Nowadays, if we have any questions that we don't know, the most convenient solution is to ask the AI answer generator. These tools make information retrieval easier and provide a fast and easily accessible way to get the insights and knowledge, becoming more and more popular recently. So, we recommend the best 6 AI answer generators for you to try for free!

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Pick Best 6 AI Answer Generators To Get Responses


AISEO AI Answer Generator is an online writing assistant. You only need to enter your exact requirements according to the tips it offered, and AISEO can generate accurate messages and answers for users in a very short time through some quick interactions.

Its user groups are mainly copywriters, content marketers, and others. It can provide professional answers for platforms such as Quora and company knowledge bases, for helping users create podcasts with one click.

aiseo ai answer generator

Key Features:

  • Evade AI detection in all modes.

  • Access GPT-4.

  • It can enhance paraphrasing and readability.

  • Supports 26 languages.

  • Offers automatic blog image creation.

  • Includes 50+ starter templates.


  • Monthly: Grow version $19/mon, Scale version $34/mon, Team version $69/mon

  • Yearly: Grow version $15/mon, Scale version $29/mon, Team version $59/mon

  • 3 days of use for $1 and cancel anytime

2. Scribehow

Scribe is an AI generator that allows you to get answers quickly. It is committed to helping you save time in building FAQs, help center documents, and more detailed process documents to support inquiries.

Scribe creates relevant visual process guides based on your workflow, ensuring an accurate representation of how you solve a problem or complete a task.

scribe ai answer generator

To use Scribe, first download and install the Scribe extension and add it to your browser toolbar. Next click "Start Capture" to record your workflow, click "Stop Capture" when finished, and then build an answer repository that allows you to edit and generate personalized answers in large documents. Finally, you can share it with your team through simple link or export functionality.

Key Features:

  • Compatible with all web applications.

  • Rapid customization capabilities.

  • Easily shareable through links and embeds.

  • Editing and annotating screenshots.

  • Export functionality to HTML, Confluence, and Markdown formats.


  • Basic: Free

  • Pro: Personal version(1 seat) $23/seat month, Team version(5 seats) $12/ seat month

  • Enterprise: Need customization


There are many reasons to choose HIX.AI's AI answer generator. This tool has a wide range of applications and involves different fields including education, business, etc. It's easy to use, you just need to enter your question, select your target audience, tone and language, and click "Generate" to get the answer.

However, HIX.AI’s answer generator can answer many questions, but not all. To get more accurate answers and responses, you have to provide specific, brief questions that are clear and easy to understand, and you can add more background information.

hix ai answer generator

Key Features:

  • Over 120 AI writing tools.

  • Includes two tools: HIX Chat and HIX Editor.

  • A popular email composer.

  • Achieve writing speeds 10 times faster.

  • Rewrite, perform grammar checks, translate, summarize, chat, and handle PDFs, etc.

  • GPT-3.5/4 models to choose.

  • Write and translate content in more than 50 languages.


  • Basic: Free, 4000 words in total(GPT-3.5)

  • Pro: $4.99/month, 20000 words in total(GPT-3.5)

4. Chat Openai

ChatGPT is a high-level language model developed by OpenAI that assists and participates in conversations with users. It has been trained on various data sets, and you can ask this AI tool questions and get corresponding answers.

It can provide information, provide creative input, and assist with a variety of language-related tasks, and users can guide and customize ChatGPT's responses by providing specific instructions for a better user experience.

chatgpt ai answer generator

Key Features:

  • Offer two versions: GPT-3.5 & GPT-4.

  • Accessibility on web, iOS, Android.

  • Converse with images, voice, and generate images.

  • Frequent model enhancements.

  • Support application programming interface.

  • It is proficient in multiple languages.


  • Free

  • Plus: $20/month

5. Scalenut

Scalenut is also an online AI Q&A tool that allows you to ask questions and get answers. You can use this free tool to find answers on Quora, blogs, and more. Literally, it has the answer to every question you have.

All you need to do is click the "Answer Question" tool on the dashboard, write your question, and click "Generate" to let the AI give you multiple answers. It is worth noting, however, that the maximum length for writing questions is 200 words.

scalenut ai answer generator

Key Features:

  • Assist in creating SEO articles.

  • Support document sharing.

  • Have a live chat with it.

  • Search results page analysis.

  • Professional article review and optimization.


