Have you ever made a prank call and tried to mask your voice with a handkerchief or by talking through your nose?

Well, there’s no need to struggle with changing your voice manually when there are so many prank call voice changer app options for both Windows PC and phones.


These prank call voice changer apps will give you hours of fun with the range of voice-changing options they offer. So what are you waiting for? Let's jump right in!

Part 1: Helpful Voice Changer to Apply Prank Call Voices on Desktop and Phone

magicmic prank call voice changer interface

Using a prank call voice changer for your friends and family is certainly fun, but an even more powerful way to do voice change for voice chat,gaming live on various platforms on desktop. iMyFone MagicMic voice changer is one of the option.

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  • It works with both Mac and Windows Android and iOS devices.
  • It comes with 225+ voice effects and some of them comes with background sounds so that you can change your environment sounds.
  • With iMyFone MagicMic,you can set hotkeys to control 225+ voices and 600+ sound effects so that you won't be interrupt during gaming or live.
  • You can create your own voice and preserve and name for it.
  • It also works with record and pre-record voice changing with multiple voice changing effects.
  • Pranksters can change their voice in real-time during a call.
  • It provides a customizable soundboard feature that lets users add sound effects, background noises, and pre-recorded phrases to enhance their prank calls.

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yesIt comes with the most voice filters than other voice changers on market

yesIt is also a background music and sound effect player

yesIt comes with noise reduction technology.

yesIt is lightweight which won't occupy the storage of a computer


noIt is new software on the market

noIt doesn't work with phone calls but with video calls.

Pricing Options

5 different free voices everyday.Pro version: $9.99/month, $29.99/year and $49.99/lifetime.

MagicMic voice changer app for ios and android comes with voice recording and audio voice change. Moreover,it's 100% free.But for PC version,it comes with real time voice changing,voice custom, 225+ voices and 600+ sound effects.


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Available for Windows and Mac,iOS and Android.

Part 2: Best 2 Prank Call Voice Changer Apps for iOS

#1: Live Voice Changer - Prankcall by Xiaoxi Zhang

how to change your voice for a prank call on iphone

Live Voice Changer - Prankcall is yet another great iOS app to make prank call voices. It has a very sophisticated interface with a ton of different voice changer options, and it comes with an equalizer that lets you change the tone color while on a call or when recording your voice.


  • 11 live voice change options for mobilephones.
  • You can tune the tone color with a special designed 12-band equalizer to make voices more natural.
  • Its live mircrophone comes with 15 reverb effects so that your voice can be heard more great.
  • It can be used as a voice recorder.


yesIt can be used as a live voice changer,sound player and voice recorder.

yes It offer you reverb effects to make your tone color better.

yesIt supports bluetooth and airplay output device.


noLive mode voice changing is a paid feature

noAll advanced features require in-app purchase

Pricing Options

prank call voice changer for ios iphone ipad

Free to download. Extra features are paid options (in-app).


Needs iOS 10.0 or higher version

#2: Call Voice Changer - IntCall by Astra Communications

voice changer prank call app for iphone ipad


  • Real-time voice change options for mobilephones.
  • It can be used as a background sounds player for calls.
  • You can play fun sound effects like cartoon characters,birthday songs and so on.


yesIt works with iOS devices.

yes It offers real-time voice change on phones that you can alter your the pitch of your voice easily.

yesIt supports voice change,background sounds,sound effects playback for calls.


noOnly a few free minutes, then you pay to buy more

noIt is only works with calls,cannot be used on other platforms

Pricing Options

voice changer app for prank calls

Free for 3 days with the limited minutes

Upgrade to Pay As You Go or Subscription (certain countries only)


Needs iOS 9.0 or higher - current version (15.0) optimized for iOS 14.0

Part 3: Best 3 Prank Call Voice Changer App for Android

#1: PRANKDIAL - Prank Call App by Lavalsoft

prankdial voice changer for android download

PrankDial gives you three free prank calls per day that you can send to people on your contact list. It includes pre-recorded calls in someone else’s voice and features classics such as “Why you call my girlfriend?” and “You hit my car!”


  • Over 150 recorded prank calls, new ones added regularly
  • Record and share reactions to your prank calls
  • You can enjoy 3 free prank calls a day


yesLots of options to choose from for prank calls

yesYou can listen to the hilarious prank call reaction and share it

yesYou can save reactions to prank call history


noIn-app purchases are expensive

noDoesn’t work well 100% of the time

Pricing Options

3 free calls a day, after which users have to make in-app purchases for $2.99 - $31.99 per item.


Needs Android 4.4 and higher

#2: Prank Call Voice Changer App By Ownage Pranks

prank call change your voice android app

This prank call voice changer app for Android allows you to make up to five free calls, after which you can make in-app purchases to increase the limit. This app is quite unique because it comes with prerecorded prank voices like Angry Boyfriend and Old Lady.


  • Prank calls prerecorded with professional voice actors
  • Daily free credits
  • Prank-call from other numbers


yesUnique prank-calling

yesRealistic background noises


noFree credits features don’t always work

noCredits are deducted for hang-up and no answer

Pricing Options

Buy credits in-app - ranges from $0.99 - $27.99


Needs Android 4.4 or higher version

#3: Call Voice Changer Prank by Amaze App Store

prank call voice changer for android smartphone device

The Amaze App Store call voice changer prank app is unique because you can change your voice for incoming calls. Prank anyone who calls you by triggering this app. You can also record the call with the changed voice and laugh over it with your friends.


  • Change voice during incoming call
  • Settings for triggering voice change
  • Record prank calls and save them as audio file
  • You can apply funny effects during using this app


yesA unique feature to prank inbound calls

yesIt is voice generator,sound effect player,and a voice recorder

yesIt also helps to do video voice change.


noNo outgoing voice changing option

noDoesn’t always work on calls but works on the recording

Pricing Options

Free - ad-supported


Needs Android 4.0.3 or higher version

Part 4: FAQs about Prank Calling

What are some funny and awesome prank call ideas?

  • Pretend you’re calling from a radio station and tell your friend they’ve won tickets to an upcoming concert in your city!
  • Do the “You called me” routine: Confuse the heck out of your friend with this classic. Just call them using a voice-changer app and ask “Who’s calling” when they pick up. Let’s see how long you can keep it going with the back and forth “you called me”, “no, YOU called ME” before they figure it out!
  • “You hit my car”: Pretend you’re an angry guy shouting at someone for denting their car in the parking lot at the mall. If your friend recently went to the mall, they’ll fall for it hook, line, and sinker. But give them a break after a few minutes - don’t let them sweat it out too long. Download PrankDial on Android for a prerecorded prank!

What is the best fake caller ID app?

The one from Ownage Pranks above (the first one in the Android list) is terrific for this because you can keep changing your number each time you call. You may have to make an in-app purchase for additional numbers but it’s soooooo worth it!

Can prank call voices be used in real-time calls?

Yes,You can apply prank call voices in real-time during phone calls using MagicMic, allowing you to pleasantly surprise and entertain your friends and family with unexpected voices.

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How to change voice on other platforms like Discord?

Then you need a real-time voice changer,iMyfone MagicMic will meet your need.Also, Voicemod,MorphVox pro and Clownfish are suitable.


All these are great prank call voice changer apps to make prank call voices, so all you need to know is what specific features you need to execute your Master Prank on all your friends. But watch out, they’re going to be making similar plans to fool you, so be wary the next time you pick up a call. It could be your turn next!

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