Photographer's watermarks on your images look awful and irritating. Many people like to get rid of such watermarks and use their photos without any unwanted promotion.

In this article, we will share five tools that can help you remove photographer's watermarks without any hassle. You can use these tools and remove the watermarks in no time.

Part 1. Best Tools to Remove Photographer Watermark—MarkGo

1 iMyFone MarkGo

MarkGo is one of the best watermark tools available on the market. It is an excellent tool because it is developed for adding and removing watermarks only. Consequently, it is quite easy for beginners to use, and remove any kind of watermark, including the photographer's watermark.

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remove watermark with MarkGo

Watch the video tutorial to learn more about MarkGo.

Video Images

MarkGo is ideal for removing a photographer's watermark because it has a powerful AI algorithm. The algorithm detects the watermarks on its own and removes them without any hassle. You only need to click on one button, and the watermark will be removed. In addition,it can remove watermarks from a batch of images. And surprisingly, it works on both videos and images, so it is an all-in-one tool for watermarks.

Steps to Remove Watermarks Using MarkGo

Step 1: Download iMyFone MarkGo. Install it after downloading. It is only available for Windows at the moment.

Step 2: Open MarkGo. You will have six options on the main screen. Click on the first option of Remove Image Watermark.

Step 3: Click on Add Image. Select one image or multiple images having the photographer's watermark. The images will take a moment to upload.

remove video watermark using markgo

Step 4: You can remove the watermark using AI. Click on Remove Now to remove the watermark. The algorithm will detect the watermark on its own and remove it. If there are multiple images, you can recover all watermarks in one go.

remove video watermark using markgo

You can also remove the watermark using the Manual method. Click on Manual Removal on the right. Select a selection tool from the right and select the watermark. Choose the Remove Mode and click on Remove Now. The watermark will be removed instantly.

remove video watermark using markgo

Step 5: Click on the Settings icon at the bottom. Select the path and click on Export Now. The image will be saved to the desired location.


Hunting for a tool to remove photographer watermark watermark efficiently? Why not try a professional watermark remover called iMyFone MarkGo? MarkGo helps you remove watermark 100% clearly with AI-powered Technology within 5 secs in 1 click. Download MarkGo to remove  photographer watermark now.

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Part 2. Easily Remove Photographer Watermark—PhotoWorks

PhotoWorks is an amazing image editing tool. It has many tools and options, but it is still easy to use. Users can easily edit the image without any hassle. We can say it is an excellent mini tool to edit your photos professionally.


· PhotoWorks removes watermarks instantly.

· There are many tools, effects, and retouching tools available to adjust the image.

· It can also process a batch of images.


· After the removal of the watermark, there are signs of watermark removal.

· You cannot save the image without purchasing the tool.

Steps to Use PhotoWorks for Watermark Removal

Step 1: Download the tool and install it.

Step 2: Lunch PhotoWorks. On the main screen, click on Open Photo. Select the image from your computer.

remove video watermark using markgo

Step 3: Once the image is uploaded, click on the Retouch tab. On the right, click on Healing Brush. You see the options to adjust the size and other settings of the tool. Now, drag the tool over the watermark. The watermark will be removed instantly.

Step 4: Click on the Save button. If you have the premium version, the image will be saved to your computer.

Part 3. Use Online Tools to Get Rid of the Photographer Watermark—InPaint

InPaint is a web-based watermark and object removal tool. It is only created for the purpose of removing watermarks; therefore, there are only a few tools that can help in removing the watermarks. It is suitable for beginners.


· InPaint is an online tool, so there is no need to download it.

· You can easily remove the watermark after selecting it.

· The website processes the image instantly and removes watermarks without any hassle.


· You cannot download high-resolution images after editing if you don't have the premium plan.

· In the case of a multi-colored background, the image is disturbed.

Steps to Remove Photographer's Watermarks Using InPaint

Step 1: Open InPaint on your internet browser.

Step 2: Click on the Upload Image button on the home page.

remove video watermark using markgo


Step 3: The image will open in the InPaint editor. On the left, you will see a few selection tools. Use the Marker tool and select the watermark.


remove video watermark using markgo

Step 4: Click on the Erase button. InPaint will process the image and remove the watermark. Then, click on the Download button and save the image on your computer.

Part 4. How to Delete a Photographer Watermark Online—Apowersoft

Apowersoft is a free online tool for removing unwanted watermarks and images. You only need to follow a few simple steps to remove the watermarks. It is a quick tool to get the job done and save time. You can use the same tool to remove watermarks from videos.


· Apowersoft can remove watermarks from multiple images. It can process images in batches.

· You can remove multiple watermarks on the images by adding more boxes.

· It processes the image quickly.


· The result of the photo editor is not that accurate.

Steps to Use Apowersoft to Remove Photographer's Watermark

Step 1: Open the online tool on your internet browser.

Step 2: The tool is for videos and images. Click on Remove Watermark from Image. Then, select the image from your computer.

remove video watermark using markgo


Step 3: After uploading the image, you will see a rectangle on the image. Move the rectangle and place it over the watermark. Adjusts its size by dragging its corners. For multiple watermarks, click on Add Boxes.

remove video watermark using markgo

Step 4: Click on the Erase button. The application will take some time to remove the watermark Wait for it, and then download the image.

Part 5. How to Remove a Photographer's Watermark—GIMP

GIMP is an open-source tool for editing images. You can download it for free and edit as many images as you like. It can help you remove the photographer's watermark easily and quickly.


· GIMP has a wide range of tools to edit your images.

· It is like a mini image-editing tool for beginners.

· It is free, and there is no watermark.


· GIMP leaves marks on the area from where the watermark is removed.

· Some users might find it a bit difficult to use.

Steps to Use Watermarks Using GIMP

Step 1: Download the latest version of GIMP. Install it on your computer.

Step 2: Launch GIMP. Go to the File menu and click on Open. Select an image from your computer.

remove video watermark using markgo


Step 3: On the left, you will have the toolbar. Click on the Clone Stamp tool. Select an area on the image that you want to clone. You need to press and hold the Ctrl button and click on the area to select it. Now, use the tool on the watermark to clone it.

Step 4: The watermark will be removed without any hassle. Click on the File button and click on Save As. Save the image to your computer.

FAQs—5 Tools to Remove Photographer Watermark

1) How do I remove the stock image watermark from videos for free?  

You can use MarkGo to remove watermarks from images. It also has a separate tool for videos. You can use its AI to remove the watermark with one click. Manual watermark removal is also available.

2) How can I remove a watermark from a video?

MarkGo is an excellent watermark removal tool for videos. It can remove watermarks with one click. Even if the watermarks are moving on the video or there are multiple watermarks, MarkGo can easily remove them.

3) Can I remove the watermark from a video online?

There are various tools available to remove watermarks from videos online. You can use HitPaw or Apowersoft to remove watermarks from videos online.

4) Can I do batch watermark removal?

Yes, you can do batch watermark removal. Some tools have this feature. With the help of MarkGo, you can remove watermarks from a batch of images. You can select multiple images at a time, and the tool will remove watermarks from all of them with one click.


We have seen the steps to remove the photographer's watermarks from images. It is quite easy if you know the right tool. We have shared five tools along with their pros and cons. You can easily select a suitable tool for your needs. If you want an excellent tool and save time, you must use iMyFone MarkGo. It removes watermarks from a batch of images using its powerful AI . With one click, you can remove all watermarks.

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