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How to Record Screen & Audio

Filme allows you to add and edit audio files in your video to make it come to life. Read the following guide to learn how to:

1. Screen Recording

1) Set up Video Settings

After you have launched the software, click on the "Record Screen" button on the main interface and do settings for the video. Here, you will make sure to select the required size and area of the screen you want to record.

Now, you will set and adjust the part of the screen you want to record as you like. Adjust the size according to your requirement.

click on record screen button

2) Start Recording

Now to begin recording, you will click on the red "Record" button seen on the lower right corner of the screen. Now recording begins and you can also click on the "Pause" button to pause the recording and click "Record" to go on recording.

click on record button to start recording

3) End Recording

Once the recording is done, click on the same Red button to end it. Now the recorded video will appear in the "Media Library" section where you can edit the video immediately.

click on stop button to end recording

4) Edit the video

Now, for further editing and enhancement of the recorded video, you can double click the recorded clip on the timeline to edit such as to crop, cut, add filters, music, transitions, and much more.

edit recorded video in media library

5) Export and Share

In the last step, you can preview the editing and changes you made to the video. You can undo the changes if you didn't like them. Now, you can export and even share the video to social media.

export and share your recorded video

2. Audio Recording

1) You need to select an Audio Track in the timeline section.

select audio track in the timeline

2) Click on the "Microphone" icon on the timeline. A window of the audio recording will pop up.

click on microphone to record audio

3) Select your microphone as the input device and choose a voice changer you would like to apply for the recorded voice. You can pretest your microphone devices and the volume. You can also choose to record the sound of computer and your voice at the same time.

select input device and voice changer

4) Start the recording by clicking on the "Play" button. Sound recording from Key Frame is supported.

click play button to record audio in filme

5) After recording your voice, you will see the recorded audio in the timeline. You can drag the video to the timeline and do any editing as you like. When you finish the recording, just click on the "Stop" button. You can add text, effects, images, sound effects, or anything you like.

click stop button to record audio in filme

6) Finally, you can click on the "Export" button and the export window will open. Select the format and other settings of your choice.

export recorded video in filme

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