April fools day is a phenomenon that is celebrated worldwide - although it can be problematic sometimes, the sheer enjoyment that kids experience on 1st April is unparalleled.

Staying connected to the tradition, many TV shows also show episodes that are based on this day. One such example would be the Spongebob April fools episode that is always enjoyed by families. Kids can spend quality time with their parents while watching these shows with them.


It can be a source of entertainment as well as information regarding April fools day and how it can be celebrated with creative ideas.

Part 1: April Fools Pranks for Kids-Call with Spongebob Voice Changer

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If you are looking to prank your kids using SpongeBob ai voice, then you can convert your voice into the voice of SpongeBob Squarepants with MagicMic voice changer and then call your kids "ding ding - it's SpongeBob SquarePants."


It will be a thrilling experience for you and your kids, and they might remember this for the rest of their lives as a fond memory. You can also transform birthday messages with different voices for your kids or create manual instructions for them so that they would be more interested in listening to it in your voice.

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magicmic voice soundboard


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Learn more about the April Fools soundboard in this video!

magicmic youtube video

Part 2: 5 April Fools Day Pranks for Kids

April fool is an interesting experience that one can have with their kids and family members. However, one thing should be considered that these pranks should not be harmful to either of the parties so that they can be enjoyed without any harm.

Here are some of easy and funny april fools pranks for kids.

1. Replace Oreo cream with toothpaste

One harmless prank is that you can replace the inside filling of Oreo cookies with toothpaste. What you can do is you can buy toothpaste that is white and then scoop out the toothpaste into a bowl.

toothpaste cookie

Then you take a bunch of Oreo cookies and scoop the cream out of them. Then use a fork or a knife to apply the toothpaste inside the cookies in a way that it does not look like they have been tampered with. Then you can plate the cookies in a dish and present it to the kids. As soon as they bite into the cookies, they will spit it out. You can also record the prank to cherish this memory forever.

2. It's all cake!

Unless you're living under a rock - you will be aware of the trend "it's all cake." Let us explain - people are making real cakes that look like objects. So, for example, you see watermelon, and you cut it open to enjoy it, you will be surprised with a cake filling inside the watermelon.

april fools day pranks for kids

You can do a similar prank with your kids - they will be amazed at how realistic cakes can look. You can replace their geometry boxes or tablets with it. They will have fun, and it will be a safe prank!

3. Replace shampoo with conditioner

We all have been in situations where we have used conditioner instead of shampoo. Although it is harmless, it isn't enjoyable. Because as much as you rub the conditioner in, there will be no foam.

conditioner prank

You can do the same with your kids or your friends. It will be funny to see them getting annoyed. You can either replace the bottle or just add the conditioner into the shampoo bottle.

4. Jello juice

Jellies can give an illusion of liquid if you’re smart with it. You can make jello with the favorite drink color of your kids. Then add the jello into the glass and stick a straw on top of it. Once your kids will try to drink the juice. They will be astonished how the drink isn’t coming up.

jello prank

5. Toothpaste and cream

The best pranks are those that are unexpected. You can replace your kids’ toothpaste with cream (edible one). As soon as they wake up, they will be surprised by the taste of their toothpaste. It will be funny if they don’t even notice that something is wrong with the toothpaste. You can tell them later, or they’ll tell you by screaming about why the toothpaste tastes so nice. It will be a harmless and funny prank.

kids april fools pranks


April fool pranks are fun, as long as you keep it harmless. So that no one gets harmed in the process, it's important to have fun but harming someone in the process is not cool at all. You can use voice-changing software like iMyFone MagicMic to do it, for example, SpongeBob April fools prank. This software is available on Windows and Mac. However, you cannot install it on your phone as it is desktop only. So, you will have to take some out and install it on your laptop for it to work. But we ensure that these pranks will be worth your time and effort.

The Spongebob voice changer would be a good way to have the fun of April fools day. On top of this, you can also use pranks such as replacing Oreo cream with toothpaste - or toothpaste with Oreo cream. As long as you don't harm anyone, it's all good!

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