only takes a few minutes at best.

*AI generator makes it easy to use image editing tools.

*Web-based interface enables users with low-spec PCs or those with mobile to create memes easily.

*Creative & original memes can be created with just text prompts!

Part 2: Best 5 AI Art Meme Generators (Picks For You)

Best 5 AI Art Meme Generators Comparison

SOFTWARE KEY FEATURE MEME QUALITY FREE TRIAL PRICE Create memes with text prompts or templates. Good Free
Simplified Easy to use. Excellent Starting from $9/month.
Appypie Fast AI engine. Good Starting from $7/month. Extensive meme templates library Excellent Starting from $7.99/month.
Kapwing More customization options. Average Starting from $16/month.

Let's jump straight into our list of top 5 AI art meme generators:


The first name on our list is, which can be used to create OC memes on the go! Users can either select a pre-built meme template or write a text prompt to bring their funny idea into reality. ai art meme generator

Pricing Plan

Free - Meme generator is a part of their free AI tools.


  • Text to meme: Don't want to deal with image editing and all that stuff? Not a problem, as you can also provide a text prompt to generate memes!

  • User-friendly: Making great memes was never so easy! With, you can create & customize memes by changing color, font, text size, & so on.

  • Templates: You can also select from pre-made meme templates like Drake hotline bling, Gru's plan, & many more.


yesEasy to use interface.

yesTwo ways to create memes (text prompt or meme template).

yesBuilt-in social media sharing.


noOutput quality is not consistent.

noGeneration time can be long sometimes.

2) Simplified

Want a simplified AI art meme generator? Then welcome Simplified, which makes it easy to create memes. Simplified offers an extensive library of popular meme themes to explore.

That’s why we think it’s ideal for: Digital artists, Content creators, Real estate agencies, eCommerce businesses.

simplified ai art meme generator

Pricing Plan

Free Trial: 10 credits - One-time quota only

Pro: $9/month - (100 credits per month)

Business: $18/month - (250 credits per month)


  • Easy to use: Out of all the AI meme art generator tools, this one offers the most user-friendly interface.

  • Text prompts: All it takes to create the next hit meme is a few lines of text. By entering a prompt, Simplified automatically creates memes with matching templates & text.

  • Advanced options: Creativity level, output language, and tone can be adjusted from advanced options.


yesVarious customization options.

yesAI can generate really creative & hilarious memes.

yesMemes can be downloaded in HD quality without any watermarks.


noFree version only offers 10 credits for one-time use only.

noMore editing options would be good.

noMeme templates library is small.

3) Appypie

Appypie's is a powerful & versatile AI art meme generator that can convert prompts into OG memes! Users can export (download) memes in various formats such as JPG, GIF, and PNG.

appypie ai art meme generator

Pricing Plan

$7/month (Appypie also offers 7 days free trial).


  • Collaboration: Several team members can collaborate together to create memes.

  • Quick: The AI engine can produce memes within seconds.

  • User-friendly: When compared with photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, using Appypie is really straightforward.


yes No watermarks are added.

yesOption to add photos/text.

yesMultiple download options.


noNo free version is available.

noFew editing options.

noHighly detailed prompts are required for good output.


The next AI meme generator is, which can output really impressive & funny memes. Unlike other options, there's no need to use any images, effects, or templates. All that's required from the user end is a text prompt - The AI meme model automatically converts the input into a hilarious meme. ai art meme generator

Pricing Plan

Free: $0/month - (20 credits - One-time quota only)

Solo: $7.99/month - (100 credits /month)

Startup: $19.99/month - (Unlimited credits)

Enterprise: $83.99/month - (Unlimited credits)


  • Customization: Several options to customize memes are available, such as stickers, text, font size, color, & so on.

  • Powerful AI: The creativity level of is superior to other tools as it is solely focused on meme generation.

  • Various Templates: Want to make memes using your favorite template? Not a problem with!


yesDownload in different formats & sizes.

yesAffordable than most other meme generators.

yesMore than 110 languages are supported.


noCaptions can be inaccurate in some instances.

noFree version is limited to 20 credits.

noTranslation can be inaccurate at times.

5) Kapwing

Kapwing is a quick & effortless AI art meme generator with a serious database of meme templates. For those who want a simple-to-use interface for turning text into memes, Kapwing is the answer.

kapwing ai art meme generator

Pricing Plan

Free: $0/month - (limited to 2 memes upon registration)

Pro: $16/month - (50 credits/month)

Business: $50/month - (200 credits/month)


  • Customization: Users can change background color, size, color, & various other options.

  • Easy to use: Once you get the hang of Kapwing's platform, it becomes very easy to use.

  • Social Media Ready: Users can download the memes in social media ready sizes.


yesAI-generated subtitles in various languages.

yesKapwing automatically shows memes in different templates based on text prompts.

yesHigh-quality downloads.


noThe free version can only be used for generating 2 memes.

noMeme generation time is higher than most other options.

noMore expensive.

Part 3: Bonus Tips – Add Funny Voice In Your Content

So far, we have only talked about ai generated art meme, which are limited to images. But what about those who want to convert their videos into funny memes? The answer is VoxBox, an AI Voice Generator that can add a Funny voice to your content.

voxbox interface shortcut

VoxBox Features:

  • Multiple Functionalities: It offers text-to-speech, speech-to-text conversion, cloning, recording, editing, and much more.

  • Over 3200+ Voices: If you’re a digital content creator, you can create dynamic content with VoxBox alone. It has a vast selection of realistic text-to-speech voices, which you can also customize (adjust).

  • Funny Voices: Voxbox also features a lot of funny voices like Spongebob, Juice Wrld, Optimus Prime, Batman, Spider-Man, & much more.

  • Voice Cloning Capability: VoxBox can also clone voices (a feature that's not present in other voice generators). You should definitely use the cloning option when you add voice-overs to your videos.

  • Supports 46+ Languages: VoxBox can generate voice-overs in over 46 languages, which means it is ideal for you if you have a global audience.

Let's explore how to use Voxbox to create funny speech for your content!

How to Generate Funny Text To Speech for Your Content?

    Step 1: Download VoxBox, click the download button below to download and try it for free.

    Step 2: Enter your text: Type the text directly, or import a text file into the speech converter.

    voxbox text to speech interface enter text

    Step 3: Choose an AI voice: Depending on your preference, choose one of the many voices, languages, and accents VoxBox offers.

    voxbox text to speech interface voices

    Step 4: Convert to audio: Click the "Convert" button to generate the audio file.

    voxbox text to speech interface voice convert export

    Step 5: Select audio format and download: After the conversion, click the "Export" button, select MP3 format, and click to confirm.

    voxbox text to speech interface export mp3

Bonus Tips

Watch this video to know more about VoxBox!
voxbox youtube video

Part 4: FAQ About AI Art Meme

1. AI Art Meme Generators Are Free?

A few are free, while the rest come with a paid plan. Feel free to take a look at the comparison table above to get details about pricing.

2. What Is The Advantage Of Using AI Meme Generator?

They are easy to use, as anyone with no image editing/design experience can create funny memes.


AI art meme generators have made it really easy for anyone to create humorous content with little effort. So, if you are postponing your journey of becoming a meme King, now's your chance to get started with AI meme generators.

To enhance your meme-making experience, you should download iMyFone VoxBox for added creativity and laughter. The Voxbox app can add a funny element to your videos or audio memes with its multi-language support & availability of different voices.

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