An easy-to-use screen recorder tool is a must nowadays. Whether you need to create content for your social media, teach a programming tutorial, or just share a quick video right from your device. We prepared a detailed guide where you will learn what to search in your next easy screen recorder.

Before You Start: How to Choose a Good Screen Recorder

Before we start giving off tools recommendations, we want to explain in detail what makes a good screen recorder. If you are starting to use these applications, you want to make sure you have an easy screen recorder that will facilitate the process. This is especially important if you do not know the technical knowledge required to use a screen recorder.

Here is a list of features an easy-to-use screen recorder should include:

1. User-friendly interface: If you want to get started quickly with your tool, you need to understand how it works in a short period. A user-friendly interface lays out all the options in an intuitive way, that way you won't waste your time learning and searching how to use the screen recorder application.

2. Editing functionalities: You will create video content. Depending on the goals and applications you require for this content, it is highly recommendable to edit your content. If your screen recorder includes editing functionalities, it makes it far simpler to adjust your videos.

3. Screen-recording options: If your screen recorder application offers options, it will allow you to maintain control of the recording. This can save considerable editing and recording time.

4. Social media sharing: Nowadays, creating content for your social media it's a vital part of marketing and growing on these platforms. If you have an easy screen recorder that supports these social media platforms, then you can keep smooth contact with your followers.

5. Records the entire screen, a particular area, or one window: It is common to want to focus on a particular area of the screen while you are recording. Not all screen recording tools offer this option of adapting the recording area.

6. Record system and microphone audio: Some easy screen recording applications are exclusive for image recording. The microphone audio is another feature that you need to ensure if you want to, for example, do live narrations or tutorials.

8 Easy-to-Use Screen Recorders for Windows or Mac

You now know what features are important for an easy screen recorder. We will proceed to present 8 options you can use as screen recorders for Windows or Mac, with their pros and cons.

1. iMyFone Filme (For Windows & Mac)

iMyFone Filme is one of the best and easy screen recorders available. It offers features ideal for content creation. It offers robust editing functionality with basic tools like crop, split, rotate and speed adjustment . You can also use customization tools like text adding, GIF animations and clip transitions. You can use the asset library included for your content enhancement.

filme video editor

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yes You can record webcam and screen at the same time.

yes Allows you to edit the recorded video right after when you finish the recording.

yes Refined templates, filters and effects are available.

yes User-friendly interface for screen recording.

yes Produces high-quality videos outputs.

yes Compatible with Windows and Mac.


no It is still not well-known in the market.

2. OBS Studio (For Windows & Mac)

OBS or Open Broadcaster Software is an easy-to-use screen recording alternative that also works as a broadcasting tool. It is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. You can use audio filters and mixers to include live narration in your recordings. It is highly optimized and works as a lightweight program.

In addition, you can customize hotkeys to keep control of the recording at all moments. It is focused on screen recording broadcasting but it stills offers a great opportunity to start recording with a free tool.

obs studio


yes It is a free open source software.

yes There is no limitation of the video length.

yes It works as a broadcasting tool as well.


no It is still not compatible with mobile operating systems.

no The interface could be intimidating for beginners.

no It does not include editing tools.

3. Apowersoft (for Windows & Mac)

This is a free option to use as an easy screen recording application. It is designed as a general screen recorder tool ideal for beginners thanks to its user-friendly interface. It includes a simple editing functionality, as well as customization of your recordings. You can add filters and text in your recordings.

One special advantage of this alternative is that it works optimizing all the resources, as a lightweight application. On the other hand, it is an online screen recorder, so you need internet connection at all times to use it.

apowersoft screen recorder


yes Its user-Friendly interface is nice for beginners.

yes Editing functionalities included in this tool.


no It requires an internet connection to be used.

no Low-quality for camera recordings.

4. TinyTake (For Windows & Mac)

If you want a free and easy screen recorder, TinyTake could be your choice. This tool is designed to be a quick screen recorder that supports social media sharing. You can add text annotations and images to your recordings and then upload them to your preferred social media platform.

You can customize your hotkeys to use options while recording. It is not suitable for broadcasting your screen recordings, but it is a quick tool to create videos, upload them, and share them with your colleagues. The editing functionalities included are basic but since it is meant for short videos with no production process, it is not a main disadvantage depending on what you use it for.

tinytake screen recorder


yes It comes with intuitive interface.

yes It supports social media sharing.


no Screen recording length limit of 60 minutes.

no The features of its free version are quite limited.