  • Monthly: Essential version $39/mon, Growth version $79/mon, Pro version $149/mon, Enterprise version: Custom.

  • Yearly: Essential version $16/mon, Growth version $32/mon, Pro version $60/mon, Enterprise version: Custom.

6. Writecream

Writecream AI answer generator is mainly targeted at user groups who have needs for content marketing. By using it, you have the ability to quickly generate a list of questions and answers associated with a particular topic or keyword.

At the same time, you can also create high-quality content that ranks high in search engine results, thereby increasing their online visibility and driving more traffic to their website.

writecream ai answer generator

Key Features:

  • It generates answers that are plagiarism-free and optimized for SEO.

  • Choose from over 75 languages.

  • Supports text, image and audio output.

  • Allow CSV file upload.

  • Copy generation for different social media programs.


  • Free Plan

  • Unlimited Plan: $9/mon

Part 2: Something About AI Answer Generator

What Is an AI Answer Generator?

An AI answer generator is a tool or system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate responses or answers to user queries or prompts. It leverages natural language processing (NLP) algorithms and machine learning models to understand input and generate human-like text as output.

The Benefits of AI Answer Generator

The benefits of AI answer generators are diverse and impactful in a variety of applications. Here are some of the main advantages:

Handle high volume of queries: The AI answer generator can efficiently handle a large number of queries simultaneously, making it scalable to accommodate applications with large user bases.

Efficiency and speed: The AI answer generator can provide fast and immediate response to user queries, improving the efficiency of information retrieval.

Reduced workload: By automating responses to routine queries, businesses can reduce the workload of human support agents, potentially lowering operational costs.

Instant assistance: Users benefit from instant assistance and information, helping to enhance the overall user experience.

ai answer generator image

What Are Some Use Cases for The AI Answer Generator?

Customer Support: Provide support for chatbots and virtual assistants for efficient customer query handling and issue troubleshooting.

Educational Tools: Help students by answering questions, providing explanations, and creating interactive learning materials.

Language translation: Used for language translation services to achieve fast and accurate translation.

FAQ Section: Populate the FAQ section on your website with instant answers to frequently asked questions.

Internal knowledge base: Establish an internal knowledge base so employees can easily access information and guidance.

Bonus: Make Answers with TTS and Voice-changing

1. MagicMic

MagicMic is a voice changer that also can operate on both computer and mobile phones that conbines with other platforms to chat with others, including answer to others. With its 300+ voice filters, 600+ voice effects and 200+ memes, you will easily transform your voice smoonthly, making your voice to answer more interesting and prank others efforlessly.

magicmic choose voice

Key Features:

  • Allows to answer on platforms like Discord, Twitch, Fortnite, Xbox, Skype etc.

  • Gives 5 free voices daily.

  • You can set your own keybinds for each sound effect.

  • It is a real-time voice changer.

2. VoxBox

VoxBox is an AI voice generator software can run on Wins, Mac, iOs and Android systems. It has a rich sound library, providing 100% human-like voices for you to choose from, with 3200+ voices and 77+ languages. You can also clone your own voice for use if you don’t need the voices it offered, allowing you to use it as a good option for replying to others.

voxbox all voice

Key Features:

  • Generate 3200+ voices in 77+ languages and 100 accents.

  • Provide fast IVR response.

  • Support to export all audios in MP3, WAV, OGG and other formats.

  • All-in-one tool like TTS, STT, voice cloning, audio editing, recording, noise revomal, for better serving consumers.

Part 3: Hot FAQs about AI Answer Generator

1. Can AI answer generator answer all questions?

The generator is able to answer questions on different topics, including science, technology, geography, general knowledge, etc. However, It may not be aware of some of the latest updated knowledge and news.

2. Can AI Answer Generator give us the most accurate answer?

AI Answer Generators can provide accurate answers to a wide range of queries. However, the accuracy depends on factors such as the quality of training data, the complexity of the question, and the specific use case, and users should exercise caution and verify critical information.

3. How can I ask the AI generator to generate more answers to the same question?

If you want the AI to generate different answers to the same question, then you can elaborate on your requirements and give instructions and you can get multiple answers.


In conclusion, AI answer generators simplify our process of seeking information and solving problems, allowing users to quickly understand and acquire knowledge. AI answer generator has become a key tool for us to save a lot of time and energy and improve efficiency. Now try the AI tools to find your answer by reading this blog!