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How to Edit Audio

Filme allows you to add and edit audio files in your video to make it come to life. Read the following guide to learn how to:

Add Background Music

There are two ways to add background music to your videos:

(1) Use music from Filme: click the "Music" icon and you will see a royalty-free audio library. Pick a song/music effect that you like from the library and click the "+" icon to apply it or right-click on the song/music effect and choose "Apply" from the drop-down menu.

use filme audio

(2) Import your own audio file to Filme: click "Import" to import your own audio to Filme. Drag and drop the imported audio file into the Audio Track in the timeline, click the "+" icon in the middle, or right click on it and choose "Add" from the drop-down menu.

import audio in filme

Split Audio

There are two ways to split the audio.

Move the Playhead to the point where you want to split it in the timeline. Then, right-click on the clip and select "Split". You can also click the "Split" button in the toolbar above the timeline.

split audio in filme

Adjust Audio Volume & Fade in/out

To open the audio editing panel, double click on the audio clip in the timeline, or right click on it and select "Edit". In the panel, you will see the adjustment sliders for volume, fade in, and fade out. You can also adjust the length of fade in/out effects.

edit audio in filme

Adjust Audio Speed

Click on the "Speed" icon to open the speed panel. You can adjust the audio speed by dragging the speed bar or input how fast you would like the audio to go. After setting the speed, click "OK" to confirm.  Click "Cancel" to cancel the speed adjustment.

adjust audio speed in filme

Trim/Split Audio Clips

Pull the audio clip to the point where you want to trim it. You can see the duration change in the Timeline.

trim video
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