5. Camtasia Techsmith (For Windows)

This is an easy screen recorder alternative you can use from your mobile devices. It is also compatible with Windows OS. It is a premium user friendly application that has high quality. It is useful to create tutorials and guides thanks to the interactive options you can include in your recordings. It includes voice recording features, so you can narrate while recording your content.

You can select the area of the screen you want to record beforehand. Then, once your video recording is done, you can edit it with transitions, zooms, effects, and add text while keeping the video quality.

camtasia screen recorder


yes It has a user-Friendly interface.

yes Audio recording features included.

yes Interactive activities as features for your videos.


no It lacks customization options for video editing.

no It is a premium alternative with only a free trial of 30 days available on the official website.

no Only simple recording options available.

6. ShareX (For Windows)

If you need an easy way to record a screen in Windows, ShareX is a great solution. This option is open source free software you can use at any moment. It includes excellent features like basic editing tools, adding annotations to your recordings, screenshots and zoom take.

One of the main disadvantages is that it requires further configuration to include audio recordings as well. On the bright side, it offers no limit length video recording. In addition, you can configure your shortcut keys to keep the recording options available at all time.



yes You can share the recorded video to social media platforms.

yes It supports screen area recording or active window recorder.


no It requires configuration if you want to add audio recording.

no Some screen recording functions might not work as expected all the time.

no Limited editor functionalities.

7. ScreenFlow (For Mac)

ScreenFlow is a premium alternative available for Mac users. It is a screen recorder useful for general purposes. The editing functionalities are well developed, allowing you to keep a high definition of your videos. You can include to your videos transitions, trim and replace your video clips and add text to video. Your video recordings can be turned into GIF files, as well as you can take screenshots at any time.

screen recorder screenflow


yes User-Friendly interface is available.

yes Advanced editing functionalities included in the tool.

yes Audio recording as well as editing are available.


no The license doesn't include updates.

no No templates or asset library available.

8. Zappy (For Mac)

If you require a free screen recorder easy to use, Zappy is a great alternative. It is a useful tool to keep for screen recordings at any time and share it quickly. It is only compatible with Mac OS. Once your recording is ready, you can add annotations and arrows to enhance the information you want to share. One advantage is that if you invest in your Zappy account, then you can upload your recordings to it.

zappy screen recorder


yes User-Friendly and simple interface.

yes Supports screen recording area adjustment.

yes Audio recording feature is available.


no No editing functionalities.

no It is meant for short recordings.

Comparison Table About Top 8 Easy-to-use Screen Recorders for Windows & Mac

Here is a comparison table about the top 8 easy-to-use screen recorders for Windows & Mac. Just have a quick look.

Software NameCompatibilityHighlightRating
iMyFone FilmeWindows & MacRecord webcam & screen at the same time4.8
OBS StudioWindows & MacFree open source software4.5
ApowersoftWindows & MacEditing functionalities included4.5
TinyTakeWindows & MacSupports social media sharing4.3
Camtasia TechsmithWindowsSupports audio recording4.3
ShareXWindowsSupports active window recording4.0
ScreenFlowMacAdvanced editing functionalities included4.0
ZappyMacSupports screen recording area adjustment4.0

Easy-to-Use Screen Recorder [Chrome Extension - Screencastify]

If you need an easy screen recorder, you will create multiple videos and recordings that will need organization and sharing. This is what Screencastify is for. This extension will allow you to use an easy screen recording and also keep all your short videos stored together.

Screencastify is meant to help you do easy screen recordings and share them right away. These videos are brief and with little editing done. This tool is especially useful for short tutorials and guides.

screencastify screen record


yes User-friendly interface.

yes Social media sharing is available.


no Only for short screen recordings.

no Some glitches on the mobile version.

no No webcam adding available.

yes Few editing tools.

Easy-to-Use Screen Recorder for Mobile Phones - Apowersoft Unlimited

Apowersoft is your option if you need reliable and easy-to-use screen recorder software. It is mainly for Android and iOS users, but it is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. If you acquire this whole pack, you will have all the tools required besides an excellent screen recording.

apowersoft unlimited screen recorder


yes Area of screen recording is adjustable.

yes Multiple options and editing tools.

yes Audio and microphone recording are available


no Multiple editing tools that require learning how to use them.

no It requires a paid subscription.

Conclusion: Finding The Best And Easy Screen Recorder

We hope all these recommendations help you to find the right tool that will adjust to your necessities. If you are still uncertain about which would be the easy screen recording you need to use, you could start with a well-equipped tool. For example, iMyFone Filme, to start learning about the options you use more.

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