Roblox is a great online multiplayer game developing platform where users can create their own gameplays or games. It also allows users to play different types of games created by other users. Many users of this platform want to record their gameplay or create tips & tricks or tutorial videos for other users. That's why they want to know, what is the best Roblox screen recorder ? If you are also one of them and you are a fan of Roblox gaming platform, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best Roblox screen recorder and how to screen record on Roblox easily. So there is no need to stay confused anymore, as we will introduce you with multiple Roblox screen recorder here.

What is the Best Screen Recorder for Roblox?

There are many Roblox screen recorders available on the market right now. We have gathered 5 of the best screen recorders that will surely help you to record your gameplay easily. Once you get to know about all of them, we will help you choose the best one according to our comparison.

1. iMyFone Filme

Out of all the screen recorders that can record Roblox gameplay, iMyFone Filme is the best screen recorder for Roblox in our list. It has the most amazing features and an attractive user interface that can handled by any new or pro user. It has all kinds of advanced features to record your screen, put picture in picture effect on the video, add external or internal audio, text options, effect and transitions into the video with ease.

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record screen filme

Key features:

  • It can easily record your screen fully or partially according to your choice.

  • You can edit your videos using various transitions, effects and text formats.

  • It has various template options to help yourcreate attractive videos.

  • Supports various file formats including images, videos and audios.

  • The multi-layer video editing system for video, audio and images is really cool.


yesThe interface is easy and bugs free.

yesFast Video mode helps edit and create videos easily.

yesAllows sharing videos directly to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, TikTok etc.


noPaid version offers more features than free limited version.

2. Roblox Screen Recorder

Roblox has its own built in screen recorder for recording gameplay which is called Roblox Screen Recorder. It's really easy to use because of its limited functions for recording your screen. Though it offers some really basic options, it still is a standard way to record your gameplay using the built in screen recorder. You can only use this tool to start and stop the recording of your gameplay.

roblox screen recorder

Key features:

  • Simple user interface.

  • Allows users to start and stop recording.


yesEasy to use.

yesAllows users to record full screen.


noVery limited features.

noThere is no pause recording feature.

noSpecific area recording is not available, only full screen.

3. Bandicam

Bandicam is one of the best Roblox screen recorder available on the market now. It's a really simple tool that can help you record any part of the screen as a screen capture or a screencast video document. When you are using Bandicam to record Roblox gameplay, you'll encounter significantly less issues than other game recording software because it can meet the gamer's needs. It requires a lot of framework components (CPU, GPU, memory etc.) and it uses DirectX/OpenGL/Vulkan catching technology to get high quality recording.


Key features:

  • It can record 4K ultra HD gameplay videos.

  • You can record both system and external audio while recording your screen.

  • It's a fully hardware accelerated game recording software.


yesIt offers separate screen recording options.

yesYou can add webcam overlay in the video.

yesAllows adding mouse effects.


noFree version doesn't offer as much as the paid version.

noIt's only available for Windows PC.

4. Camtasia

Camtasia is one of the most famous screen recording and video editing tool that can help you record Roblox gameplay without any hassle. It has the most amazing and powerful video editing features that can help you record your screen and edit those videos to make them look professional. Though it's a really easy to use tool but it has really attractive set of features that are commonly seen in powerful video editors.

camtasia screen recorder

Key features:

  • It has various effects available for editing videos.

  • You can add music or audio files into the videos.

  • Allows recording your full or partial screen, webcam, webinars easily.

  • Various video editing tools available including pan, zoom in/out, annotations, transitions etc.


yesReally easy to learn and handle the software.

yesOffers a very good asset library.

yesSimple, intuitive and easy to handle user interface.


noThe system requirements for Camtasia are much higher so you can't use it in older PC's.

noSometimes the program crashes if the recorded file is too big for rendering or editing.

5. Screencast-O-Matic

Screencast-O-Matic is another great Roblox screen recorder that allows users to record video from the webcam and audio from your computer microphone. Moreover, you won't need an additional video editor because it offers all kinds of necessary video editing tools. It allows users to add animations and green screen to the videos. You can take screenshots of the screen and edit them easily.

screencast o matic

Key features:

  • Record your computer screen easily and fast with webcam and audio.

  • Allows taking screenshots of your screen.

  • Intuitive video editor available.

  • Offers stock videos and images for using on your videos.


yesAttractive set of features available.

yesEasy to use.

yesRecords video in HD quality.


noIt cannot stream live.

noAllows to record full screen only.

We Rank iMyFone Filme as The Best Screen Recorder for Roblox - Reasons are Here!

Out of all 5 of the Roblox screen recorders from our list, we recommend you to use iMyFone Filme to record your Roblox gameplay. If you are still asking, "what is the best screen recorder for Roblox?" then we have the answer for you in this part. Here are some reasons why we recommend this tool for you.

Why We Recommend iMyFone Filme as The Best Screen Recorder for Roblox

  • It can provide you the best performance compared to other screen recording software.

  • Flawless and high speed screen recording with high quality video production.

  • You can use the picture-in-picture video effect to create tutorial, presentation or reaction videos easily.

  • Use the system audio, external microphone audio or add music to your videos to make them interesting.

  • Many types of font and colours available to add cinematic texts into your videos.

  • Create attractive videos with the help of various transitions.

  • Tons of effects, filters and animations available to make your videos look more gorgeous.

  • Instant preview option enables you to preview the video in real time while editing.

  • Multi-layer editing system allows users to edit their videos with ease, as there are multiple layers in the timeline for videos, audios, images etc.

  • Allows directly uploading the videos to into various social media websites.

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Steps for Using The Screen Recording Function of Filme:

Step 1: Setup Program and Record Screen

First you need to download, setup, and run the program in your computer. Then launch the program and if you want to record your screen, just click on the "Record Screen" button and start recording your full or partial screen according to your choice.

record screen filme

Step 2: Add Royalty Free Music or Record Audio

Next you can easily click on the "Audio" tab from the menu toolbar to add royalty free music to your video or you can click on the "Record Audio" button to directly record audio from your microphone.

add audio or record audio filme

Step 3: Export or Share to YouTube

Finally you can export the video by clicking on the "Export" button from the menu bar. Then select "Export Video" and you'll get a new pop up window. Select your output file format, output folder and click on "Export" to finalize.

export video filme

You can also click on the "YouTube" option from the pop up window and input the necessary details such as video title, description, tags etc. You can also choose video resolution settings, category etc. from here. Then finally click on "Export" to directly upload the video into your YouTube channel.

export to youtube filme


After reaching to our final verdict, we surely know about the best Roblox screen recorder now. As we have tested a lot and compared using various parameters, undoubtedly iMyFone Filme beats all other Roblox screen recorders available on the market. Though you can personally try all the screen recorders we mentioned in this article and reach into your own decision.

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