Funny Voice Changing App

Keyboard shortcuts list

You can use keyboard shortcuts according to this list.

  • for Win

  • for Mac

Module Command Windows Shortcuts
File New Project Ctrl+N
File Open Project Ctrl+O
File Save Project Ctrl+S
File Save Project As Ctrl+Shift+S
File Import Media Files Ctrl+I
File Preferences Ctrl+,
File Exit Alt+F4
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z
Edit Redo Ctrl+Y
Edit Cut Ctrl+X
Edit Copy Ctrl+C
Edit Paste Ctrl+V
Edit Delete Del
Edit Ripple Delete Shift+Del
Edit Copy Effects Ctrl+Alt+C
Edit Paste Effects Ctrl+Alt+V
Edit Show Details Alt+E
Edit Split Alt+S
Edit Crop Alt+C
Edit Delete Del
Edit Speed Ctrl+R
Edit Edit Ctrl+E
Edit Apply Alt+A
View Play/Pause Space
View Stop Playing Ctrl+/
View Full screen Alt+Enter
View Previous Frame Left
View Next Frame Right
View Next Second Shift+Right
Timeline Go to Project Beginning Home
Timeline Go to Project End End
Timeline Go to Selected Clip Start Shift+Home
Timeline Go to Selected Clip End Shift+End
Timeline Zoom in Ctrl+ Right
Timeline Zoom out Ctrl+ Left
Timeline Zoom to Fit Timeline Shift+Z
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